Godly Model Creator Chapter 368

Gmc Chapter 368

Chapter 368    Forwarded battle

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Test completed!

Sensory bonus assessment completed, a full score of 50 points.

Adding score to self-assessment grade.

Candidate, please select from the assessment menu again.


A few minutes later and one topic was completed.

Once again, the sub-menu panel for topic selection appeared in mid-air. The sensory option had vanished which indicated that a completed topic couldnt be selected twice.

As of this, Su Hao wasnt worried at all.

At least, during the test just now, no matter how difficult it was, with his synchronous playback, he hadnt encountered many obstacles. That was to be expected. Even six senses drug did not affect him. This ability of his was definitely godlike.

There were many options listed in the submenu.

Plus, after clicking on an option, more sub menus appeared on the bottom.

This self-evaluation covered nearly every scope one could imagine. Of course, since the time was limited, the candidates could only complete the ones which they had the most confidence in.

If you waste the precious time on something you werent good in or totally clueless, then youre officially a total retard.

This was what self-evaluation was all about.

If you dont even know what youre good at, then what qualification do you have to be a strong esper?

Computation aid.

Su Hao picked one which he was best in.

Powerful computing ability had been playing an important role to him. This would definitely not be his disadvantage. This self-evaluation, if he did his best, he was eager to see how far could he reach.

The current him was at what level?!


It wasnt just an exam but also a process of being self-aware.

The exam was still in progress.

At this moment, the virtual screen was as quiet as ever.

Theoretical basis, physical fitness, fighting technique, ability index, these four segments had reached the final stage. Once ability index segment was completed, that would signify the final score of each candidate.

In the world live broadcast

Only the final ranking of each candidate was displayed. The total score was displayed from top to bottom starting from first ranked to last ranked in the global ranking. However, the current screen only showed the top ten candidates.

Each of them occupied a bar.

At this moment, every data was in translucent form. The audience could clearly see everyones result, but the translucent state made them feel unreal.

This was how the system set up to display the data. Only when the self-evaluation was completed would the score solidify. 

And now, the crowd was waiting for this moment.

Reaching the current stage.

Any little change on the screen would attract the attention of everyone. Especially those occupying the top five who had the highest chance to win were the main attraction.

Who would claim the first rank?

The exam center then revealed the content of the exam to the public, causing another shock.


Was this a challenge from the exam center to the Origin Ability Association?

Perhaps this had long been planned. Perhaps this was the only loophole which the association didnt realize. Regarding self-evaluation, everyone had their own opinion, but at least, they agreed on the fairness of this bonus segment.

Previous bonus session, the candidates had been played hard by the teachers.

Therefore they had not much hope for this bonus question. However, never did they expect that this time, the test would be so formal.

This is something unexpected.

Could it be there is some trick behind it?


The teacher is actually that honest?

It would not be possible of trying to be dishonest. Forget about those previous sessions; this was the final test which would decide the college entrance result. If problems arise because of the teacher which led to many failures Hehe, imagine how many people would bring a tin of oil to the teachers house?

On the list, Li Tiantian had the absolute advantage, occupying number one which was then followed by Tian Zi and Su Hao. Zheng Tai and Zhou Wang were behind them.

And right now, three minutes up!

The data refreshed. 


Li Tiantian: 50 points

Tian Zi: 50 points

Su Hao: 50 points

Zhou Wang: 50 points

Zheng Tai: 50 points


In the list, many candidates with 50 points appeared.


Row of 50 points!

Nonsense, the first topic selected by candidates definitely is the one they are confident completing. If you didnt get 50 points, that would be shameful.


The exam result was still being synchronized.

50 points!

All 50 points!

Even if those ranked one hundred thousand and above, many still managed to score full points.

It was obvious that their first choice was their best one! As for the crowds concern of who ranked first, in fact, nothing changed from before.

Because all the top ten candidates scored full points.

First topic.

Full score!

Second topic.

Full score!

Third topic.

Full score!

Three consecutive full points clearly proved the existence of these candidates as freaks. In other words, they were highly evaluated in three different directions.

Meanwhile, many candidates had scored 40 plus points.

They were only worse by a few points.

This wasnt important.

The main point here was when the score was no longer full points, you have taken all the ones youre good at. For the remaining topics, your score would be getting lower and lower.

This was completely different from the decathlon assessment before this.

Decathlon, the test was on the ability which is outside of your talent. 

As for self-evaluation?

Only your own ability talent matters the most!

In the virtual world.

Su Haos eyes shined.

In both eyes, the color of the light flashing was not consistent, and it looked strange.

Illusion reality.

Left eye reality, right eye illusion!

Soon, the evaluation was completed!


Test completed!

Prediction evaluation completed. Full score 50 points!

Updating record in the system.

Candidate please select topic to be evaluated again.

The 4th!

Su Haos eyes revealed a happy look.

All his ability was for support. And it was the best supporting skills! Whether it was computing, sensory, or prediction, they were all mighty powerful, and they were the ones which Su Hao had the most confidence in. As he expected, he easily obtained a perfect score.

Since this was a test, then he would start with the ones he was best at!

Just that, how far could he go?

Attacking ability, none.

Perhaps Xinghe sword should be able to reward him some points, but the gap to score full points was clear too. Adding up a few of his universal origin techniques, he should be able to get one full score. However, there were many options in attacking ability. He would have to choose correctly.


Defense ability, none.

He only had limited defensive skill; perhaps phantom rush could be considered as one?

Those which he didnt have the confidence to obtain a full score, Su Hao didnt even dare to select them. Thus, there was a high probability that once all the supporting skills were done, Su Hao would fall behind.

For every candidate

Each step became more difficult.

Looking at the suspended panel in mid-air, he once again made a choice.


Candidate selected analysis deduction!

Analysis deduction assessment began!

Analysis system starting up Introducing formula Introduction completed Virtual world simulation Simulation completed...


The scene in front flickered.

At the live broadcast

The crowd was staring at the first rank. At this time they were all eager to know who would be the first one to appear without a full score?

Not receiving a full score had a different meaning.

Especially those in top ten, if one didnt score full points

It signified that you had lost the edge to claim the first rank!

The slightest difference here was like being miles apart.

When the first person who didnt get a full score appeared, their following scores would drop significantly by dozen points and eventually reach 0 points.

The 4th topic.

Full score!

The top ten candidates were as calm as ever.

Right now, there were already many candidates scoring 30 something. There were even some who had their final score appearing. Obviously, there werent any more topics which theyre good in. A few minutes passed, and the result refreshed.

5th topic.

The top ten were still scoring full points!

But this time, amazingly, in the top 1000s, there was one candidate with opaque data.

This is...

This feeling is different from the translucent state before. Is this the result then?

Damn, this is only the 5th topic!

He should be too helpless in this. I remember he scored 0 points in the previous round.

What made everyone puzzled was couldnt candidates pick up to 20 topics?

How could one tap out at the 5th topic?

This wasnt logical at all.