Godly Model Creator Chapter 366

Gmc Chapter 366

Chapter 366    Grade S ability talent

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Uncle Lan.

A little girl with a flowery dress was excitingly running towards Lan Tingxu which ended up with her falling clumsily on the way.

Lan Tingxu held her up and said, Xiaotian, why do you come out? It is dangerous outside, get back to your room.

Hehe, I want to welcome Uncle Lan for coming back.

Xiaotian smiled without worrying about the dust on his body.


Lan Tingxu smiled and looked at her clothes. He didnt know whether to laugh or cry, Why have you dressed like this again? Did that naughty girl bully you again?


Xiaotian said with a pitiful look, Sister is bad; she always forces me to dress like a girl.

Lan Tingxu smiled and touched his head.

Kids usually did not differ much between gender. Once makeup was added and dressed in a flowery dress, it is even harder to differentiate. While Xiaotian was good looking, he looked even more like a girl. His naughty daughter always liked to play with Xiaotian, perhaps that was the only fun thing to enjoy in such a messed up world.

Lets go home!

Lan Tingxu pulled Xiaotians hand and left.

Far away from there, there was a strong sandstorm. They walked a long distance before reaching the village. There werent any electrical appliances in the village, but only oil lamps and sharp weapons.

A woman was waiting for their return at the front door.

It is good to be back.

The woman smiled when she saw Lan Tingxu. Then, she looked at Xiaotian lovingly and said, You better not leave the village next time. It is dangerous outside; the beasts might have eaten you.

Hehe, dont worry, Uncle Lan is here, I am not afraid at all.

Xiaotian smiled and said, I am a man, next time when I grow up, I will protect mom and Uncle Lan.


The woman smiled, You are wearing a flowery dress, are you sure you are a man?

No! That is because of the bad sister

Xiaotian was feeling wronged.


A girl opened up her door and ran out from the house and said, Dad, Tiantian, you both returned.

Yea, we are back.

Lan Tingxu smiled and looked at his daughter.


The little girl ran in front of Xiaotian and held his ear, Xiao Tiantian, did you say bad things about me?

No, I didnt.

Xiao Tian pushed the hand of the girl away and ran.

Hey stop!

The girl chased after him.

Lan Tingxu and the woman smiled and looked at each other.

Lets go, Tingxu. Dinner is ready.

The woman said.

Alright, sister-in-law.

Lan Tingxu nodded and looked at the back of the woman and thought of something.

During the chaotic era of origin ability, everything is in a mess around the world. He and his brother were helping out each other with their family. They managed to survive these circumstances through numerous of battles.

However, the happiness didnt last long.

Once when they were on a mission, they were assaulted, and nearly everyone died.

He was the only survivor with the two kids.

Luckily, Li Yuns wife didnt follow them on that mission. She was cooking at home; when she saw him bloody and fainted in front of the house with the two kids, she could already guess what had happened.

However, she didnt ask, and Lan Tingxu didnt talk about it either.

That was the hardest year for them.

However, things turned better as the kids grew up. Their life turned better as well, perhaps in future they would have a good life.

Finally, our life turned great.

Lan Tingxu smiled happily.

A few days passed.

On this day, a few of the army came and reported some good news to Lan Tingxu.

They were going to build a city nearby!

They were planning to build up a huge and modern city to protect people inside from the beasts. Not only that, the government would be sending espers. As one successfully merges with the origin ability, they could own an origin ability talent.

It was the best news at the moment.

Then, people in the village started to merge with origin ability. Some of them succeed, while some of them failed. Theoretically, people below 18 years old had difficulty succeeding. Only people who were 18 had the highest chance of succeed. Meanwhile, for the others, what could they expect for the future?

The time passed.

Hence, all the kids tried to merge with the origin ability.

However, there were only two of them who succeed!

Xiaotian and Dieer.

The two kids in Lan Tingxus family.

It was the most exciting moment for Lan Tingxu. He even exchanged for some alcohol from the army and got drunk. He was so happy that he even confessed to Xiaotians mother. She had her face turned red and gave him a good scold.

It was the happiest moment for him in life.

Uncle Lan, can you be my father?

Xiaotian looked at Lan Tingxu and said.


The womans face was red.

Cheh, aunty, everyone knows my dad likes you. Dieer said, It was so obvious, even I can see that. However, I agree that aunty can be my mother!


Lan Tingxu scolded his daughter.

He looked at the woman and quickly averted his eyes.

What are you shy about?

Dieer mumbled, Who else didnt know your thoughts?

What did you say?

Lan Tingxu frowned.

No, I didnt say anything.

Dieer smiled and said, I said, my origin ability talent is powerful.


Lan Tingxu felt weird, It was just a few days, you could see the effect now?


Dieer said, Let me show you.


Dieer pointed to the table, and a bowl floated in the air. Lan Tingxu and the woman surprisingly looked at that while Xiaotian also curiously stuck his face near.

The bowl shook.


The bowl fell on the floor, and the pieces split to surround. There was a piece of it that hit on Xiaotians hand, and it bled.

