Godly Model Creator Chapter 364

Gmc Chapter 364

Chapter 364    Shaking one to the core

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Its Su Hao again?

An instant 230 points. How did he manage to do so?


Yet another incoming global sensation!

The public was stunned.

A moment ago, Su Hao was still struggling with 270 points. They were still discussing whether he could maintain his first rank from the incoming attacks from Tian Zi and Zheng Tai. The next instant, his points had an additional surge of 230 points, stepping over everyone!

First rank, Su Hao.

Ability talent: Grade E, Model analysis, 500 points.

Was 500 points a lot?

Definitely not!

Because all the top 10 candidates obtained 500 points. But for someone like Su Hao, this figure was a bit too much. Model analysis, a grade E talent, and a rubbish non-combat ability, what was exactly happening here?

Everyone felt that their mind was playing a trick.

That grade E label seemed to be ridiculing everyone. If Su Hao had the highest score overall in the exam, the public could still understand.

However, if Su Hao won first place in ability index, that would be something illogical and definitely not a matter which could be understood.

This was simply slapping the face of the Origin Ability Association.

In fact, that was the truth.

When the associations men saw this scene, they were dumbfounded too. This was a live broadcast man! How many were questioning their judgment right now?

An emergency meeting of the association.

The ability index test had reached the final stage.

Grade E?

That was the biggest mockery ever faced by the association.

The main topic of this meeting was just about the seemingly ordinary grade E model analysis.

Assembling an evaluation team, they began to conduct another evaluation regarding model analysis.

However, to make them smile bitterly, no matter how they test it, model analysis was too weak!

This cant be.

One of the members continued in a stressed tone, This is too weak! No matter how we look, model analysis would be impossible to obtain 500 points. At most only 200 points.

Could Su Hao have completed realism?


Another member rejected this idea, You guys arent clueless on the difficulty of realism. This idea was just some random idea forwarded by the master of architect. To be frank, I think that such idea is just an impossible feat. At least, this wasnt something model analysis could achieve.

The research on realism is still in theoretical stage. Model analysis, perhaps it cant even perform realism. So what if model analysis can perform realism? We will give him a grade S then.

Everyone remained silent.

Indeed what he mentioned was right.

This realism was something applied by the master of architect to the association to upgrade the grade of model analysis. However, after being evaluated, they decided that this so-called realism was merely a theory which didnt exist.

It was just impossible to achieve!

Thus, from the assessment, they had decided to reject the application.

However, because of the theoretical data provided by the master having some significance, it was given to the research team for further study.

And now, the same model analysis allowed Su Hao to make his comeback and suppress many grade A abilities, obtaining 500 points and securing his first rank for now.

Can you get the data from Su Haos test?


One member shook his head, For the safety, based on the system, when the test was completed, all scenes during ability index would be deleted.

Maybe its not because of realism.

He then continued, Su Hao mastered many origin techniques. His score increment definitely wont be low. Also, based on the data here, Su Hao won himself the Xinghe sword!

Xinghe sword?

Everyones eyes shined. But when they had a clearer look at the data, they began to frown, Impossible. Only a few days time, how could Su Hao master it! To master this level of energy weapon, one would require a year or more!

That might not be true.

In this world, geniuses are never lacking. If Su Hao mastered or Xinghe sword or an equivalent origin technique, his instant surge in points is explainable. After all, the reason he could achieve this feat was all due to a universal origin technique.

Relying on a universal origin technique to achieve victory?

The members were silenced.

How difficult was that?

Universal origin techniques were far more difficult and needed even more time to train compared to ordinary origin technique by countless times. However, when they recalled the level 1 professional esper equivalent in Su Haos energy cultivation, they began to regain their calmness.

This world was never lacking geniuses.

For the association, as long as there was this reason, that would be sufficient. At least, looking from another perspective, their evaluation wasnt wrong.

Su Hao, first.

Zheng Tai, second.

However, even until now, Tian Zis final score hadnt come out yet. His progress bar still showed 500 points, exactly the same as Su Hao!

Everyone among top ten scored 500 points.

Even Zheng Tai was no exception. His 600 points were due to his younger age advantage. But could Tian Zi exceed 500 points? Nobody knew.

