Godly Model Creator Chapter 360

Gmc Chapter 360

Chapter 360    Weak?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Its Tian Zi!

Someone exclaimed.

Yes, Tian Zi was the only survivor from the man in greens tenth punch.

This punch even instantly killed Even Zheng Tai, Zhou Wang, and Su Hao. The only one who could withstand the 10th punch was Tian Zi.

At this moment.

The terrifying aura emitted from Su Hao began to fade away gradually. The public was now reminded of Tian Zis glorious deeds, this ever dazzling genius!

Based on fighting strength, nobody could compete with him!

In the previous round, Su Hao counterattacked, and now it is finally Tian Zis turn.

Tian Zis ability talent is matchless. Never did I expect his energy intensity to be this powerful as well. Someone who is named the number one in combat is indeed extraordinary.

Su Haos position as first is getting shaky.

Everyone was in a hot discussion.

Just at this moment, the man in green attacked again.

The 11th punch!


White spots flashed.

Leaving behind was the mans figure alone.

Tian Zi lost.

Its inevitable. This punch from the man in green is too freaking strong. One couldnt even use origin techniques. With just a test on energy intensity, it should be the same as the previous round, only someone at the professional esper level could withstand this punch.

What a pity.

The audience sighed in regret. 

Tian Zi, 11th punch!

Tian Zi indeed won.

However, no one considered it a feat to be celebrated.

This should have been a stunning scene if it was under normal circumstances. However, because of the marvelous display from Su Hao in the previous round, the crowd felt that only by clearing all the stages could one truly be successful. That was why many felt it was a pity.

Several impressive performances from Su Hao had skyrocketed their expectations.

Not clearing all the stage yet still dared to call yourself strong?

This time, even the fans of Tian Zi were embarrassed that they didnt even dare to say anything. Just being able to last an additional punch, it wasnt worth anything to celebrate. After all, the final result would be the average of all the segments.

If Su Hao made a comeback, then wouldnt that be embarrassing?

It was such a rare sight for Tian Zis fans to be able to maintain their rationality.

At this moment, in the virtual world

I lost.

Su Hao said helplessly.

This punch, if he wasnt mistaken

The strength of the man in green was getting stronger by the later stages. When it reached the 9th punch, he was already on the verge of collapsing. He was barely able to resist by relying on the mysterious force.

When the 10th punch came, he was instantly killed!

Damn it.

Looking at the energy within his body, Su Hao shook his head helplessly.

Alright, he lost. Time to concentrate on the next segment.

However, Su Hao was surprised that the result of the assessment still hadnt appeared.

Perhaps, they will only announce the results after everyone is done the test?

Su Hao pondered.

If it was so, then during the tenth punch, there was still someone alive? Was it Tian Zi, Zheng Tai or perhaps Zhou Wang?

He estimated the time for each punch.

After a few seconds later, Su Hao counted in his heart, If this candidate cant withstand the 11th punch, it should be now...


Assessing energy intensity...

Energy intensity assessment completed...

Your rate: Specialized level 6.

The points are being calculated.

Su Hao kept silent.

His true level was actually at level 4, not even reaching level 5. However, with this mysterious force, it was able to carry him all the way to level 6 single-handedly!

This increase wasnt something to be viewed with contempt.

But for Su Hao

This wasnt enough!

As I expected, am I destined to lag behind in the ability index?

Su Hao sighed helplessly.

For him, what he lacked the most was only two factors!



Because he lacked time, from the moment his ability mutated until now, in less than a year, the duration was indeed lacking. He simply couldnt be compared to the likes of Tian Zi and Zheng Tai. Even if he tried desperately to catch up, he only managed to reach level 4. The gap between him and the other geniuses was quite a big one.

And it was the same with his ability talent.

Grade E model analysis, it was destined to decrease the number of points he would receive. It wasnt because of the Origin Ability Association, but model analysis itself was lacking many origin techniques and means of combat. Even if Su Hao were to do his research now, at most, it would only be a few extra support type origin techniques.

Real combat skills were nowhere to be seen.

This point was destined to be the disadvantage of model analysis.

