Godly Model Creator Chapter 363

Gmc Chapter 363

Chapter 363    Ascending to the top

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Beginner assessment.

Normally one would abide by the process and slowly progress by starting from the most basic questions. Step by step, the challenge would increase from easy to difficult up until you completed everything that you knew which provided a comprehensive assessment of the students.


Model analysis!

Su Hao lifted his head and looked at the question that was suspended in the air. Yes, after virtualization, it was time for visualization!

Wasnt such difficulty too exaggerated?

One was virtual, and the other was reality!


Su Hao gave up on this question.


A new question was refreshed, a comprehensive visualization.

Realism, wasnt this the master architects final goal? Su Hao didnt have any doubts, the information obtained from the quantum calculator definitely was sorted from this information. However, realism wasnt even at the research stage. Not to mention Su Hao, even the master architect would be helpless with this!




After abandoning N number of times, he barely passed the realism exam questions. When the new exam questions appeared, they turned Su Haos face black, as if he were summoning a creature...

Darn you!


Again, these questions were quickly abandoned.

In the end, there was nothing.

Su Hao obtained all of the marks for virtualization, but for the latter which was related to realism 0 points!

Really nothing.

Su Hao smiled bitterly. He stared into space for a while, and then helplessly chose to submit.


Model analysis regular points assessment complete, a total of 150 points.

Origin technique assessment begin!

Free reign time, please display your most familiar origin technique. The exam system will follow the effectiveness of its usage and will automatically mark points accordingly.

Here it comes!

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Due to the innate natural defects, the fixed model analysis points were so low that he only obtained 150 points. In order to not be pushed down by others, during this free reign time, he had to recover from this rounds setback!

Su Hao first calmed himself down.

Then the display of his first origin technique began: Character modeling!

And at this moment, on the worldwide list.

The results didnt stop refreshing, so one could barely glance at the point increments of the candidates. Among the rows of 300 points, there was one candidate that stood out.

Su Hao: 150 points.

The progress bar increment became unstable. It was obviously because the fixed points had been completed. It was now the free reign time and the system was assessing them.

But the increase due to origin technique, how much were they?

For your information, one can only start to learn about origin techniques at the specialized level! Hence, the students that started to enter the specialized level or the increase in origin techniques, seemed to be at 0. Those who could really learn origin techniques and those who were exempt werent the students who were at level 2 or above but the old foxes who had already advanced to the specialized level for a long period of time.

So many at 300 points!

Yes, seems like the fixed points were obtained.

Thats right, I know a few level 4 espers, the origin techniques that they mastered were only 3 to 4. At the most they could only gain about 10 points, and it wouldnt affect the overall amount of points.

Su Haos at 150 points, and Tian Zi is already at 300 points. Su Hao is about to get overtaken.

Being overtaken is a matter of time. The difference between the fixed points and the free reign session werent much, but the disadvantage in ability talent can be said to be a mishap.


The crowd sighed.

One after another, they all felt sympathy after looking at Su Haos progress bar.

The points that originally were far ahead of everyone was slowly being caught up to at this moment: 240, 200, 100, up until now, 90 points!

Between Tian Z and Su Hao, the difference was only 90 points!

Su Hao is in danger!

The overall number 1 Su Hao was barely there.

But at this moment, in the eyes of the crowd, the current number 1 rank was rapidly declining.

The horrific 240 point gap from earlier suddenly decreased to 150 points. Such a gap was too huge! 200 points among the ordinary students could be considered to be quite good.

But for Su Haos current position, he was ranked number 1 worldwide.

The lowest was 280 points in the top 10!


The numbers jumped.

Tian Zis data was refreshed. His ability talent points increased by 50 points, bouncing up to 350 points.

The gap between the two was only 40 points!

50 points!

Wow, what is this origin technique!

Others only increased by 10 points, but Tian Zis has exploded and increased by 50.


The numbers jumped again.

Su Haos data was refreshed and the increment was 20 points. His total was now 170.

It increased. Su Haos results have finally begun to move, the gap again has increased to 60 points.

The point difference between these 2 people is becoming smaller and smaller. Tian Zis momentum is rapid, it feels like Su Hao can be defeated at any time.

Shouldnt be that quick, after all, Su Haos points

As the crowd discussed this, the data changed again ever before the sentence was completed. Tian Zis result refreshed once again and the crowd was in shock when they saw it.

400 points!

Increased by another 50 points!

Tian Zhi and Su Hao are only 10 points apart!

The crowd of people that saw this had slight pangs in their stomachs.

Too aggressive!

Since the beginning of the ability index assessment, Tian Zis results grew like a hurricane. His horrific abilities crushed everyones momentum. He easily obtained 300 fixed points, but at this moment, at the extremely difficult origin technique checkpoint, his points were actually still increasing.

