Godly Model Creator Chapter 367

Gmc Chapter 367

Chapter 367    Self assessment!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

The college entrance exam resumed as usual.

The rise of Li Tiantian had shocked everyone in the whole world.

On the internet, on all the major media sites, Li Tiantians name captured everyones attention and was made known to everyone around the world. At this moment, Li Tiantian had become a public figure.

He had become an eye-catching superstar!

Everyone watched his every move.

The craze of reaching 2000 marks only faded after a very long time. Li Tiantian could be considered to have completed a beautiful reversal from a roadside grass to the ultimate superstar.

Another candidate to potentially win the crown.

Su Hao, Tian Zi, Li Tiantian, Zheng Tai, and Zhou Wang. Any one of them could suddenly become a champion, and amongst these people, three of them were from Jianghe City!

Who do you think will become number 1?

This is not certain, the ability index still has a bonus question left which depends a lot on ability talent. Right now, I fancy Li Tiantian the most.

Yeah, with his monstrous amount of ability talent points, I think he wont lose out with the additional questions. He might even pull out another 2000 points and no one would be able to compete with him then.

Tian Zis ability is also quite good. With a high score of 800, he also shouldnt be too low with the additional exam questions. If he is lucky, he also has a huge opportunity to become number 1.

The crowd frantically discussed amongst each other.

The person who had the most obvious advantage was Li Tiantian in the fight to become number 1. No one could match the limitless powerful ability talent.

Those in the 2nd tier team included the talent-wise, powerful Tian Zi and Zheng Tai who had the age advantage. These two also had the chance to be number 1.

As for the end, their chances were the smallest.

That would be Su Hao and Zhou Wang.

There was nothing much to say about Zhou Wang. Although his marks were not low every time, he was too average. It seemed like he wasnt particularly outstanding in a certain field as he just achieved stable results each time.

To hope that he would suddenly erupt would not contain a huge possibility.

As for Su Hao?

After going through the most glorious period, everyone had very clearly seen Su Haos weakness in the ability index exam. Although he himself was also belonged at the forefront, compared to the countless number of glories at the beginning, he still lacked something. Based purely on the ability index, compared to the red-hot Li Tiantian, he was all the more unable to compete.

The chance of obtaining number 1 was also extremely slim.

And for those who were even lower, it was not worth mentioning. Although they had successfully entered the top ten, their chances seemed to be at 0 to become number 1.

The first new college entrance exam was full of twists and turns.

Who would have thought that, up until now, such a scenario would actually happen?

As the crowd hotly debated this, the additional ability index exam questions had begun!


Ability index additional exam questions, begin!


A picture scroll was spread before the students eyes and floated in the air. A row of small words floated and appeared in the air. The origin ability era, all of us have origin ability talent. We have assessed them and have rated their levels from F until * grade, but the classification of the origin ability talent, could it really be that simple?

Are you sure about the Origin Ability Associations assessment?

Do you feel that there are problems with such a leveling system?

Now, the answers are given to you!

Assess your own origin ability talent on your own!


Just a few sentences caused the minds of everyone to rattle.

The picture scroll slowly rolled up.

Then it disappeared in the sky.

Su Hao was stunned at his ground. For the additional exam questions, he had made many anticipations on the types of model of exams and what it would be like.

But he had never thought that it actually would be like this!

Self assessment!

The college entrance exams final question was actually a self assessment. Those in the exam center had unreasonably courageous. The first shot was actually directed at the Origin Ability Association!

However, after some careful thought, Su Hao suddenly laughed.

Was this the federations counterattack?

The Origin Ability Associations attack on the federations college entrance exams system took 5 years of time that pushed this reform and today it had been finally completed. In the first operation of the federations reformed college entrance exam, they mercilessly fired a shot towards the associations origin ability assessment system. This revenge...

Was quite childish.

Su Hao helplessly shook his head but began to put in some serious thought.

Regardless of whether its the exam centers petty revenge, one thing was certain: since they dared to open this path, it definitely had some meaning to it. Perhaps the federation wanted to push out a new assessment system for themselves.

Of course, Su Hao could not be involved in these jurisdictions.

These thoughts flashed in his mind. Su Hao still put his focus on the introduction of his self assessment his success or failure depended on this and there definitely couldnt be any mishaps.

Additional exam question: self assessment.

Exam content: Students are to execute a complete assessment towards their own origin ability talent. You can choose your own area of strength and course to conduct an assessment. For every topic, only one choice can be made.

Assessment time: 3 minutes.

Assessment points: 0 to 50.