For Su Hao to reach this current point, one could say that he had tried all sorts of means to keep his first rank, but now he didnt win. Even with the aid of the mysterious force, he still lost. The huge gap wasnt something which the mysterious force within his body could help.

To hope for his counterattack after learning it a few hours ago was simply a dream.

My current score is 1,500 points, and Tian Zi is behind at 1,440. The worst case scenario would be that Tian Zi would last till the end. The advantage which I had in the previous rounds would then be covered. However, after I cleared the stage in the previous round, the result instantly appeared. Does this mean I was the only one to do so?

Hmmm, from the comeback of Tian Zi in this round, perhaps the gap between us would still be at 60 points.

Su Hao estimated their points. As of now, he still had an advantage.

But now

This advantage should be gone pretty soon.

The third round, ability talent!

It was also the most influential segment. This round was the true time to shine, and highly anticipated by the crowd!

Again, it was also the weakest point for Su Hao.

If it were just an exam in Jianghe City, he wouldnt have the slightest fear. But a global assessment who could even imagine what sort of freaky abilities would appear?

Su Hao took a long breath.

After all, he was still a human and not a machine. As the most important segment of the exam arrived, he couldnt help being nervous. He continued to take several deep breaths to adjust his mental state.

No matter what, I will try my best!

Su Hao eyes became determined.

Ability index has only begun. Energy cultivation and intensity are just a small part of it. Lose or win; it has no meaning. The one who finishes the most points is the true winner!


Ability talent assessment begins.


The surrounding scene had a huge change. All the scenery vanished and was replaced with an endless white sheet. What he saw in front of his eyes was a huge mirror. It was as if he had returned to the previous huge white hall in the mock exam.

Model analysis assessment begins.

An ordinary square object appeared in mid-air with a row of sentences on top, Please build a model using this object.

Starting from the basics?

Su Hao was dumbfounded.

At first, he thought that the college entrance exam would have some changes compared to the mock exam, but it turned out to be an exact copy. However, the nervousness within Su Haos heart had been completely eliminated as he began to activate model analysis.

Model analysis, start!

Object modeling!


The same scene appeared in everyones virtual world.

But compared to Su Haos indifferent look, these candidates were frowning as they noticed this was an entirely different test from the mock exam. Su Haos test appeared to be similar to the mock exam because the model analysis test was difficult to make!

Ability index began!

At this moment, everyone was looking forward to this live broadcast.

However, at this moment, the virtual screen flashed. Every live scene had vanished, leaving only a row of sentences.

During this test, many the candidates secrets will be exposed. No live broadcasting is allowed to ensure the safety of the candidates.


It cant be...

What is this about not allowing the live broadcast?!

Instantly, the internet exploded in rage.

So many people were looking forward to ability index for what reason? Wasnt it all for the dazzling mysterious talents? Tian Zis battle intent, Zheng Tais assassination, and Li Tiantians unknown ability. Wasnt this what everyone was looking forward to? However, this test was not allowed to be aired, what was this shit?!

The exam center remained calm. No matter how people cursed, no response was given.

This broadcast was supposed to be kept a secret. It was alright if humans saw the broadcast, but if it leaked out to the berserk beasts

Then a calamity would occur.

A highly intelligent beast would have an IQ no lower than a human. Thus, for security measures, the exam center decided to censor it. To expose fighting techniques was alright, but ability index would expose almost every strength and weaknesses of the candidates. This risk would be too high.

Just when everyone was cursing, the results appeared in front of everyone. It was from the previous two rounds

Energy cultivation result.


Su Hao: 600 points

Zhou Wang: 330 points

Tian Zi: 320 points

Zheng Tai: 372 (310) points

Ming Feng: 300 points

Hai Hun: 300 points



From Tian Zi to Hai Hun, they only managed to hold on until the 10th increment and easily obtained 300 points and above. What caused the crowd to be shock was the 600 points by Su Hao!

He almost doubled the score!

However, nobody felt that this result was wrong.

Energy cultivation was the perfect counterattack by Su Hao. When everyone thought his ability was trash, he made an epic comeback!

The title of a professional esper was enough to deter everyone.

600 points were well deserved!