Godly Model Creator Chapter 371

Gmc Chapter 371

Chapter 371    Progress bar vanished

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In the virtual world.

Zhou Wang looked at the virtual screen in front and didnt say a single world. 14 times, he had finally passed 14 rounds. A trace of fatigue appeared on his face.

There shouldnt be anyone who could surpass me right?

Zhou Wang thought so.

14 topics, these were all his hard work all these years on his research on the thunder element.

All these years, he kept training non-stop, and cultivation subconsciously became his life. Coupled with his teachers good guidance, he considered that not many could surpass him in the ability talent research department.

Even if it were Su Hao, he wouldn't be able to surpass Zhou Wang.


Zhou Wang softly asked.

En, not bad.

An old voice came as the old man indifferently opened his mouth, To be able to complete 14 topics, this shows that you have mastered all the knowledge I have to teach you.

These points, is it sufficient to be number one?

Zhou Wang was somehow uneasy.


The old man remained silent.

Could he obtain the first rank?

If it were before the exam, he would be able to tell his student a confident yes. Participating in college entrance exam, what else would be the aim aside from first?

But now, he lacked confidence.

At the beginning of the exam, Su Hao with his domineering style dominated the earlier segments. When Su Hao's dominance was finally able to be brought down, that Li Tiantian suddenly made a comeback in such a thrilling style.

Zhou Wang was still at the bottom!

Even if he had aided a couple of times, Zhou Wang was still at the bottom!

This wasnt the only problem faced by Tian Zi. Even Zhou Wang and Zheng Tai would experience the same feeling too. To be stepped on by others repeatedly, this was definitely not something enjoyable!

Plus, what made it worst was those two candidates from Jianghe City.

Whether it was Su Hao or Li Tiantian, they were from the same city as Zhou Wang. These guys were able to reach this stage by cultivating alone. If they had guidance, how strong would they turn out to be?

Whenever he thought of this, this old man would be upset.

Of course, in order to ensure his choice wasnt wrong, he had wholeheartedly assisted Zhou Wang in the hope of being ranked first.

However, it was all in vain!

Zheng Tai, Su Hao, Li Tiantian, Tian Zi or even Li Xin had managed to obtain first although only for a moment. However, that never happened to Zhou Wang before.

So, could he obtain first?

The old man was unsure.

If Zhou Wang could obtain first, during a battlefield with that strange power inside, that should be enough for him to advance into a professional esper and eventually obtain complete control over his body. That was the reason why the old man spent his energy and repeatedly aided Zhou Wang during the exam.

When Zhou Wang obtains first, he would be able to be perfectly reborn.

Training Zhou Wang for so many years, watching all sort of people around but he could only stick inside Zhou Wangs body. That feeling almost made him into a madman.

To nurture a disciple?

Continuing his legacy?

Why couldnt he do so himself instead?

Thus, soon, his original intention on training Zhou Wang had changed when he heard the reward for being first in the college entrance exam

In his opinion, with his strength and experience, coupled with Zhou Wangs talent, to be ranked first in the exam shouldn't be that difficult.


The reality was a shock.

Should be able to get the first rank in the bonus segment...

The old man said with an unsure tone.

The advantage of Li Tiantian was too obvious. As for others, they were ahead by Zhou Wang by quite a margin. To obtain first overall, the old man had no confidence at all, but doing so in this segment shouldnt be a problem.

Perfectly clearing 14 topics, there shouldnt be many who could achieve such a feat. At least, Su Haos model analysis, Tian Zis battle intent, and Zheng Tais assassination couldnt do so. Only Li Tiantians secretive ability that Im not sure of.


Zhou Wang nodded, There are 6 more to go. Even if I cant achieve perfect scores, I will try my best to pull ahead of others.

Zhou Wang was very serious. Since his master wanted to obtain first, then he would use all his strength! Which master wouldnt want his own disciple to be famous?

For him, this would be the greatest reward he could give to his master.

Dont worry too much.

The old man continued, First place will be yours! Even if there is a gap from those exams, during the comprehensive assessment, I will help you to get them back!

On the other side.

Su Hao looked at the choices on the screen. However, compared to the entangled moment between master and disciple, Su Hao was looking very calm.


Su Hao smiled indifferently.

No matter what, to be able to reach this stage, he was already very satisfied.

With the establishment of origin model, he was able to use Zhao Fengs ability talent to complete 4 topics! As for Zhao Feng himself, the ones which he would certainly score perfectly wasnt only these.

But for Su Hao

The usage of origin model could only secure 4 topics for him!

Time to change another origin model.

Su Hao smiled as his eyes closed. Sweeping the energy wave around, it acted like a radar scanner.

Soon, Su Hao locked on his target.

An acquaintance.

Feng Xing.

Its him?

Feng Xing wasnt that strong but his powerful wind control, as well as the energy weapon of his, did impress Su Hao.

Youre the one then!

Su Haos mind moved as he looked at the origin model in the model world.

Model return!


The origin model in his body instantly collapsed.

The powerful surge of energy rapidly shook from within his body. 

Ignoring the fluctuation within his body, he locked onto Feng Xing.

Character modeling!


The model of Feng Xings appeared.

Origin model!


The energy in his body dropped to the bottom at a rapid speed.

Su Hao looked at the model in satisfaction.

Even if the origin model was temporary, that should be enough.


His right hand selected the most appropriate wind attacking topic which suited Feng Xing the most.

The 15th topic began!

15th topic...

Yea, very soon, the result would be out. Wonder if these three can still maintain a perfect score. To do so consecutively for 14 rounds is too unbelievable!

Who knows?

In the exam center.

A few people who came out with the questions chatted with each other.

On the screen, the result was still.

Just that this time, nobody dared to say anything.

14 consecutive full marks!

Who could guarantee that there wont be 15?

No matter how hard they considered, the exam center never thought of this situation. 

There shouldnt be one who can perfectly clear all the stages.

A teacher said weakly.


Another person stared at him fiercely with an annoying look. Impressively, it was the teacher who came up with these bonus questions in ability talent. At this moment, mentioning about clearing stage, wasnt this just an act of slapping his face?

1,000 points.

20 topics.

Nobody would be able to clear all!

This had nothing to do with strength. A lot of espers, even if it was a professional esper, one might not even master that many directions in ability talent.

And a majority would only concentrate in one direction to the very end.

Therefore, he was very satisfied with the questions he came up with at the beginning. But with those three freaks lasting till now, his face wasnt looking that great.

The 15th round was about to end.

Who would take the first rank?

That was the later question. Right now, what the audience wanted to see was whether these three could maintain their perfect scores? 

Time past.

Three minutes were up.

The data refreshed.


A new result appeared.

Su Hao maintained his perfect score.

Tian Zi maintained his perfect score.

Zhou Wang, 42 points!

Finally one is done!

42 points, finally one is down.

I thought that these three would sweep the exam cleanly. But it seems that it is just an impossible thing.

Seeing this new result, many felt relieved.

To be able to score perfectly 14 times consecutively, this feat really shocked everyone. Did these three candidates really have all-around talent? Both offensive and defensive at the same time, could it be that they mastered all sort of directions?

And right now

Their streak had been broken.

This meant that they had done a lot of research to reach 14 perfect scores. It wasnt anything about all-around talent. If so, then there was nothing to be worried about.

Zhou Wang was down.

Would Tian Zi and Su Hao be far off?