Godly Model Creator Chapter 362

Gmc Chapter 362

Chapter 362    Problems arise

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

In spite of everything, the public paid close attention to the ability talent assessment.

No matter how hot Tian Zi and Su Hao were, people were still concerned about this upcoming test as it contributed to a big percentage of the overall result.

However, people couldnt understand what the exam center was thinking.

Such fascinating test didnt have the live broadcast! Although there were two ranking lists on the screen, it was just a list of data!

How long would it take for people to finish viewing the ranking list? Perhaps a few minutes?

Was this a joke?

First, they dragged out the time by publishing the results of the energy cultivation segment. Then, they published another result of the energy intensity. What were they planning to do?

Were such actions needed to stop the public from cursing them?

While the public was confused, the display on the screen switched.


The screen flashed.

The ranking of the overall result was displayed!

The ranking changed from vertical scrolling to horizontal scrolling. Su Haos name was on the most left side as first place, while the ranking decreased accordingly towards the right. The screen displayed the top ten overall scorers in the exam.

One would probably need to scroll the screen to the right side if one wished to look for candidates that were out of top ten rankings.

It was altered in this matter because behind there was a progress bar next to the name of each candidate. The labels were displayed as 0, 100, 200, 300..900, 1000. The progress bar was equally distributed into ten parts.

It was very clear to see.


The crowd was confused. What did that mean?

What was that progress bar for?

While people were still confused, all of a sudden, Tian Zis progress bar increased and it occupied half of the bar between the scale of 0 and 100.

A number appeared on the progress bar.



Finally, some understood and mentioned, Isnt it the points for ability talent? The points are being broadcasted live?

Everyone finally understood when they heard that.

Since they couldnt broadcast the scene live, the exam center had adopted a new method instead.

Live points broadcast!

It was a new concept.

As the points were synced live, such a method was much better than the previous ones with the messy refresh every other second. With this, one no longer needed to worry about the confusion surrounding the circumstance when one finished the test first and would rush to the top of the list in a short period of time.

It was as long as your result was good!

It was as long as you had the capability!

You could even stay in first place for the entire time period.

The new broadcast method gained attention from the public. The progress bar made it easy to compare the candidates. Since the exam had just started, only a few of the candidates had loaded their progress bar. Most of the candidates were still at 0.

That included Su Hao.

Meanwhile, Su Haos points increased slowly on the scale of 10. If people guessed it correctly, Su Hao had started his exam.

The battle of ability talent.


10 points again!

Su Haos eyes shined.

The questions for the model analysis were very simple. Su Hao, the genius at his school, could easily complete those questions. He had gone through them a few times in the experiment.

Square model?

Sphere model?

Building model?

It couldnt be any easier.

As long as the model was stated in the reference book, Su Hao had gone through them one by one.

Hence, Su Hao perfectly completed all the test sessions for ability talent!

The questions which were extremely hard for others were just a joke for Su Hao. The strong fundamental knowledge was the Su Haos biggest pride.

The system notification sounded, Please build a character model!

Su Hao frowned, looked into the mirror, and built up his own model. A moment later, a perfect character model of Su Hao had been formed.

Please build a different character model again.


Su Hao frowned. A different model?


He activated his model analysis and increased his coverage area. He found another candidate from the school and then

Model established!

Character model, completely built!

Su Hao smiled. He supposed the central system should have nothing to say about that.


Character model built perfectly.

Ability of model creation, top notch. Next, the test on the degree of realism of character model, please build the model according to the instruction system.

Degree of realism?

Su Hao didnt understand.

What did the test on the model have anything to do with being realistic?




Another few models were built.

Su Hao easily created a few models, and the character model was fabulously beautiful. He scored high points with the character model, and this time

Would it work?

Su Hao thought model reality was the last session. However, he underestimated the tediousness of this exam. After the reality test, there was the test on the toughness of the model. The exam questions changed, again and again, Su Hao could only follow the instructions to build the models.

