Godly Model Creator Chapter 369

Gmc Chapter 369

Chapter 369    Origin code library

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The maximum evaluation time was 3 minutes.

However, it was for the maximum case.

If you couldnt even sustain for a few seconds, that meant you were clueless regarding that topic!

The evaluation for a candidate in such circumstance was quick too.

For example, if Su Hao got plenty of zero marks at the beginning of the evaluation, the test wouldnt even last for 3 minutes. He would immediately be given zero points and be expelled from the specific topic test.

Hence, when someone was expelled, it meant that his or her test on that topic was over.

There was only 20 trial opportunity for each candidate with different talents. In a very short time, all of the trial opportunities would be used up completely.

Meanwhile, what was the reason?

Erm, it was simple.

They got 0 points for all the remaining topic test.

It took only a few seconds to complete one topic evaluation. For ten times plus of such evaluation, it took a maximum of one minute for that. When the 20 evaluations were completed, it meant that they are expelled.

Some people were already expelled.

The additional questions were too hard for an ordinary student; it was already considered not bad for students to get more than ten points. I guess their main target for this session was the top 1,000 globally ranked candidate.

Haha, you mean the guy who was expelled just now?

Even the existing top 1,000 couldnt guarantee to survive at this level. Soon that guys ranking might drop. If you observe clearly, a lot of people have already been expelled!

People were aggressively discussing this topic.

It was a good thing to turn virtual data into reality.

However, it only meant one thing here, which is being eliminated.

How far can one go in 20 different topics?

At this moment, there was another topic finished being evaluated.

The 6th topic.

A 48 points result appeared in the top ten ranking list.

Finally, there was someone who couldnt score full points in the evaluation. The audience were astonished when they saw that name.

Number 9, Ming Feng!

Ming Feng hadnt performed overly outstandingly compared to the other top achievers. However, there was one thing that others couldnt beat him at.

It was stability.

Unlike Li Tiantian and Li Xin, Ming Feng had a stable performance in the examination. Hence, his overall result was very stable too; he fluctuated between number 5 and number 10.

Outside of everyone's expectation, he was the first person to have his score deducted

Once the marks started to be deducted

It meant that it was almost the time for him to be eliminated.

The seventh evaluation.

Time up.

The candidates who were ranked from 6 to 10 all got their marks deducted. The ones who still able to maintain full marks were the top five candidates.

However, the public knew that soon they would get their marks deducted too.

Although there wouldnt be anyone in the top ten ranking that was expelled yet. The time was getting more constraint too. Perhaps in the 8th evaluation, they would all get their marks deducted, and plenty of them would be expelled soon.

The audience was more concerned with the top five.

Only the person who managed to survive in this evaluation would have the opportunity to get first place. The 7th evaluation was already done, how far could these people go?

They were getting excited about that!

Meanwhile, while all candidates were preparing for the 8th evaluation, Su Hao was staring at the screen quietly. He was almost approaching his maximum too.

Full score in seven sessions.

It was the maximum that he could achieve for now.

For the remaining topics, he guessed he could only make it for another six.

Hence, it meant that there was a big possibility for him to get mark deducted in the coming 8th evaluation. Next, he would be expelled upon finishing another five evaluation.

Out of 20 talents, he could sustain for 13 of them.

However, was it possible to get number one with such results?

Su Hao recalled the results just now. The marks gap between him and Tian Zi was still acceptable, but there was a huge gap between him and Bai Xiaosheng.

An unbelievable high score in the previous session had created the legacy of Bai Xiaosheng.


Su Hao thought for a moment, and an idea appeared in his head.

Model analysis?

When he was in the decathlon, he used that method to obtain full points for that session. However, was it possible for him to repeat that strategy in this session? This wasnt any ordinary skill but ability talent. Even for the temporary origin model, he was also only able to create one at a time.



Su Hao got light bulbs popped into his head.

Only one, so what?

The temporary origin model was constructed with the energy in his body. As long as he wanted, he could recover it anytime when he wanted, even though the recovery rate was only 50%.

However, that was more than enough!

