Godly Model Creator Chapter 365

Gmc Chapter 365

Chapter 365    Legend

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Everyone was in madness!

If Tian Zis 800 points shocked the public, then Li Tiantians result would only scare the hell out of everyone.

His actual points were 2,000, but due to 20% reduction, his final score was 1,600 points!

Not only the audience, even the candidates and the staffs were dumbfounded! Although in theory there was no limit to ability index

500 points were already enough to be at the forefront of the world.

800 points were enough to shock everyone, creating a record.

2,000 points huh


This was everyones reaction.

Quick, check the exam system.

In the exam center, the staff all turned pale. This was because they also guessed that there must be some bugs in the exam system. This problem would be a huge one to appear during the live broadcasting.


The head of the team was heavily sweating as he urged impatiently; he had been in charge for so many years, but this was the first-time a problem of this level appeared.

Soon, the result came out.

Nothing was wrong.

There were no bugs.


The leader was stunned for a moment before saying in an unbelievable tone, Youre saying that the scores are accurate? Li Tiantian really obtained this score?


The technical staffs were also showing a bitter smile.

The new quantum computer did most of the jobs. For a bug to appear, the chance would be only dozens of decimals places. 

What about the teacher who came up with this?

The leader raged, If its not a technical problem, then it is certainly the logic set up by the teacher. Quickly summon him here.

Ugh ugh.

The technical staffs coughed for a second, Ahh, leader, due to the wide range of area needed to be covered, each talent has its own test, everything was set up by the quantum computer itself.


The leader went silent. His mouth opened wide, but no words came out.

Quantum computer!

Even if he didnt know much about technology, he knew that there wouldnt be any mistake in calculation by this new quantum computer! Then, where was the problem?

The leader was at a loss.

He couldnt find any problem or bug.

He even had a premonition that once this college entrance exam was over, he would be expelled and had to be forced to hunt low-level beasts to save money for his daughters milk powder.

The technician then carefully reminded him as he noticed the poor face of his leader, Leader, I dont understand much about ability talent. However, since the quantum computer didnt detect any problem, then doesnt this mean that there is really no problem?

No problem?

The leaders mind was startled.

He had considered many possibilities, but he never imagined that there wasnt a problem with this situation.


If there was really not a single problem?

Was Li Tiantians ability talent really 2,000 points?

The leader licked his dry lips, 2,000 points Extract the test data of Li Tiantian and immediately analyze it. I want the results asap!


The technical staff nodded and quickly printed out the report of Li Tiantian.

After reading the report, the leader confirmed that there wasnt a single problem with his assessment. These data were completely reasonable.

Just that, the figure was too high.

So high that one would be scared.

Can ability talent really reach 2,000 points?

Nobody would dare to believe it.

After having a clearer look at the data, the leaders pupil suddenly contracted. He had thought of one possibility, an abrupt idea.

Stabilize the situation.

Shortly after giving the urgent order, the leader then went straight to his office and dialed a number.

Soon, the call was connected.

Leader Lan?

The leader was so nervous that it was obvious he had something to report, I have a matter to report!


Li Tiantian, first rank.

Looking at the data on the screen, even Su Hao couldnt help but feel startled.

However, after being shocked for a moment, he then laughed out, I knew it. That bastard Bai Xiaosheng, he definitely wont do something which wont benefit him. So, he was waiting for this moment all along!

2,000 points, this figure was possible?

Looking at that ? on the screen, Su Hao paused for a bit. Able to make ? appear, and not even a quantum computer could determine it, this could only indicate one thing. This ability of his had never had any information recorded!

Thus, the quantum computer had nothing to be used as a reference.

Even the quantum computer couldnt identify it.

Su Haos mind was excited. Thinking of Bai Xiaoshengs initially demonstrated ability, he could only think of one, Could it be the legendary grade S?

Grade S!

Origin ability had always been officially assessed from F to A.

Grade S ability talent?

This would only appear in fantasy novels. In novels, grade S abilities usually would belong to the protagonist so that he could be the best and unify the world.

However, never would he thought that one day such a thing would appear in this world and it even appeared to the public.

Is it really grade S?

Su Haos eyes shined.

The origin ability era was indeed mysterious.

However, Bai Xiaosheng being such a domineering figure, the one who had bad luck wasnt Su Hao but Tian Zi.

At first, it was Zheng Tai who suppressed him. Later on, Su Hao took over. Not being able to show his real capability, when he finally managed to get rid of this nightmare called Su Hao and obtained first, he was suppressed again.

Li Tiantian?

Looking at this girly name, Tian Zi wasnt feeling great. Could it be that he was destined to be number two forever?

He was helpless about this. Looking at the 1,600 (2,000) points of Bai Xiaosheng, his 800 points seemed to pale in comparison.


Tian Zi stared at the data on the screen.

And kept silent.

Li Tiantians 2,000 points of ability talent were more than enough to shake the world.

Li Tiantians popularity surged!

Just like what he mentioned in front of Su Hao before.

This is an era for bright stars!

And me, I want eternal fame!

And now, he did it!

Su Hao used many consecutive victories to obtain his current fame. As for Bai Xiaosheng, just a single victory was enough to achieve the same level of fame or even more!

Li Tiantian, global ranking: 1st.

As long as this sentence still remained, his popularity would continue to grow higher and higher!

Regarding this, Su Hao who had deep experience on this definitely understood.

On the internet.

Everyone was waiting.

They were waiting for the exam center to clarify that it was a technical problem caused by the staff and a bug occurred.

But a few minutes later

Nothing could be found.

For such a huge organization, no action of denying meant that it was acceptance.

In other words

Li Tiantians result was acknowledged.

He really obtained 2,000 points in ability talent during the college entrance exam.

At this moment, the internet became a mess.

At this moment, netizens finally believed that it wasnt a bug, but a miracle created by Li Tiantian.

As for how did this 2,000 points appear?

They werent stupid to not be able to give a wise guess.

This time, the legend of grade S began to gain its footing gradually.

Could it be this guy which such a trap name had actually mastered a grade S ability talent?

Is grade A strong?

Of course!

Not only it is powerful; even when compared to grade B, there was a huge gap.

In addition to Su Hao, who wasnt performing according to logic, the gap between each grade was clearly defined.

And grade S is the number one ability in legends.

Overtaking all abilities, it was in a completely different realm.

Li Tiantian really had a grade S talent?

Or in other words, humans really could have a grade S ability?

At this point, this 2,000 points had a different significance. If humans could really have grade S talents, then humanity would reach another milestone. 

For the sake of humanitys future, netizens began to engage in a thorough analysis on Li Tiantian.



Such topics occupied the web.

However, for ordinary people, grade S seemed to be a legend. 

But was that really true?

In Ming City.

The sky in the city was great.

Lan Tingxu had no mood to enjoy the scenery. Looking at his communication device which he just hang up a second ago, he had no words to say for a long time.

He slowly opened the virtual screen in his living room.

On the global broadcast, Li Tiantians result was at the very top. To be able to top the exam, he deserved to enjoy such glory.

Looking at Li Tiantians figure, Lan Tingxu revealed a complex look. Regretful, sorrow, killing intent, hatred, and even a touch of sadness could be seen.

He kept his silence for a long time.

Lan Tingxu sighed upon leaving the living room.

However, the emergence of Li Tiantian had made him recalled back the memory which he had kept away deep in his mind. It turned out that a thorn had been implanted in his heart ever since then.