Godly Model Creator Chapter 372

Gmc Chapter 372

Chapter 372    Who is number one?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The 15th rounds result was revealed.

The exam continued!

Zhou Wangs streak had been broken, causing his momentum to plummet. The crowd excitedly waited for the following result. If they guessed right, the remaining two would be down very soon.

Another three minutes passed.

16th round.

Su Hao maintained his perfect score!

Tian Zi, 40 points.

Sure enough.

The public had a much calmer look now.

Tian Zi also lost his streak. At this moment, the only one who maintained perfect scores was Su Hao.

One down from every round.

The pace is getting faster. The later the stage, the harder it will be.

Su Hao already has a 16 perfect score streak. To be able to reach this stage, this feat is something commendable. However, he shouldnt be able to continue any longer. The problem has been explained by the way Zhou Wang and Tian Zi are slowing down. Unless he has an all-around ability, it would be impossible to get perfect marks on all 20 topics.

And this time

When they glanced at the result



Since when was the result out?


The result was out.

The 16th round was out.

In addition to Tian Zi, Zhou Wang, and Su Hao, everyone else had been eliminated!

Not being dragged down, but a real elimination!


Su Hao: 800 points

Tian Zi: 790 points

Zhou Wang: 772 points

Zheng Tai: 720(600) points

Hai Hun: 620 points

Ming Feng: 610 points

Li Tiantian: 600(750)


This was the current score.

Zheng Tai only managed to obtain 600 points before his elimination, but his 20% increment advantage had pushed his final points up to 720 points. 

Excluding Su Hao who still maintained perfect scores up till now, Tian Zi and Zhou Wang were still in the exam whereas everyone else had been eliminated.

The gap between Su Hao, Tian Zi, and Zhou Wang wasnt huge.

Without a doubt, the following moments would be the battle between them.

The result of the self-evaluation wasnt that exciting to look at.

What really shocked everyone was the total score.

Because when the ability indexs result had been announced, the final score would be announced too! Among the candidates, Li Tiantians result has become the center of attention.


First rank.

Li Tiantian: 3990 points

Second rank.

Tian Zi: 3830 points

Third rank.

Su Hao: 3800 points

Fourth rank.

Zheng Tai: 3594 points

Fifth rank.

Zhou Wang: 3372 points


3990 points!

First rank!


Everyone was stunned.

If they didnt count it, they wouldnt have realized. When the total score was announced, the final figure was finally on the list. Currently, Li Tiantian still had the absolute advantage, occupying the first rank! And right now, the only ones still in the exam were 

Tian Zi!

Zhou Wang!

And Su Hao!

Who would be able to compete with Li Tiantian for first?


Just 600 points were already sufficient to go beyond others reach!

Then what was there to compete?

This score...

Too formidable!

Zhou Wang doesnt even have the chance to fight. The gap is too huge. Tian Zi and Su Hao still have a chance but unless both of them score perfect points in the following rounds, that wish wont be a reality. However is it possible? Tian Zis previous round only obtained 40 points. The next round would be even lower, no chance to compete!

Everyone calculated in their mind.

However, the chances of Tian Zi and Su Hao winning from the later rounds were negligible.

Many members of the audience still had an unrealistic expectation. This was especially true for Su Haos fans. Su Hao had created so many miracles. Could he create another one?

Su Hao was behind Li Tiantian by 190 points!

Tian Zi had a 160 point gap from Li Tiantian.

The number of topics remaining was 4.

The final four rounds, a total of 200 points. As long as Su Hao scored 190 points, then he would have the opportunity to fight for first! As for Tian Zi, he only needed 160 points. In other words, he had to score a minimum of 40 points each round!

Their fans silently calculated the possibility.

Although they knew this act was meaningless, until the very last moment, they wouldn't give up on their idol!

This wasnt the final part of the exam, but it held a great significance.

The comprehensive assessment was just an adjustment on the score. Its aim was just to make sure whether the candidates had the strength to back up the score they earned.

First ranked!

Would definitely have the privilege to enjoy a different treatment.