Even if he could do so, the public did not have much expectation for him.

Because the gap was too big!

Since Su Hao now had the same score as Tian Zi, that meant the gap between them had gone back to 240 points. 

Suddenly, a light flashed.

The progress bar behind Tian Zis name began to surge crazily, and when nobody could catch a glimpse of how many points were added, the progress bar disappeared.

Tian Zis final score was finally here!

The result refreshed.


600 points!


700 points!


800 points!

Tian Zi score soared to the top.



The world was once again shocked by this.

800 points!

Exceeding the limits!

Although they knew Tian Zi would counterattack, still the public had no much expectation. 500 points in ability talent were already high enough

But Tian Zi went beyond that.

800 points!

Even Tian Zis fans were in madness too. When they thought that he already had no chance, he made a comeback. A difference of 240 points?

Tian Zi instantly obtained 800 points and secured first.

How cool was this victory?

Su Hao VS Tian Zi.

Tian Zi won!

First rank.

Tian Zi, total points: 3,060.

Second rank.

Su Hao, total points: 3,000.

In the exam area.

When the test was over, Su Hao had a look at the result send on his communication device. He smiled bitterly, Tian Zi, smirk.

Ability index assessment, when the test was over, one would receive the result. 

When he was just out, he was still in his first rank.

And now, the first rank belonged to Tian Zi.

500 points, he had already done his very best.

This was a global competition and not a one-man stage for himself.

He could shock the world with his level 1 professional esper in energy cultivation, but Tian Zi could achieve the same feat with 800 points in ability talent too.

And now, the gap between them was 60 points.

60 points?

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Ability index, there was still the last segment left which was bonus questions. If it was other tests, Su Hao naturally was full of confidence. But ability talent

He was unable to imagine how he could make a comeback.

Hope I can recover back the final 60 points.

Su Hao shook his head and then scrolled down.

On the screen, 99% of candidates already had their result out. Su Hao only looked at those few candidates which he knew. Bai Lingfeng and Li Xin were wandering around rank 1,000 plus. But to enroll in Zhanzheng College wasnt even a problem. Looking at Chen Yiran maintaining at around 100 plus, her hard work these days finally paid off.

And what made him felt strange was this Bai Xiaosheng!

He was a cunning man. Even before the exam, Su Hao had already prepared to face him off. However, each time due to his 20 years old age, he had been left behind by quite a bit. Although he was still in the top 100, his fame wasnt as high as what Su Hao imagined him to be.

Bai Xiaosheng had waited for so many years

Just to wander in the top 100?

Su Hao would never believe it.

That day, Bai Xiaosheng had told him that he would make himself famous.

That sentence was still clear within Su Haos heart. Top 100 to make history?

Such feat would be a joke then.

Scrolling down the screen, soon his sight locked down on Bai Xiaosheng. However, when he saw the result, Su Hao frowned again.

Li Tiantian, ability talent: 0 points.

0 points?

Su Hao was stunned.

Looking at the progress bar which was still there, he was speechless.

The exam was about to end, but this bastard still hadnt begun yet?

Hes giving up?

Su Hao shook his head. Such idea would never appear in Bai Xiaoshengs dictionary.

Since he wasnt giving up, he must have a plan.

Su Hao stared at the result on the screen with an inexplicable look. Bai Xiaosheng, whatre you trying to do?

Excluding Su Hao, nobody was paying attention to this.

The internet had already been in a hot discussion.

Tian Zi finally obtained a streak of his own!

The absolute strength of energy intensity and ability talent, this proved that Tian Zi was matchless in this department.

As for the bonus questions, the public only thought it as a good chance to increase the gap, solidifying Tian Zis first rank.

Tian Zi became famous again on the internet.

This was his glory!

After struggling for so long, he was finally able to enjoy the fruit of labor. If nothing went wrong, he would keep increasing the gap until the end of college entrance exam and obtain the first rank.

At this moment, glory belonged to him alone.

However, the screen refreshed at this moment.

A new result quietly appeared.

Li Tiantian.

Ability talent: 1,600 (2,000), ability grade: ?

Overall ranking: First.