Godly Model Creator Chapter 358

Gmc Chapter 358

Chapter 358    Result of the assessment

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The sphere was turning and floating in mid-air.

Circles of energy waves spread from the sphere. The sapphire blue light attracted everyones attention.

Fabulously beautiful.

Whats happening?

Su Hao was confused. He was surprised with the scene in front of him.

The twelfth increment was activated successfully.

He was ready to fail at this level. In order to sustain longer in this test of energy capacity, he even used the Xinghe sword and those few permanent models which he had stored in the past few days. However, as the system switched to the twelfth increment, the consumption would increase by ten times, and he would probably fail the level instantly.

Hence, he had resolved himself for that.

However, what was happening right now was out of his expectation.

It was weird.

The sphere wasnt malfunctioning; it just remained floating in the air.

He didnt fail either.

He couldnt understand the current circumstance.

In fact, everyone couldnt understand what was happening.

However, no one could ever guess that the reason was that the increments only went up to eleven. The teacher who came out with this question didnt create anything beyond that. That was what caused the system to stall.

No one ever expected that.

A system stalling.

Luckily, it only lasted for a few seconds.


The teacher in the exam center finally reacted. It wasnt a big deal for him to make a mistake, but if the test continued to stop at this stage, he would be in big trouble.

It was after all a live broadcast!

Upon realizing the problem, the teacher immediately contacted the technician and gave up his control of the system. The artificial intelligence would take over the system and make the appropriate changes.

After a while, the AI system discovered the problem and took over the system.


Origin ability energy capacity test fully cleared.

Analyzing the energy capacity level, please wait a moment

Various notifications popped out.

After looking at the notification, Su Hao finally realized that there were only eleven increments for this part of the exam.

Did it mean that he passed?

Su Hao smiled unbelievably.

It was the college entrance exam!

Compared to previous years, this time was different after the reformation. There shouldnt be a maximum limit for the ability index exam. However, he indeed completed all the levels for one of the sessions! Even he was feeling ridiculous.

Perhaps the teacher who came up with the questions didnt expect this either.

All levels completed?

People were stunned when they got the news.

Soon they realized what was going on.

Level completed!

He completed all the levels in this test!

The ability talent test which was known to have no upper limit in marks had one of its session being completed at all levels!

It was the first time in the history.

It caused a great commotion on social media platforms.

From the beginning, no matter how people looked down on Su Hao, he would steadily complete his exam and scored the best he could be. All of the result he had obtained was fabulously impressive.

Especially for this test.

Recalling the toughness of the exams in these few days.

Without a doubt, people could imagine the facial expression of the teacher who came out with the questions. It was still acceptable for other segments, but to clear all the stages of the ability index test?

Although it was just a small part that tested the energy capability, it was still a great shame to the teacher.

Various of threads related to the topic had become the top threads online. The public seemed to be highly interested in the topics.

Among those who were concerned on these topics including the previous candidates.

According to rumors, many students from Zhanzheng College had participated in the discussion.

Other than criticizing the teacher who came out with the question, people were also concerned with the multiplying energy consumption system used in the exam. A few million times and a few ten millions times?

Was there really such a huge gap?

Not really.

The quantum unit in the virtual world was eventually different with the real world. The million times of consumption was just to ease the data processing of the central processing system. The system simulated both the characters and the energy content of the characters. Only the quantum computer could do these calculations which involved a few hundred thousand formulas.

Moreover, if people guessed the so-called consumption correctly

It wasnt indicating the consumption inside the candidates body. In fact, it was the consumption of the machine when it was converting the origin ability energy. The purpose of showing that was to make the data more straightforward.

However, these werent important.

In the end, everything done by the system was for the exam.

What matter the most was the final points of the examination!

Criticizing the teacher was fun. However, after enjoying the satisfaction, when people started to think carefully, a problem arose in their mind.

Was the teacher who came out with the question stupid?

Definitely not, the teachers who were qualified to set the questions for the college entrance exam must be the top teachers in the nation. Perhaps the teacher himself was a lecturer at Zhanzheng College. How could a person with such qualifications be stupid?