One model.

Two models.

Three models.

Su Hao was tired.

Reality, toughness, structure, ecosystem, area model building

Problems occurred again and again.

Every time he completed one, there was only a 10 point increase in his progress bar. There werent any higher marks!

Su Hao had no words for that.

Although he knew that model analysis wasnt a strong talent, especially in the battle, how dare they bullied him in that way?

10 points!

10 points!

Su Hao continued to build models.

Meanwhile, the candidates progress bars started to grow dramatically. All the exam questions started with the easiest ones, which indicated the best time to score for the candidates. All the candidates points continued to increase.

After a few minutes, countless candidates had gone beyond 100 points.

Most of them in front of top ten had got into 200 points.

Meanwhile, Su Haos result was stable at the moment.

80 points.

Su Haos progress bar was the lowest amongst his peers and it was obviously shown on the screen.

Meanwhile, at this moment,


Zheng Tais score increased from 240 to 270 points!

Tian Zis score increased from 220 to 280 points!

The score data was increasing for everyone. As the toughness increased, the addition in the number of points was getting higher, except for Su Haos.


Su Haos data was updated.

His talent points increased from 80 to 90.

Look, Su Haos result

It is slow!

This was definitely a disadvantage regarding model analysis. This time, Su Hao would for sure be overtaken by others. However, if he could manage to keep up the points and prevent it from being overtaken by others, he might be able to keep first place.

Everyone could see it clearly.

It was Su Haos weakness.

Su Hao started to become undoubtedly popular since his perfect first achievement in theoretical basis, followed by achieving the level 1 professional esper equivalent in energy cultivation. Since then, his popularity had reached the maximum.

However, his popularity started decreasing now.

When the theme of the examination changed from the basics to origin ability, it completely exposed Su Haos weakness. The factors surrounding the short training period, low tier talent, and etc were all exposed.

In fact, having a grade E talent wasnt a problem for Su Hao.

As his talent underwent change, it would be easy to pull back the grade E points for his talent.

The problem now was that his talent didnt have any active attacking skills!

All of the skills were supportive!

How many points did Su Hao have now?

2500 points.

How about Tian Zi?

2260 points.

The difference was 240 points!

It was a huge gap for an ordinary student. In the college entrance exam, 1 point alone could determine the fate of the candidates, let alone 240 points.

However, ability talent was Su Haos weakest subject!

Meanwhile, how about Tian Zi?

It was his strongest skill!

The strongest versus the weakest, with a difference of 240 points!

The topic of Tian Zi versus Su Hao would arise again.

This exam session might decide who rank first in the exam.

The crowd was carefully examining the list. At the moment, 30 minutes had passed since the exam had started. Most of the candidates were getting more than 300 points, while Su Hao was still struggling at the border of 100 points.

Although it was slow, the steady 10 point increase was stable.

Hence, Su Hao wasnt worried about that at all since the beginning. However, when he finally achieved 150 points, he realized a troubling fact

There were no more questions for him.

No more questions?

Yes, no more questions!

Su Hao was stunned when he discovered this problem. For the other talents, the level of the questions would slowly increase from beginner to specialized up until professional level. Ones marks would depend on how many questions he could complete. However, there were just this many questions for his model analysis.

Were there any more questions behind?


Su Hao looked at the list, realizing

It was such a huge gap! Even for the famous architect master who might already be at the professional level wasnt sure about achieving true realism.

Hence, Su Hao had to accept a miserable fact.

Because of the low talent level and the disadvantages, the model analysis only had beginner and advanced level questions.

The intermediary level was totally blank!

Even the quantum computer couldnt do anything about that. It couldnt even find related sources from the system, how could it set up the question?

So, the maximum amount of points that I can get is only 150?

Upon thinking of that, Su Hao was stunned. If his points were low and he lost, he could accept that.

However, he was not willing to lose in such a manner.


Are you kidding me?