Godly Model Creator Chapter 374

Gmc Chapter 374

Chapter 374    The end of theoretical and beginning of comprehensive

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The first batch of the new college entrance exam ended.

Why would this batch be so competitive? Was it for the cut off point of admission?

What was the aim of everyone?



By now, the exam had ended. However, the exam center seemed to have forgotten about all of this. How could it be? They should have at least mentioned whether the final evaluation was still being carried on.

On the screen, it currently showed the announcement that the exam had ended.

At this moment.

The screen shined.

A list of new messages popped out.

Name: Global War

Description: Global War would make the final adjustment on the ranking of candidates in the first batch of the new system based on the existing ranking. It would be ranked according to the candidates actual capability. All exam will be globally broadcasted live throughout the period.

Participants: All candidates.

Rewards: Would be given according to the final ranking of the candidates, where the details of rewards were as stated in the first announcement.

Time: June 9th, 8:00 to 12:00.

The examination rules were stated as follows:

Rule 1: Candidate can only challenge a candidate who is ten ranks in front of him or her. Upon victory, the candidate will take over the opponents ranking while all the candidates behind that ranking are de-ranked by one place accordingly.

Rule 2: Any candidate will be eliminated if they fail three challenges.

Rule 3: Time given for each challenge is 5 minutes.

Rule 4: You can only challenge someone once unless your rank changes.

Rule 5: There will be a 10-minute cooldown between each challenge interval.

Rule 6: When the battle involves the first ranked candidate, it will be globally broadcasted live, and all other challenges will be paused.

Rule 7: The map will be chosen by the candidates being challenged. When the time is up, and a draw occurs, then the candidate who was challenged wins. After the challenge is over, you can rest for 10 minutes or accept challenges from other candidates.

The announcement finished and disappeared from the screen.

It was completely silent for a few seconds.

Global War!

The war of ranking!

The announcement astonished everyone. This adjustment system had changed from the points adjustment to the ranking adjustment. It was the final stage of ranking adjustment for the exam,

So, does that mean that the previous exams were all wasted?

Some people voiced out their doubts. However, some people answered immediately.

Idiot, how did your math teacher teach you? There were only 4 hours in the adjustment session, which is only 240 minutes. Considering the 10-minute cooldown, one could see at most 24 challenges. Meanwhile, considering the 5 minute challenge time, there would only be time for 16 challenges.

Yea, do not forget that one can only challenge the opponent who is ten ranks in front of them. Moreover, there was still the cooling period after the challenge. There might not be more than 10 challenge opportunities when you consider all these factors. Additionally, the maximum ranking adjustment could increase by 100. Dont forget one could only fail their challenge at most three times.

Did you not notice the advantage the candidate gets when challenged? They have the right to choose the map, and when the 5 minutes up, even if its a tie, it is considered their victory! As long as they are not defeated, and could last five minutes, the victory is still theirs!

The candidate being challenged really has a greater advantage. Hence, it isnt that easy to change ones fate in this session.

At this moment.

People finally realized that these rules had such a huge limitation.

The previous examination wasnt important?

Haha, I can just drag out the time and maintain my ranking!

Not only that, it wasnt only one candidate who could make the challenge, but all the candidates. If one succeeds in their challenge, all candidates behind that ranking position would be drop by 1 rank. If it continued for a few times, perhaps one couldnt even maintain his or her initial ranking.

Hence, in order to maintain a good ranking

Battle was the only way!

Ability was the only key!

The uproar for the exam result did not even have the chance to cause a scene before the announcement of the ranking-adjustment grabbed everyones attention, and completely overshadowed the result.

In the exam area.

Global War?

Su Hao looked at the message silently.

After the four sessions of examination, he finally got first place. However, he wasnt even able to enjoy the position for a moment before the adjustment system came.

Global War was a comprehensive overall evaluation.

It was an undoubtful fact.

However, it was weird for the exam to end and have the adjustment system announced after that. Logically, wasnt the adjustment system supposed to be part of the college entrance examination?


Su Hao was thinking of something else.

From the perspective of the big picture, it seemed to be interesting.

The college entrance exam was separated into two parts, the theoretical capability and the actual capability.