Topic limit: 20


A flash of light shone in Su Hao eyes. The topic limit was 20. Everyone could choose their own course, and only 20 at that! Every topic assessment would be graded on a scale of 0 to 50 which meant this session already had a limit set up for it.

0 to 1000 points.

The highest possible score for this self assessment was 1000 points. Through the students choices of 20 topics based on their own strengths, how many points they earned would be freely exerted by the students.

Your attack is weak?

Its okay, theres still the topic of defense, and the topic of support!

As long as you are a defensive expert and have mastered 20 defensive paths, you still can obtain 1000 points and earn an extremely high assessment grade!

But how could it be so easy?

If Su Hao wasnt wrong, the so-called course and topic were not related to origin ability. If you only knew how to release an ability shield or execute any type of defense, even if there were 10 types of origin techniques, it was possible for you to only select one topic.


Su Hao took a deep breath.

The exam time was only 60 minutes. Since he was prepared, he could begin now.


Su Haos mind moved as an illusion of a panel suddenly appeared in the sky.

It was a half-transparent but extremely huge panel. On top of it there were a few modules that provided a few choices. Attack, defense, support. and many other series of modules.

Su Hao hesitated for a moment. Id like to ask, is there only one choice that can be made?

The smart system replied, No, students can make multiple choices according to their own expertise, and execute a comprehensive origin ability assessment. The result of every choice will be recorded.

I see!

Su Haos mind shook.

Comprehensive assessment.

This meant that if he chose attack and obtained 100 points, the choice of defense could reach 300 points. It was possible for his attack index to appear as xxx, his defensive index xxx, and his support index as 0 for be the final evaluation. This was the college entrance exams assessment mechanism.

As long as he felt that he knew, and can affect the evaluation, all can be given a try.

For example, Zhou Wangs lightning elemental control was categorized as a main attack origin ability talent. On the defensive aspect, if he could prove the same extraordinary performance, this lightning elemental control could obtain the complete attacking and defensive evaluation. If it was on the aspect of support it also could have a certain result.

This assessment could still be increased.

The exam center had obviously taken note of the fact that the Origin Ability Association had omitted it and decided to implement it in the exam.

As such, Su Haos eyes flashed. Then he would start with his best expertise: support!



The images before his eyes flashed. Countless submenus appeared again, and it was crammed with support courses, attack bonuses, defense bonuses, speed bonus,es reaction bonuses, sensory bonuses, healing countless support courses appeared which caused Su Hao to faint. This was way too comprehensive.


The exam student chose sensory!

Sensory system starting up scanning the students current physical condition scan complete. Scanning the virtual worlds current condition calculation concept. virtualization complete simulating virtual world simulation complete


The surrounding white scenery changed.

Blue skies and white clouds appeared. The surrounding clouds circled in the air. Under Su Haos feet was an endless cliff. At this moment, he stood tall at the mountain peak, full of pride. But Su Hao didnt move, he only activated his synchronous playback and silently observed this scene. All this were recorded in the system.

360 degrees with no dead end whatsoever.

In the exam assessment support system, the naked eye would see a row of data. When Su Hao activated the synchronous playback earlier, he saw another row. The two rows of data ran a high frequency simultaneous comparison. The proportion of the sensory support bonus was also undergoing a huge increase.


The scenery changed again.

If the earlier image was like a fairyland, then the current image was a hellish armageddon. Countless lava moved over the ground. The skies were dark red and there was no sunlight. Occasionally, a meteor would fall from the sky and blast a hole in the ground.

The skies were filled with flames; armageddon had arrived.

And at this moment, Su Hao was like a passerby.

He silently looked at all of this while using his synchronous playback as if it had become a full-ranged high definition DV that recorded everything happening before him.

The exam system continued the assessment in all seriousness.

What was seen with ones bare eyes, and compared with  what Su Hao saw was a high frequency comparison running, the viewing range, the clarity, the degree of color simulation, and etc...


The scene of hell vanished, and a foggy scenery appeared before Su Hao.

This was a city that was shrouded by haze. Su Hao strolled the streets and was surrounded by figures that passed him. However, he totally couldnt see the opponents figure and could only see a blurry shadow it seemed like it was wearing a white mask. There was only half a meter of visibility.

Su Hao used his synchronous playback.

The same image kept on flashing.

Su Hao seemed to have traveled the north and the south and wandered the whole world. All types of sceneries were displayed before his eyes. The surrounding environments were synchronously and completely played back; there werent any dull moments.

A few minutes flashed by.

Very quickly, the assessment was complete.