Godly Model Creator Chapter 373

Gmc Chapter 373

Chapter 373    Glory

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The result was announced!

Tian Zi, 45 points!

Su Hao, full score!

At the end of the final assessment, the crowd was once again shocked.

Tian Zi really did have one last trump card.

Again with another excellent 45 points, it quickly enabled him to overtake Li Tiantian and proudly climbed up to the first rank.

However, in just a moment, Su Hao got full marks again. Therefore, he easily climbed to the top and secured first place.

Tian Zi became second.

Every single segment had ended.

The crowd didnt have time to look closely at the data on the screen before it changed. Whatever the energy cultivation, energy intensity, ability talent and self-assessment results were, they had all completely disappeared. At this time, only one thing remained on the screen.

The total score was finally announced!


The screen flickered.

On the huge screen, the result was brilliant and clear.

First ranked.

Su Hao, theoretical basis 300 points, physical fitness 600 marks, fighting technique 600 points, ability index 2500 points, total score: 4000 points, Jianghe City ranking: number 1, overall ranking: number 1.

The everyone worldwide was shocked!

Jianghe City was filled with excitement!

In the end, the first rank was taken by Su Hao.

In the exam area, many people who saw the screen in their hands were silently depressed. Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, Li Tiantian, and Zhou Wang, which of them werent the proud sons under heaven?

However, to be number 1.

There could only be one person.

And today, that person was Su Hao.

On the screen.


On the bluestone stage, a young man appeared and casually solved all the problems.


In a trance.

The stage disappeared as the data on the screen went blank. Decathlon, countless bubbles flickered. Each of them represented an area of non-combative technique. Ten bubbles floated in the sky and sparkled.


The bubbles disappeared as he appeared from the wild jungle.

The figure of the youth was elusive, and he dodged the wild tigers chase. The lake area was a trap waiting for a victim. Facing the incoming landslide, with brute strength the stone was crushed. His unsurpassed strength completely destroyed the huge rocks!

Fighting technique.

The man in green attacked. A series of powerful fighting techniques exploded from the youths hands and blew away the man in green. From the beginning till the end, only 10 seconds lasted.

The leaves and flowers were scattered.


At the man in greens seemingly bug attack, the youth stood firmly and managed to kill using a counter-attack.

Ability index.

Professional level 1 equivalent energy cultivation, shocking the whole world!


20 consecutive full score, a perfect comeback.

The images on the screen flashed.

The impression of the crowd towards Su Hao, was only number 1, full score! Full score! Number 1! Number 1! Full score in various forms, number 1 in various ways. Everytime others thought he could no longer make it; they would witness a new feat displayed. When others thought that he had fallen behind, there will always be a comeback.

And this was Su Hao.

An existence that forever wouldnt be neglected.

Someone who purely relied on grade E model analysis, a new and mighty student who fought his way to be number 1!

After the completion of each segment, the crowd would always discuss how so and so did in the exams. But this time there was no discussion on who had a chance and who was the focal point. Meanwhile, Su Haos final self-assessment of 20 consecutive full scores wasnt given any attention because it was completely unnecessary!

At this time, the glory only belonged to Su Hao.

If the global screen said who dominated for the longest time, then it would undoubtedly be Su Hao. From the beginning of the theoretical basis, up until the final self-assessment.

Regardless of which test, the existence of Su Hao cannot be neglected. Even when his marks were slightly lower, Su Haos screen time was the longest. And now, under the cheers of the crowd, the screen began to replay Su Haos most exciting exam moments.

A full 10 minutes!

All for Su Hao!

After 10 minutes.

The screen changed and began to release the following results.

2nd place.

Tian Zi, theoretical basis: 280 points, physical fitness: 580 points, fighting technique: 580 points, ability index: 2558 points, total score: 3998 points, Tiandu City rank: number 1, overall rank: number 2.

Third place.

Li Tiantian, theoretical basis: 240 points, physical fitness: 476 points, fighting technique: 464 points, ability index: 2810 points, total score: 3990 points, Jianghe City rank: number 2, overall rank: number 3.

Fourth place.

Zheng Tai: theoretical basis: 318 points, physical fitness: 546 points, fighting technique: 570 points, ability index: 2160 points, total score: 3594 points, Zheng Ping City rank: number 1, overall rank: number 4.

Fifth place.

Zhou Wang: theoretical basis: 290 points, physical fitness: 560 points, fighting technique: 550 points, ability index: 2000 points, total score: 3400 points, Jianghe City rank: number 3, overall rank: number 5.

The results were completely announced!

In the video, only one candidate was being highlighted because only the first ranked was qualified.

As for number 2?


Regardless of the marks difference, regardless of how close the number, number 2 still meant number 2!

And this time, Tian Zi was forever number 2. It seemed that from the beginning of the exam, Tian Zi was cursed to be forever second. Up until the end of the exam, he was still unable to shake off that tag. The feeling of being ridiculed by the public with this label was the worst.