However, why did Su Hao manage to complete all the levels?

What was that indicating?

It indicated that the energy capacity of Su Hao was out of the level of understanding by the teacher who set the exam questions. In both logical thinking and subconscious intuition, the teacher never thought there would be people who could go beyond that maximum level.

Then, what was the maximum level?

Even Tian Zi and other top candidates had failed at the beginning of the tenth scale, but how about Su Hao?

The tenth increment, cleared.

The eleventh increment, cleared.

It was up until the twelfth increment that he ended his test.

How big was the gap in between the increments?

Upon thinking of that, people were astonished.

Meanwhile, the system finished judging Su Haos energy capacity and displayed it on the screen.

Energy capacity level identification completed!

Your energy capacity level is: Level 1 professional esper.

Calculating points.

Complete silence.

Suddenly, everyone kept quiet.

On the screen, the line of words had caused complete silence among the people. Although the words werent sharp, it had attracted everyones attention.

Level 1 professional esper!

Professional esper!

Criticize the teacher?

At this moment, nobody dared to criticize the teacher anymore. The display of the text level 1 professional esper had completely shut the mouth of the public.

Even if they were the teacher, they would have had the same judgment.

Professional esper?

It was an extremely scary idea.

Before the change of the college entrance exam, the terms beginner, specialized, and professional espers were hidden from the public, Most of the rural area didnt even know what these words meant. From this year onwards, all the places were allowed to be informed of the concept for these levels.

After the publicity from the cities councils, people only knew about the distribution of these levels. For an ordinary candidate, the peaked beginner esper was their life target. Meanwhile, for geniuses, they targeted on becoming a specialized esper.

To fight at the college entrance exam and advancing into a specialized esper.

There were only a few people who managed to become a specialized esper before the college entrance exam. Even for repeaters who repeated for multiple years, they were just aiming to level up one or two level.

It was getting more difficult to advance when it came to the later stages.

Professional level?

They didnt even dare think about that!

However, the few words were shown on the screen in public.

Level 1 professional esper!

Even it was just the judgment regarding energy capacity, it was extremely shocking too.

Without a doubt.

Su Hao had created a new legacy again while everyone thought he had a useless origin ability talent. His legendary result was like slapping the people on their face.

Luckily the candidate inside couldnt see the statistics. Or else, they might lose confidence in continuing their exam.

Meanwhile, Su Hao just smiled when he looked at that.


He wasnt excited at all.

He knew himself very well.

Perhaps he wasnt strong when it came to battle, but energy capacity was his greatest strength.

His energy capacity level was at a level 9 esper, including his master level origin characteristics, the recovery of permanent models, and the Xinghe sword, under the help of these various factors, he could finally step into the border of a professional esper and create a legendary record.

Level 1 professional esper!

Nobody could compete with that at all!

If this is the case, I guess I will be given high marks.

Su Hao thought.

His thought was just as simple as that.

He couldnt leave the exam center before the exam finished. Su Hao probably didnt know that he became extremely famous all over the world.

What he could do was fully concentrate on this exam.

He was brave enough to use the Xinghe sword and all the permanent model because he knew that it was just a virtual test. If it was real, once everybody used up all their energy, how could they continue their exam?

Hence, if he didnt guess wrong


Energy reconstruction!


Su Hao felt the instant changes in his body. He fully recovered to the state as he just entered this place. His energy capacity was full, and the Xinghe sword and the permanent models were all there! As he expected, the system would reset the simulation of the candidate from the real-life situation and output the status in the virtual world.


Su Hao smiled.

It was a rough idea to judge the level of Su Haos energy capacity at level 1 professional esper. The exact points given was still being calculated, or perhaps it was completed but hadnt been announced. At the moment, the exam was going to start again.


The test of energy capacity had ended. If he guessed it correctly, the next test should be on energy intensity?

While he thought of that, the system notification sounds rang.


The assessment for energy intensity starts now!