You all

The woman got a piece of cloth and wanted to cover up Xiaotians wound. However, Xiaotians face changed.

Go away!

Xiaotian seemed to be angry for getting injured. He even pushed Dieer away until she almost fell on the pieces of the bowl on the floor.


The woman was angry and tried to hug him away, but he pushed her away too.


Lan Tingxu got up and tried to control Xiaotian. Xiaotian looked at Lan Tingxu, with his eyes full of fury.

That feeling...

Lan Tingxu was shocked.


Lan Tingxu caused him to faint with a hit.

The woman quickly moved Xiaotian onto a bed and covered up his wound. She didnt notice that the body of Lan Tingxu was shaking.

It was deep in the night.

A guy appeared on the side of Xiaotian and struck him with a dagger.

Who is that?

The woman shouted and knocked the person to the side.

Under the moonlight, the persons face could be seen clearly.

Lan Tingxu!

Tingxu, what are you trying to do?

The woman was afraid.

Lan Tingxu silently cut Xiaotains hand, and it bled. The facial expression of Xiaotian turned furious, and the color of his pupil changed to be seemingly murderous.

Sister, have you seen that?

Lan Tingxu said, Xiaotian is not himself anymore!

No, how can it be?

The woman looked at her child shockingly.

Sister, get away.

Lan Tingxu firmly struck towards Xiaotian again.


The woman couldnt stop him. Meanwhile, a little girl blocked in front of Xiaotian and was struck by the dagger.


The blood splashed on Xiaotians face. At the moment, Xiaotian suddenly awakened and was stunned looking at the circumstances.


Lan Tingxu was shocked when he saw the person who blocked in front of Xiaotian.

Dad, dont kill brother.

Dieer smiled and said, Seemed like my ability talent is useful.


Lan Tingxu frightenedly hugged his daughter and tore his own clothes to cover up her wound. He looked at Xiaotian again murderously and said, You!

When he wanted to go against him and kill him, the woman dragged him from behind.


The woman shouted towards Xiaotian. Xiaotian who was shocked finally got back and ran outside clumsily, soon he disappeared.

Lan Tingxu couldnt even move.

After looking at the woman who stopped him with her life, he cried and threw the dagger and hugged his daughter to the clinic.

Dieer went into a surgery room.

The woman looked at him and asked, Why?

Lan Tingxu silenced for a moment.

Do you remember the incident last time?

We faced a strong monster, but we survived. Brother Li had controlled a secret power and fought it back. Lan Tingxu smiled bitterly, However, on the way back, all the people were killed by him.

The woman looked at Lan Tingxu unbelievably.

My family, all the Lis family were killed by him. When I noticed what had happened, it was already late. I only managed to save the two kids. After that, I killed him. Before he died, he awakened and left me a sentence, if Xiaotian became like him one day

You must kill him!

You mean, Xiaotian is affected by that power too?

The woman stunned, her face was pale.

I will never forget his furious eyesight that day! Lan Tingxu said, It was exactly the same with the eyesight of brother Li that time when he killed everyone including my parents and your parents.


The woman cried hard.

Lan Tingxu went silent when looking at her.

Right before today, he still thought he was the happiest man in the world. However, within one day, everything changed!

Xiaotian escaped, he never came back since then.

The next day, the woman committed suicide.

She couldnt accept that Lan Tingxu wanted to kill Li Tiantian, so she needed to know the truth. However, the cruel truth was that her beloved families were all killed by her beloved husband. Meanwhile, her beloved son became that way too. She couldnt accept the fact, so she collapsed emotionally.

What Lan Tingxu could do was only mourn for her.

Perhaps the only thing that was worth to be grateful for was that Dieer fainted for half a year before she awoke. After that, she forgot everything. Lan Tingxu brought her to leave the tragic village.

He continued to investigate that mysterious ability ever since.

Initially, he thought it was a special case of mutation.

However, after he was assigned to an important role in the government, only he knew that there was a special title for this mysterious power, grade S ability talent.

Due to the extraordinary powerful ability, they were unable to control it, and it caused them to be emotionally unstable.

Extremely unstable.

Within a few decades, there were hundreds of similar cases.

Everytime such case happened, there would be plenty of people who died. Once the emotions of grade S espers were disrupted, they would kill every person around them, including their families.

Right until now, there were no exceptions.

He thought Li Tiantian was dead.

Within the blink of an eye, a few decades had passed.

Nonetheless, he never expected that he would see Li Tiantian again.

Li Tiantian!

He was still alive!


It was the knocking sound of the door.

Come in.

Lan Tingxu awakened from recalling the past.

A soldier came in and put a set of information on the table, Leader Lan, this is the information you have requested.


Lan Tingxu flipped through the information before saying, Seem like we need to make a trip to Jianghe city.

He talked calmly, but the soldier was shocked.

It was because of the identity of Lan Tingxu!

The leader of federal special act group for grade S espers!

The only aim of this group to exist was to assault grade S espers.

Once discovered.

Kill without exception!