Just that, nobody realized this fact when the result was released from each segment.

And now, when everything was released.

The crowd then realized how intense the battle to be first in the college entrance exam was.

Su Hao, Tian Zi, Li Tiantian, 4000 points, 3998 points, 3990 points, a gap of 10 points, actually led to the placing of the top 3. Such a small gap was truly rare. And during the final exam, it was exciting in every way, and everyone was thrilled.

And apart from the top 3, there was a huge gap in the latter results.

Zheng Tai only obtained 3594 points, and the gap with the 3rd placed Li Tiantian was almost 400 points!

This was a clear comparison of an increment of 20% and a reduction of 20% and the result? Li Tiantian had a complete victory, and with such a dominant fashion.


This also proved, that even with the advantage of being younger, it wasnt necessarily useful against real ability!

And although Li Tiantian was 3rd, because of his age, it caused him to lose the throne of 1st place. From here, it can be seen that the most suitable age to enter into the college entrance exam was...

18 years old.

With Zhou Wangs 3400 points, he placed 5th. His gap with Zheng Tai was almost 200 points had been slightly unexpected, but no one was surprised. Zhou Wangs display of ability was very strange, it seemed to be very comprehensive, but it didnt attract anyone. Because for the others, at least they got number 1 in a section.

But Zhou Wang.

From the beginning until the end he was chasing after the others, but never once did he go beyond.

It must be said that this was a real pity.

This times top 10 results were slightly closer, with all of them uniformly above 3000 points. Past 10th place this form was no longer maintained. As the rankings slid along, the score was like a roller coaster, and it took an explosive dive!

This was the first college entrance exam that was broadcasted live to the whole world.

Perhaps it was just simple images and data. This still caused everyone to empathize and feel the nervous atmosphere and intense hot-blooded passion.

And this times college entrance exam caused a countless number of people to be famous all around the world.

At least, the top 10,000 worldwide definitely were remembered by every major force, because not surprisingly, these people were going to be the students of Zhanzheng College.

The best of the future generation.

These people, even though they didnt appear many times on screen, they were still existences which ordinary people could only idolize.

As for the exams top 10 and those popular names, they were definitely remembered by the people.

Especially the top 5, it seemed that everyone would recognize these people, even they could easily shout the results of each of their exam subjects.

This was the effect of being a star.

Celebrity geniuses.

These people were the strongest new students.

Even if they enrolled in Zhanzheng College, their existence would never be neglected by the common people.

They are known as the most likely to be the strongest students!

The crowd silently watched.

The screen refreshed.

Images flashed.

However, the crowd felt that something wasnt right. Although each segment had ended, didnt the college entrance exam have a comprehensive evaluation?

Why did it give the feeling of the ending of a movie?

This rhythm is wrong!

It seemed as if it knew what the crowd was thinking and suddenly, the images on the screen changed, stunning everyone.

The college entrance exam conclusion notice.

The college entrance exams initial test run, the feedback of the students was very good. Although it met with a few unexpected problems, they were resolved through reasonable steps, and thus beautifully completed the first college entrance exams reform. Given the nature of this college entrance exam, all of the students results were recorded in the exam center and provided as data for research.

Thanks for the support of all the candidates.

As of this evening June 8th, the first reformed federal college entrance examination has officially announced its end.

Every exam students results have been announced.

The final result has been broadcasted live and could also be checked by logging into the exam centers official website, or through inquiry by messaging.

For each institutions admission scores, please look it up yourself.

It has finished...

Its actually finished.

Countless people muttered to themselves.

Everyone had anticipated the ending of the college entrance exam and the announcement of the final results for a very long time, but they actually were slightly disappointed when the final announcement was made.

June 7th, theoretical basis and physical fitness.

June 8th, fighting technique and ability index.

The timeframe of two days may seem very short, but it was very long for the college entrance exam students. What remained for everybody was the memories of the college entrance exam.

But now, it had finally come to an end.

After many years of hard training, this was the moment to bloom. Everyone also drew a thick line in their own lives. The first ever college entrance exam had officially ended.

When the fireworks bloomed, it was bright.

But, after the bright fireworks, it was filled with sadness.

What the college entrance exam left everyone was also an unlimited sense of loss.


I always felt somethings not right, where is my comprehensive evaluation?!

What about the agreed ranking rewards?

The comprehensive evaluation was a one-off comprehensive type of ability test to the candidates. Following the results of each segment, it was executed as the final ability correction.

Four segments with an additional comprehensive test.

This was the college entrance exam model for all these years.

Everyone was already used to it.

Although the final correction normally wasnt big, it still gave those exam students who failed an opportunity to redeem themselves. How can it be canceled? Not only was the comprehensive evaluation test no more, what was originally scheduled and related to the first reformed college entrance exam reward wasnt even mentioned!

What happened?