Godly Model Creator Chapter 359

Gmc Chapter 359

Chapter 359    A group instant kill

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Energy intensity assessment begin!


A shadowy figure appeared and slowly walked towards Su Hao.

The man in green appeared once again.

Tsk, you again.

Su Hao wiped off his sweat. He never thought that the person who would appear would be the man in green.

However, after some careful thought, it was also logical.

Obviously, the energy intensity assessment wasnt going to allow usage of origin techniques. It was the plainest, simple, and aggressive assessment. Thus, during the test, an increment in physical fitness naturally existed.

How to prevent the increase of physical fitness?

Man in green.

This dear friends only advantage was that he is a copy of ones actual physical fitness, to be able to perfectly offset the increment from the attack and only calculate the energy intensity.


Su Haos arm slightly moved as energy shook from within his body.


The man in green before him also did the same action.

The energy intensity assessment was very simple if Su Hao attacked with a punch it would be assessed, but Su Hao paused instead of attacking.

Just attack in any manner?

Otherwise, energy intensity would be Su Haos weakest area.

Although his energy was much stronger than most ordinary people, if it were compared to the real geniuses, Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, and their kinds, he would definitely fall behind by quite a margin, and this was fatal for Su Hao.

Yi Ran said before, to have Jin family forget about their plan to exterminate me, then I must do my best to be number 1.

Su Hao deeply thought.

This sentence, if the Jin family heard of it, perhaps they would immediately wet their pants. The current Su Hao was frighteningly popular. The person at this time would actually still think about them?

Right now they were the ones begging for mercy and forgiveness!

Regrettably, Su Hao wasnt clear about this.

The current Su Hao still followed his target from the very start, which was to be number 1!

One must note that Chen Yiran knew Su Haos character very clearly. Although his actual aim was the top 100, with her tactic, he would at least be in the top 10!

First rank!

Su Haos eyes flashed with strong determination.

Since he wanted to be number 1, naturally he must make use of every advantage!

What the college entrance exam assessed wasnt purely on ability.

Talent, hard work, intelligence, even luck were all within the scope of the assessment because these few areas were indispensable to becoming a true esper.

The current Su Haos energy intensity was slightly weak. He thought that to remove the disadvantage of his energy intensity, the best method was to arouse the mysterious force within his body!

The silence of the exam center caused Su Hao to feel a bit strange, the birth of this force within him was very useful for the advancement of the research regarding the mysteries of the human body.

The mysterious force shone brightly during the fighting technique test.

But from the aspect of origin ability, it was extremely weak, compared to the all-powerful origin technique, the gap was too huge. However, if it was merely an origin ability supporting an attack to slightly increase the attacks power level, it shouldnt be a problem.

With Su Haos current energy intensity combined with the mysterious force, how powerful was he?

Su Hao also looked forward to knowing.

Ill know when I try.

Green brother, I am sorry, this is actually learned from your former body

Su Hao smiled indifferently. He suddenly clenched his right fist, the energy within his body shook; at the same time, an indistinct force shrouded the fist, and that mysterious force was quietly triggered.


Su Hao directed a punch towards the man in green.

At the same time, the man in greens face was ice cold, and he executed the same action and attacked Su Hao.


Two powerful forces clashed in the air, and the surroundings suddenly shook.

The main in greens body erupted in retreat.

Before Su Hao could react, the 2nd attack came forth.


Su Hao flipped his body and attacked before frowning

The mysterious force was totally useless against this man in green...

Was too weak!

But when the 2nd attack came, Su Hao obviously felt that the abilities of the man in green hugely increased, he immediately realized Could it be, that this mans abilities were becoming stronger and stronger?

The third punch, the abilities had increased further!

Su Hao shrugged his hands that were slightly numb, and his face finally revealed a slightly concerned look. This man in green, his punch was getting stronger and stronger. Every attack was definitely improved from the previous attack. This so-called energy intensity assessment definitely used the same concept from the previous segment.

The energy cultivation assessment reached 12 stages, and it would finish.

This energy intensity assessment, could it be that it only had 12 stages too?

Su Hao pondered and smiled. If that was really the case, if anyone could block 12 punches, perhaps the face of the teacher who produced the question will turn completely green.

What Su Hao couldnt see was at this moment the teacher who produced the question really sported a bitter face as he looked at the live broadcast on the display screen in the control center because of the energy intensity assessment...

Really only had 12 punches!

Different from the energy cultivation, the verdict of energy intensity could be determined at once.

As long as the student was able to hit the man in green, then according to the internal calculation mechanism, the students final energy intensity could be determined. But for the exam to maintain its fairness and to fully unleash the effectiveness of the abilities, the teacher who produced the questions purposely designed a 12 punch distribution to obtain an average value according to the statistics from the students many attacks.