In addition, it leaped by 50 points, followed by another 50 points.

How many origin techniques had he actually learned?

Nobody knew!

At this moment, Su Haos number 1 placement rapidly declined.

Fortunately, Su Hao also didnt disappoint the crowd. Although the increase of his marks was very low, it was still moving at regular 20 point increments. With such trot-like growth, he maintained the lead. Whenever Tian Zi leaped, Su Hao trotted his way ahead of him.

The competition between the two quickly reached a stalemate.

And at this moment,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Tian Zi, 500 points.

Su Hao, 270 points.

Still a 240 points difference, but there was still the final 10 points separating them. In such an anxious atmosphere, it caused everyone to be on the tenterhooks as they looked at this scene, afraid that they might miss something.

The ability index assessment was meant to be very fast-paced.

It was only at the beginning just a moment ago and it was now it was reaching the final stage.



The progress bar behind the countless number of people vanished; the marks were fixed!

Ability index assessment was different from the rest, complete meant complete, incomplete meant incomplete. Therefore, when it reached this stage, it meant that many people had completed the assessment.

This included the top 10.

But at this moment, the real point gap was revealed.

Zhou Wang: 500 points.

Ming Feng: 500 points.

Hai Hun: 500 points.

Uniformly at 500 points, after Tian Zi, Su Haos current score at 270 was indeed lack luster in comparison.

The crowd already couldnt bear to look.

At this moment, the numbers were shifted. The data refreshed, and Zheng Tais progress bar also completely vanished. The points were fixed.

Zheng Tai: 600 (500) points.

Number 1, refreshed!

Zheng Tai!


The crowd was stunned.

When they saw Zheng Tais results, they instantly felt weak, how had they forgotten him?

Zheng Tais abilities were indeed slightly weaker, but each time he was only a few points behind Tian Zi. Even in the previous 3 exams, he was only behind Tian Zi by a few marks. However, the crowd subconsciously did not pay attention to him every time. And this time, Su Hao and Tian Zis battle for number 1 had captured everyones attention.

How did Zheng Tai...

Subconsciously neglected.

Currently, with this candidates silent ascension, the crowd then realized that Zheng Tais results had always been in front!

His energy cultivation wasnt as amazing as Su Haos, but it was higher than Tian Zis.

His energy intensity wasnt as dominant as Tian Zis, but it was higher than Su Haos.

Like that, he silently swam between the two marks. At the end, during the ability talent assessment, he gave the crowd a huge backstab.

Zheng Tai, number 1.

An additional 20% increment, no one could ever disregard that.

WTF, it cant be that Zheng Tai is here to ruin the show.

Tian Zi and Su Haos battle was so interesting, if Zheng Tai eventually won, then that would be amazing to see.

That isnt something that has been confirmed yet. Tian Zi and Su Haos results are not out yet, the final push should be with the most powerful origin technique. Then we will see who will take number 1.

Zheng Tais ascent to the top had bewildered the crowd.

But in the crowds eyes remained fixated on Su Hao and Tian Zi. When the marks of these 2 were stabilized, then it would be the real completion of the exams.

In the virtual exam world.

One by one, Su Hao calmly completed all his origin technique displays. Currently, all the origin techniques he had mastered seemed to have completely been shown. Only two remained

Those were also his strongest two. 

Time to end this.

Su Hao took a deep breath. Since it was about to end, he wanted to end it in a gorgeous manner. Even if he failed, he wouldnt regret it!

Illusion reality!


The surrounding scenery dramatically changed.

The look in Su Haos eyes flashed, filled with extraordinary color.

The streams of light suddenly vanished.

A line of figures floated in the air.

Illusion reality, assessment completed.

Had it ended?

No, this was only the beginning.

Su Hao sneered, Xinghe sword, appear!


The blue Xinghe sword appeared in Su Haos hands. It streaked across the sky, leaving behind a trail of blue light it was extraordinarily beautiful.

A number of figures floated in the air.

Xinghe sword, assessment complete.


A cold glare flashed across Su Haos eyes, Xinghe sword, return!


The energy within his body roared.

At this moment, Su Hao had actually caused the galaxy sword to disintegrate!

The unlimited energy stirred inside his body. Slightly closing his eyes and forcefully suppressing the chaotic quake within, he gathered this energy. Then, without any hesitation, he began compressing and duplicating.





The energy within his body rapidly became empty.

Permanent model, return!

Su Hao confidently used up all permanent models. Only then did the energy within his body manage to cope and soon...

An origin light beam formed.

Su Haos lips cracked a cold smile.

Origin light beam, explode!


On the worldwide display screen, when the crowd anticipated Tian Zis counterattack, the data finally was refreshed. The progress bar behind Su Hao vanished and his points completely stabilized.


350 points!


400 points!


500 points!


Su Hao ascended to the top.