Once the streak vanished from Su Hao

All hope would be gone.

And at this time, another round of discussion quietly ended.

Three minutes up.

17th round.

Data refreshed!

Su Hao, full score!

Tian Zi, 40 points!

Zhou Wang, 23 points!


Full score, Su Hao actually maintained his streak. This is unbelievable.

Tian Zi also maintained 40 points.

Damn, these two actually planned to make a comeback?

Only final three rounds left!

The crowd was shocked.

Su Haos streak once again amazed everyone.

Even Tian Zi failed at the 16th round. Yet, Su Hao kept going. Did this mean that he really had the chance

Zhou Wangs 23 points had proven everyones theory. Once the best topics of a candidate had been taken, the remaining ones would drop drastically.

However, Tian Zis score still maintained.

40 points.

The crowd was getting tenser.

At this moment.

They finally realized Li Tiantians first rank wasnt as stable as ever. No matter what, Su Hao and Tian Zis final attack gave them hope.

Time flew by.

Three minutes were up.

18th round.

Data refreshed!

Su Hao, perfect score!

Tian Zi: 38 points!

Zhou Wang: 5 points!

Full score!

Su Hao still maintained his streak!

The strong momentum was still maintained. Right now, the slightest mistake from Su Hao would make him slip from the race. Each time the result was announced, many would get nervous and excited.

As for Tian Zi

The crowd sighed.


40 points!

Even if Tian Zi maintained at 40 points each round, he could only reach a stalemate with Li Tiantian. But right now he had actually dropped two points!

In other words, Tian Zis score would begin to decline.

Two more rounds to go.

82 points left to catch up.

From this situation, there wasnt much of a possibility to compete.

Everyone shifted their attention to Su Hao.

Did Su Hao really have the opportunity to obtain first?

Three minutes later.

Data refreshed.

19th round.

Su Hao, full score!

Tian Zi, 45 points.

Zhou Wang, 0 points.

Su Hao still scored perfectly.


Tian Zi, his points...

How did he increase his points this round...

During the end of 19th round, everyone was dumbfounded.

This wasnt something anyone could expect.

Tian Zi actually managed to bring his points back up?

For such a feat to occur at the final moment, not only did he manage to salvage the 2 points he lost in the previous round, but he even scored himself an extra 3 points. The gap between Li Tiantian and Tian Zi had finally been reduced a bit.

The final round!

Tian Zis strength was clearly displayed in the previous round.

Even if he couldnt obtain full marks each round, his remaining rounds didnt lose many points. Plus, he was stable all the time. Maybe Tian Zi would be able to obtain a full score in the final round

Other candidates would have lost all hope.

Up till now, who could guarantee that Tian Zi didnt have a trump card remaining?

As for Su Hao?

He maintained his perfect streak.

The audience was already getting used to this.

Without a doubt, this record was once again broken by Su Hao.

Under the hand of Su Hao, a grade E model ability was so domineering and won over everyone in this self-evaluation exam.

If it was like usual, Su Hao would definitely create another worldwide sensation.

However, at this moment, no one was concerned about this.

As the exam was getting tenser, ordinary topics would not attract attention from the public. What they were focusing on was this very topic.

Who would be the champion?

At first, everyone had thought Li Tiantian had secure his first rank. But after the 19th round ended, his ranking had become shaky. The fight for number one had once again become Tian Zi and Su Haos stage!

The next round, from 0 up to 50 points, everything was possible!

Su Hao had already reached a 19 perfect mark streak. So it was highly possible that he could score full points again. But he had to consider Tian Zis score too.

What if Tian Zi scored full points?

No matter how many points Su Hao obtained, everything would be in vain if Tian Zi got over 48 points.

Total score list.


Li Tiantian: 3990 points, first rank.

Tian Zi: 3953 points, second rank.

Su Hao: 3950 points, third rank.


Only the final round remained in self-evaluation.

This battle, to be able to last until the 20th round was definitely out of everyones expectation. This current batch of students was definitely competitive.

Time passed.

The data refreshed.

Tian Zi, 45 points!

Su Hao, full score.