Eliminated with 3 punches!

Then the average value of three punches would be obtained.

Eliminated with 8 punches!

Then the average value of 8 punches would be determined.

Such a simple explanation.

The more powerful the strength, then the exertion of the assessment would be more stable, the judgment of the assessment would also be more accurate.

The division of the 12 punches, was also in order to evaluate more intuitively.

The man in greens attacks standard would get higher and higher; the design concept was the same as the previous round, those who could withstand 12 punches, could only mean one possibility.

Level 1 professional esper!

If under normal circumstances, the teacher who produced the questions naturally wouldnt worry.

But now.

That guy who is called Su Hao, it couldnt be that his overall abilities have reached the professional level?

Once the teacher thought of this, the teachers face didnt look very good.

If one was able to create a miracle, one could say that it was an accident that the student can have extraordinary talent in a certain aspect. However, if he kept being dragged down repeatedly...

His image would be completely washed away.

It would naturally be his mistake for not being able to predict the limit of students and come up with the appropriate assessment, and he as a teacher had to be responsible for the backlash.

He shouldnt be able to complete this test.

The teacher comforted himself, that was a professional esper!

On the screen.

The worldwide live broadcast resumed!

Countless images of students being eliminated by the man in green were displayed. As time moved on, one by one the students were eliminated on the spot. Especially, when the man in green launched his 6th punch, the strength had erupted to a certain level. Many peaked beginner espers were knocked out with that punch.

This level has the same style as the previous level.

Yes, the same 12 stages.

Obviously, its from the same teacher who produced the last question. The style naturally would be the same. However, with that being said, I am even more curious if anyone perfectly clear this test.

Haha, I think so too.

As Su Haos energy cultivation has reached the professional level, it is possible that his energy intensity has also reached the same. If he can ace this test, then there is something good to see.

The crowd was entertained as they watched.

And at this time, the focus of this exam had become a hotspot for netizens...

Could Su Hao pass all the stages?

Those who watched on the internet began to discuss with excitement.

The attacks of the man in green were very slow, and he was very passive. Obviously, it was to give the students enough time to prepare, to allow them to be able to express their real standard fully. Hence there was plenty of time for everyone to discuss, at least compared to the previous thrilling exams that raced against time, it was much more relaxed.

Everyone eagerly anticipated the result.

Such a pity, if Su Hao knew these peoples thoughts, he could only smile bitterly.

In the first round, Su Hao was completely looked down upon and was even treated like trash. But at the end of the 2nd round, he was highly praised, as if he can do anything.

Brother, he is a professional esper!

What are you joking?

But, strangely, these people were confident.

Every punch exploded.

Rounds of students were cut down.

When the 7th punch was launched, those who remained were not many. Purely on the energy intensity, to speak from the scene, it was more explosive than the previous one.

The 8th punch!


Countless white light shone.

The students who remained in the field were not more than 1,000 people.

The 9th punch!


Countless white light shone.

The students who remained in the field were not more than 100 people.

Still 60 candidates remain!

The crowds mind was startled.

The energy intensity was to determine the standard of the overall ability. Everyone always said so, and this was at a certain specialized level. The only judgment basis was the energy intensity. Hence, for many people, energy intensity was something which must be improved!

One would rather not able to keep up with energy cultivation and continue to train on energy intensity!

Therefore the energy intensity assessment, compared to the previous session, there were more people who remained. Those who remained after 9th punch stayed at 60 people. After the 9th increment in the previous exams, those who remained, were only like 20? And when the 10th increment occurred, only six remained. It was such a disparity.

How many will remain this time?

How many people do you think will remain after the 10th punch?

Heh heh, should be the same as the previous.

I feel it should be more than the previous test. No matter what, there should still be around 10.

Tsk, the energy cultivation had the candidates hold on for ten seconds, and the one who could eventually hold on the longest was Su Hao. I guess this time when the 10th punch is launched; there should be a huge massacre. The one who remains could be just Su Hao.


The surrounding people began to protest.

Because at this time, the remaining 60 students all seemed to be very stable and didnt seem to be under any pressure. Su Hao, Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, and the rest were abnormally calm.

And at this moment, the man in green attacked once again!

The 10th punch!


Countless white light shone.

Instant kill!

A group was instant killed!

The 10th punch exploded violently just like the man in greens flying leaves, achieving many instant kills.

One potent punch completely destroyed the very stable situation!

All dead?

Not yet, within the white light, there seems to be a figure!

Some people are still alive?

The crowds eyes brightened, Su Hao again?

The white light drifted, and the vision became clear.

The crowd looked at the virtual screen in detail, and their heart immediately skipped a beat. That elegant yet indifferent figure still circled along with the man in green and didnt seem to have any fear.

It wasnt Su Hao.

But Tian Zi!