Godly Model Creator Chapter 370

Gmc Chapter 370

Chapter 370    Close battle

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Model established!

Familiar blue tones bloomed, and the colors of the surrounding scenery became illusionary. The ability talent in Zhao Fengs body was suddenly locked along with Su Haos countless number of blue rays and the reading of his talent had begun.



In the model world, a huge model was silently established.

It happened very quickly.

The model establishment was a success!


A touch of light flashed across Su Haos eyes, and he used his mind to glance over this origin ability statue as he was very familiar with the inscribed pattern on it. He didnt know much about these things and he also didnt need to know about them either. The origin model which was currently in his hands like a remote control. What he wanted to do was to push the button!


Candidate has chosen the attack module.

Candidate has chosen additional attack.

Additional attack system activation scanning the exam students current physical condition scan complete. Currently scanning the virtual worlds current condition importing physical fitness parameters import complete in the virtual model world model complete

Additional attack assessment begin.


The images flashed and new scenery appeared.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. Additional attack, wasnt Zhao Feng skilled in this area? Since he had already mastered Zhao Fengs talent, passing this level would be easy.


Su Hao stepped into it with one foot.

3 minutes later.

Additional assessment, pass!

8th topic, complete!

At this time, on the worldwide broadcast screen, followed by the display of the 8th topic, the newest results were refreshed. However, the unexpected thing was nobody failed!

Everyone in the top 5 had full marks!

Li Tiantian, Zhou Wang, Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, Su Hao, no matter who it was, they all maintained strong momentum and now they had gained 400 points in the self assessments. Of course, if the age multiplier was included in the calculation, the person who maintained the lead would undoubtedly be Zheng Tai.

This is unexpected, nobody was eliminated in this round.

Heh, the exam has reached its final stage, and nobody dared to relax in the final moments of the establishment of the marks,. This time, if someone lost, perhaps they wouldnt have had any place to cry to.

Exactly, the top 5 are unexpectedly resilient!

I thought Su Hao would be eliminated, his ability talent really is

I am still not very optimistic about Zheng Tai, this guy relies on the 20% increase to charge upwards every time, he himself already is ahead of these people.

As it was the 8th time that no one was eliminated, the crowd was slightly surprised.

After a while of discussion, once again they continued watching.

There were only 3 minutes for each exam topic, and since no one was eliminated the 8th time, could they endure the 9th?

Someone would definitely be eliminated in the next round.

And it probably was going to be Su Hao or Zheng Tai!

3 minutes passed by.

The 9th time.

The data refreshed!

In the top 5, the first non-full marks were displayed, and after the crowd looked in detail, a sure enough expression appeared on the crowds faces.

Zheng Tai, 40 points!

It really was him!

With Zheng Tais real results to attack this type of assessment, it indeed it was a step too far. However, even if the total points were included, it didnt mean that Zheng Tai was lower than the others.

Moreover, being brushed down doesnt count as an elimination.

If he really had the ability to get 40 plus points in the subsequent assessments, he could also easily place first, but this of course was just a theory.

At this moment, the assessment was still ongoing.

Su Hao should be next.

This time, no one objected.

Apart from the first energy cultivation where he had shone, the disadvantage in the ability talent itself was obvious. Model analysis after all was a type of non-combative ability....

To fight in such a battle would be too forceful.

Out of the remaining few, who wasnt stronger than Su Hao?

The youngest Zheng Tai went down.

It was very likely for the next one to be Su Hao!

This was everyones view.

The time on the display slowly ticked, but 3 minutes wasnt really long, it passed by relatively quickly.

Now, the 10th time.

The new results were refreshed.

WIth a glance, among the first few, another non-full point appeared.

Su Hao?

The crowd looked closely, and they were immediately shocked, Its not Su Hao, it actually is Li Tiantian!

Thats right!

Li Tiantian!

Even if it was the powerful Li Tiantian with that 2000 points in ability talent, he also could no longer go on with past the tenth topic. He only managed to obtain a result of 48 points. After a 20% deduction, that would be more appalling. If that was such a case, what was the situation like for the remaining few?

Su Hao, maintained full points!

Tian Zhi, maintained full points!

Zhou Wang, maintained full points!

These were the three who still maintained the status to claim first rank.

From the very beginning the crowd envisioned the 3 championship ladders: between Tian Zhi and Li Tiantian, Li Tiantian was brushed down. Between Zhou Wang and Zheng Tai, Zheng Tai was brushed down. Su Hao, who was on the 3rd championship ladder, was considered to have the lowest possibility of becoming a champion, and yet he still stayed strong as usual.

Was Li Tiantian weak?

Naturally, he was not weak!

His ability talent of 2000 points had shocked the whole world!

Since he wasnt weak, it can only be said that the others were too strong.

With such a result to be brushed down after being persistent for 10 topics, then what was the situation for the three who remained? Was it because they had more comprehensive origin ability talent?

