Godly Model Creator Chapter 361

Gmc Chapter 361

Chapter 361    The final decisive battle?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

600 points!

Su Haos result...

This is too godlike!

Adding his previous 1,500 points, doesnt this mean that his total right now is 2,100 points? And that is without adding energy intensity and ability talent yet!

Even if his later results arent good, that should be more than sufficient to enroll in Zhanzheng College!

Tian Zi only has 1,820 points. The gap is getting bigger!

That wont happen. Tian Zis points in energy intensity are the highest. Although he didnt clear the stage, his final result shouldnt be too low.

The crowd discussed as they looked at the results.

After all, energy cultivation was just a part of ability index. The percentage it carried wasnt huge. 100 to 200 points belong to ordinary people. 200 to 300 points belonged to geniuses, and above 300 points would belong to those freaks.

As for Su Hao

Only two words could describe him.

Super freak!

When the results were announced, naturally the attention was on those occupying the top ranks.

Chen Yiran and others werent bad and were among the best in Jianghe City. However, in the global ranking, they were submerged by Su Hao and the other geniuses.

As for Li Tiantian, who left behind a nightmare in the hearts of everyone, he was still vaguely remembered.

He was eliminated in the 9th increment. His points were only 200 plus after being deducted from his age factor; his result was so low that one pitied him. If he werent 20 years old, Li Tiantian would definitely be among the top candidates.

However, just like a bubble, he disappeared.

At this moment, he seemed to have been forgotten.

However, was that really the case?

If it were Su Hao, he would definitely not believe this. Bai Xiaosheng was too smart. If it were just to create a bubble during the college entrance exam, he would have enrolled in Zhanzheng College two years ago!

What was the need to wait until now?

Bai Xiaosheng, he definitely had something scheming behind everyones back.

Too bad, not everyone had the same insight as Su Hao. In the eyes of the audience, Li Tiantian was just a hardworking repeater.

A few minutes later, another set of results were released.

It was the result of energy intensity!


Tian Zi: 500 points

Zheng Tai: 468 (390) points

Su Hao: 400 points

Zhou Wang: 370 points

Li Tiantian: 320 (400) points

Ming Feng: 300 points

Hai Hun: 300 points



An uproar occured when the results came out.

Because this result had a different significance. Su Hao as the sole winner had finally be defeated! 

Especially the fans of Tian Zi who had been suppressed. They were finally able to show some signs of life. A full 100 point gap!

Tian Zi was going to make his comeback from now on!

At this moment, the media quickly went to find out the real strength of Tian Zi.

Tian Zi, level 8 esper!

However, due to the emergence of Su Hao, his popularity had been reduced by at least ten times!

The difference between first and second place wasnt as simple as just a placing.

When Tian Zi was in at a disadvantage, they didnt dare to leak this information out. This is no joke, a level 8 esper being suppressed by an unknown candidate?

Tian Zi being number one in strength!

Number one in ability talent!

That was well recognized.

However, Su Haos absolute dominance had made everyone tremble in excitement. For one to be able to be assessed as a level 1 professional esper, what if he really had the strength of such?

At that time, Tian Zis level 8 esper would be a joke.

Thus, nobody dared to voice out.

Until now!

The 100 points difference between them wasnt the main point. The main point was they were sure that Su Hao didnt have the strength of a level 1 professional esper, not even a level 8 esper!

That would be sufficient.

Someone who had a trash ability and was not a level 8 esper? So what if he managed to score full points on the previous tests, Tian Zi had nothing to fear. The vice president of Tiandu Citys Origin Ability Association had mentioned that with his current level 8 strength coupled with his terrifying ability talent, nobody weaker than a professional esper could compete with him.

And now, the time for Tian Zi to rise had arrived!

Imagine this, Su Hao, an unknown figure, became a hot sensation globally after consecutively achieving first place. 

Those fans of Tian Zi and Zheng Tai who had accumulated stardom for so many years didnt even dare say anything.

Would they dare say anything against the disparity of number and popularity?

A day in the college entrance exam and he had won himself millions of fans!

This was definitely a long time dream. Perhaps Tian Zi and Zheng Tai didnt bother about this, but their family definitely paid attention to this.

Thus, when Tian Zi finally trumped over Su Hao

Tiandu City began to publicise. Tian Zis fans who had been quiet this whole time finally began to rampage on the internet. 



Such topics rapidly monopolized the forums.

Everyone knew that the Tian family purposely created these topics but so what?

Nobody ever looked at the process of these things. What mattered was the end result.

Tian Zis strength, a level 8 esper was nothing to doubt. Coupled with the final moment of Tian Zis attack, everyone who watched this had their blood boiling.

It turned out that this young man named Tian Zi, his strength was actually this formidable!

Of course, most topics of Su Hao still monopolized the weekly and monthly rankings. For Tian Zi to dethrone Su Hao, he needed a victory!

A continuous victory!

A victory in energy intensity had what significant?


Ability index had a total of 3 tests. In energy cultivation, Tian Zi was utterly destroyed by Su Hao. Level 1 professional esper, that was something nobody could match. But in energy intensity, Tian Zi managed to fight back and reduce Su Haos advantage. The distance from an actual victory was still far away!

Su Hao, 600 points plus 400 points, a total of 1,000 points. Tian Zi? 320 points with 500 points would only bring a total of 820 points!

Who would be the final winner was still up for debate.

Although they knew that Tian Zi had the upper hand in this final segment, when matched against Su Hao, they had some lingering fear.

That label professional esper had scared the hell out of them.

Up until now, after confirming that the results were now out, they began to gain some momentum. They believed that Su Hao had no absolute chance that he would obtain the first rank.

So, Su Hao only has the standard of level 1 professional esper in energy capacity?

Well, Tian Zis current strength is level 8. Su Hao isnt as good as Tian Zi. Perhaps he should be a level 6 or 7.

So, its just a portion.

Scared me shitless. Made me think that he was actually a professional esper.

Since Tian Zis strength had been announced, the audience was naturally curious about Su Haos strength. After comparing other known candidates results, they concluded that Su Haos strength was at level 6. If they knew that his actual strength was actually at level 4, what would they think?

Level 6 esper?

Non-combat ability talent?

What was currently ongoing, wasnt it the ability talent test? In the era of origin ability, what mattered the most was combat type abilities. Tian Zi with his level 8 and super powerful ability, when compared to Su Hao who was now just a level 4 esper with a non-combat ability, wouldnt the results be pretty obvious?

Su Hao was currently ranked first?

So what?

Since Su Hao was destined to fail, then there wasnt any need to worry about him. Countless topics regarding Tian Zis absolute advantage began to resurface on the internet, describing how mighty and powerful was him.

Was that useful?

It was effective, but not obvious.

The reason Tian Zis side bashed Su Hao was just to create a momentum because after comparing both sides strength, they noticed Tian Zi had a higher chance to succeed.

As long as Su Hao was still topping the list, when he was still ranked first, no matter how you tried to bring down his reputation, your voice wouldnt be confident.

However, one had to admit this operation by the Tian family was actually smart.

Soon, they used another tactic to increase Tian Zis popularity, #suhaovstianzi, #whoisnumber1! This topic began to explode on the internet although there were people who tried to suppress it.

Would Su Hao calmly maintain his position or would Tian Zi make a comeback and obtain glory?

The public began to look forward to this.

At this moment, Zheng Tai, Zhou Wang, and others were not within their sight.

In their eyes, only Su Hao and Tian Zi could be seen.

Two freaks!

This battle would be an exciting one!