Soon, Su Hao had made his decision. He decided to build the relative origin model to complete related evaluations, then recover it for another evaluation.

Hence, he could have one or two full points again. As long as his energy was sufficient, he could build various origin models and get more full scores.

Perhaps he could stand a chance to completely secure the 1,000 points in the additional questions.

1,000 points

Su Hao licked his dry lips.

He had to be honest that he was interested in doing that.

Meanwhile, was it cheating?

He didnt really care about that.

What type of examination was this?

Origin ability talent examination!

His talent for building up temporary models was also part of his advantage in the examination!

Upon deciding, Su Hao did it without hesitation.

Model analysis!


An origin ability wave spread out from Su Hao as its center to the surrounding. It covered the whole classroom, and the model of all the students appeared in Su Haos mind.

Grade D ability talent...


Grade B ability talent...


Grade E ability talent...


The origin ability wave scanned through the people around him. Su Hao had to admit that although himself, Bai Xiaosheng, and a few others were ranked in the top globally, the overall level of the students in Jianghe city was still low. On average, it was still at the rural level. Forget about the few capital cities; it had a huge gap even if it was compared with Jinhua city.

At least.

There wasnt even a high-level talent in the class.

He built up the model of each person in his mind and destroyed it immediately. Although it was just there for a moment, it was more than enough to know their talents.

Haa, energy wasted.

Su Hao shook his head and expanded his coverage to the surrounding.

The wave of origin ability couldnt see anything; it was just a silent wave spreading out. However, it wasnt true for Su Hao.

For all the places that the wave scanned through, simple models would be built.

When someone was detected by the wave, a character model would be built. Hence, it was a totally different world in Su Haos mind.

Although he couldnt see anything.

Although the energy wave was weak.

However, Su Hao could feel his surroundings in his mind.

That feeling was odd.

The real world and the model world are two different worlds. However, because of his talent, Su Hao could view any place.

As long as his origin ability wave could touch it, he could see it.

Extremely clear!

Was this considered as clairvoyance?

Su Hao pondered.

He didnt expect that when he was getting more familiar with the model analysis, it would come out with such awesome function. He even had a feeling that if he continued to improve his mastery on that, he could even make the model of particles in the air. From there, could he detect the vibration in the air?

If he could detect the sound wave...

Would it indicate that he could hear sounds from anywhere?

Viewing and listening from a long distance.

The starting point of the model analysis was the lowest among all the talents. Any types of talent including elements type, body, or battle was much powerful than model analysis, even Su Hao himself had to admit that.

However, so what?

For Su Hao, it was the best talent he could have.

Although model analysis had a low starting point, it had countless possibilities.

If ability talent was like different kinds of software, most of the talents could be categorized as completed applications for various purpose such as social media, system optimizing, entertainment, or statistical study. All these applications had their own respective special functions and were easy to use.

Meanwhile, how about model analysis?

It was like a coding library.

It couldnt be used as social media, entertainment, or any other function.

The only thing it had was codes.

It was the biggest disadvantage of model analysis when it was compared to another talent.


The coding library had its own advantage too.

Did you want a software?

Create it yourself!

Su Hao, a student with only 3 points in origin ability, found his own way in the huge coding library. He started to make simple applications through these codes, although the applications were simple and not powerful, various functions could be created.

Meanwhile, these functions could be improved by Su Hao himself through testing and modification. The 5-star skills illusion reality was the very first step for Su Hao to advance into complex applications from simple applications. In the future, Su Hao would be able to use the coding library for creating fabulous and legendary applications!

These days wouldnt be too far away.

The origin ability wave was still scanning.

1 second time seemed to be too long for Su Hao now.

Within one second, the area of coverage of origin ability was extremely huge. Countless character models were built and destroyed. Finally, Su Hao found someone familiar in somewhere of the exam center.

Zhao Feng?

Su Hao stopped his scanning and focused on Zhao Feng. Although Zhao Fengs talent was only grade B, no one could deny its power. If Su Hao guessed correctly, there was a similar test in the attack category.

If he could copy his ability talent...

I choose you!

Su Haos eyes shined.

Model analysis!


Character modeling!

Model successfully built!