Various of different examination in different aspect had given all candidate a benchmark for their overall capability, so-called theoretical capability.

Meanwhile, the adjustment system after the exam which also known as the Global War was aimed to adjust the rank based on the candidates actual capability. If it werent because of the restriction of resources; perhaps the exam center would prefer the candidates to have a real fight instead of fighting in the virtual system.

The ending announcement of the exam was made after the theoretical part; perhaps it meant that in the future, it would be developing in two different directions.

However, it wasnt something that Su Hao needed to worry about now.

For now, it was the end of the theoretical capability test.

The Global War was the beginning of actual capability test.

Global War huh

Su Hao memorized all the rules and analyzed them inside his mind.

Unlike the others, Su Hao was in first place.

It meant that he got no one to challenge, he could only be challenged by others!

Should I give up my place first and grab it back later?

Su Hao was considering different options. However, he gave up the thought soon. It was easy to give up but extremely hard to get back the position. As there was a rule that one could only challenge the same person one time in the same ranking position, as long as he maintained his ranking, the frequency of him being challenged wouldnt be that much. Maintaining his position would be the best solution for the moment.

Since it was the case, just maintain!

Su Hao made his decision.

Nonetheless, he was looking forward to the Global War.

Previously, he could only compete with other candidates through the examination. Now he could finally face his opponent directly in battle! Su Hao wasnt the only one who thought this, most of the candidates did as well. At this moment, all the candidates were getting ready for the final battle. Their victory or failure was all depending on tomorrows battle.

After a night of rest.

On the morning of June 9th, there wasnt anyone on the streets. People were waiting in front of their screen while waiting for the final battle to start.

The crowd was unable to watch the ability talent evaluation due to the constraint of the exam center. This time, they were extremely excited for the upcoming live broadcast for the battle. Various mysterious origin ability talents would finally be shown to the public.



The Global War, start!

Candidate logging in information verified examination details verified candidate identity verified room confirmed...


Light shined.

Su Hao surprisingly found out that he was in an ordinary room similar to KTV. There were a sofa and a table inside the room. While the room was wide and clean, and equipped with a big screen in the middle that showed the updates and information of the examination.

He scanned his surrounding for a second.

There was a long list of candidates name shown on the screen. Many of the names changed into red color with two crossed symbols behind.

Challenge had started!

It is so efficient.

Su Hao was impressed.

The screen was separated into nine parts where it randomly broadcast different battles. The public could choose any one of the battles and enlarge it to be played in full screen. Besides, there were several customized settings available too.

Within one minute.

The screen had flipped through plenty of candidates.

Even Su Hao himself was surprised with the variety of talents around the world. However, the display of the screen in that way indicated another fact

No one was challenging those in the top ten position!

What was going on?

Su Hao was stunned.

He thought Tian Zi would challenge him at the start.

However, he understood the reason soon.

There was a total of 4 hours for the session, but they could only challenge someone once. Hence, they were waiting for the others to challenge Su Hao first while they would observe the battle and challenge him when they were confident enough.

I thought they were nerds.

Su Hao didnt really care much about that.

Since no one was challenging him yet, it was good for him to observe others battle too. Moreover, if he wasnt wrong, some people werent that patient.


The information on the screen changed.

A battle which had the highest followers got the attention from Su Hao.

The first battle between the top ten candidates finally started.

Challenger: Hai Hun

Opponent: Ming Feng

Position adjustment: 10 v.s. 9

Map: City of Fog


The screen shined.

A virtual map was built.

In order to prevent a long battle, the virtual map wouldnt be too big. The side of the map was only 100 meters long. A specialized esper could easily move from one side to another in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, City of Fog was a city covered with a thick layer of fog. The visible distance was only 10 meters. As the one being challenged, Ming Feng chose a good map. Even if he wasnt planning to fight, as long as he could hide for a few minutes from Hai Hun, Ming Feng would win the battle.

However, was it really that easy?

The screen shined.

The spectators could view the entire map.

Under the cover of thick fog, Hai Hun and Ming Feng were randomly located in some corner of the map.

However, the crowd didnt expect that Hai Hun was chasing against Ming Fengs direction without a pause!