After some careful thought, it was not likely.

Regardless of Zhou Wangs control of lightning or Tian Zis battle intent, both were elite level unilateral combat talents, and therefore they werent comprehensive.

As for Su Haos model analysis, was there still a need to complain?

What was with these three people?

The crowd was at a loss.

This was something that nobody had predicted.

Battle intent, control of the lightning element, and model analysis. In this final exam, they counterattacked. Even when Li Tiantian was brushed down, they still remained strong.

Could it be that the finalist would be among them?

Probably not, look at the points.


The people in the crowd lifted their heads and looked.

The total points list remained the same.

Li Tiantian remained number 1. However, following the revelation of the marks of these few exams, the people realized a fact which was...

The advantage of being number 1 remained strong for Li Tiantian.

And because Li Tiantians marks far exceeded the rest, to want to counterattack in the final round, 2 requirements had to be satisfied...

1. Li Tiantian had to have low enough marks.

2. Those who wished to be number 1 had to gain high marks.

Regardless of who it was, one had to achieve a higher result of at least 400 points more than Li Tiantian. Then there would be a chance to be number 1! And if Li Tiantians exam marks were above 800...

Yes, even if the rest got full marks they couldnt catch up!

Now, the increase in Li Tiantians marks slowed down. This meant that it would be possible at any moment because he had no more strength for the final topics, which could result in a direct elimination.

But could the rest catch up?

The crowd had its doubts.

However, what shocked them was, this was only the beginning!

The 11th time.

The data was refreshed.

Su Hao, maintained full marks!

Tian Zi, maintained full marks!

Zhou Wang, maintained full marks!

The 12th time.

The data was refreshed.

Su Hao, maintained full marks!

Tian Zi maintained full marks!

Zhou Wang maintained full marks!



What kind of situation is this?

The crowd was stunned.

Full marks!

Full marks!

Full marks!

They actually all got full marks!

This was already the 12th time, and at this moment, countless people had already been completely eliminated. Out of the thousands of students, ninety percent had been eliminated. The remaining ones still stayed strong in the fight, as they were different from the top ten thousand. And the remaining few, when it reached the 12th topic, also only had pitiful 10 plus marks.

They barely could continue on with the test.

If they knew even a tiny bit about the topic they encountered, they would attempt the topic.

A result in the single digits or zero would definitely be enough to harshly choke them.

The assessment of ability talent had reached its limit. With the next wave, these one thousand plus candidates that were struggling would probably be eliminated.

And at this time, the top 3.

Still had full marks?

Was this a joke?

In the total score list, Li Tiantian remained on top. On these few topics he unsurprisingly only managed to score 40 points. However, if he could maintain this status, others who wanted to catch up wouldnt be able to do so. Tian Zi, Su Hao, Zhou Wang, followed closely behind, and maintained their competitiveness.

With each having obtained full marks, there was a high momentum towards the person in front.

This was the battle for number 1!

Although it was a simple exam list, it was also filled with battles that couldnt be seen with the naked eye!

The top five candidates momentum still maintained. Although Su Hao and the other threes comebacks amazed the crowd, that couldnt wipe away the qualification of the remaining few to become a champion.

Li Tiantian was leading with a high score.

He still maintained his number 1 status.

Zheng Tai, although he was young, still steadily charged along. Because for him, as long as he could get another 42 points it would enough to blast the rest that had 50 points. The huge advantage from a young age, wouldnt simply be easily leveled by a few points. This was his absolute advantage.

Hence, this battle to become number 1 still belonged to these five candidates!

However, was this really the case?

The 13th time.

Data was refreshed.

Su Hao, maintained full marks!

Tian Zi, maintained full marks!

Zhou Wang, maintained full marks!

Those who ranked over 100 were all eliminated!

Only 86 candidates remained under the exam assessment.

The 14th time.

Data was refreshed.

Su Hao, maintained full marks!

Tian Zi, maintained full marks!

Zhou Wang, maintained full marks!


Again full marks!

The crowd was already silent.

How was this possible?

Lifting their head and looking at the global ranking, it seemed that everyones marks had appeared, and the results changed from translucent to solid statuses. The only ones that were struggling were just the top 10. But the latter few performed very weakly in the exams, Ming Feng only scored a pitiful 5 points in this round.

He would be completely eliminated in the next round.

Zheng Tais weakness was also becoming more and more obvious, the real result had already dropped more than 30 points, and Li TianTians marks also dropped to around 40 points. His advantage slowly shrunk, and in this complete retreat scenario, Su Hao and the other two still managed to maintain a strong momentum of full marks!

This shocked everyone!

Common sense no longer applied.

This was too weird!

Self assessment of ability talent, they actually maintained full marks in 14 topics. Could it be that these three were uniformly offensively and defensively equipped, and capable of doing anything?