Godly Model Creator Chapter 375

Gmc Chapter 375

Chapter 375    Hide and seek is the most loathed

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

City of Fog.

Ming Feng calmly looked around.

With visibility not exceeding 10 meters, coupled with the surrounding ruins, to find someone would be difficult. Not to forget, the challenge time limit was only 5 minutes!

Hai Hun, huh?

Ming Feng sneered and quietly hid his body.

I dont care what ability you have, but you would have to find me first.

As for Hai Hun, nobody dared to underestimate him. To be able to stand out from among tens of millions of candidates and be ranked 10th, he definitely was a strong esper. If one were to judge him based on his points, that would be too naive.

Ming Feng was still as calm as ever.

The map and condition he selected were not bad. Limiting visuality and dragging out the time, it was literally the perfect approach. However, the audience outside urged him to act quickly, but he obviously couldnt hear them. Because from the overview on the screen, Hai Hun was charging toward him without the slightest hesitation as if the fog was not affecting him.

Brother, please start moving!

This idiot...

Too bad, he was totally clueless about this.

1 minute later, Hai Hun was quietly approaching Ming Feng. Not only that, he even went ahead to take a detour to approach Ming Feng from behind. From the top of a roof, he instantly attacked. The whistling sound caused Ming Feng to be alert. With black light flashed, he was attempting to block Hai Huns incoming attack.

However, Hai Hun had long prepared for this.

The energy in his hand shined as a dagger emerged.


The dark light flickered.

Hai Hun was indeed blocked, but the dagger managed to pass through the defense.

Pu ci!

A fatal blow.

Ming Feng had fallen.

Hai Hun indifferently retrieved his dagger and looked at the virtual screen. The surrounding haze disappeared, leaving behind the result.


Hai Hun won!

Challenge successful!

Current rank: 9th.


Hai Hun really won!

And it was an easy victory!

This map should have given Ming Feng an advantage. However, in order to be on the safe side, he had adopted the approach of dragging out time by playing hide and seek. As a result, he had underestimated Han Huns ability, causing him to be defeated badly in a situation when he couldnt even show a single origin technique.

If it was a direct confrontation, who would be victorious was not something one could guess.


Even other candidates were speechless.

Was his ability terrible?

If not, they could only conclude that Ming Feng was simply unlucky!

Selecting the City of Fog as a strategy to suppress Hai Hun, but it instead became his own burden. 

The first battle among the top ten ended.

Su Hao remembered the result of the first battle. Hai Hun: suspected to have some kind of ability to see through obstructed objects in front of him. Ming Feng: unknown ability.

Too conservative of an approach.

This was the evaluation of Su Hao.

When a life or death match ended, these two didnt even reveal much of their own ability talent. Su Hao originally wanted to know more about their ability was getting depressed. If he was able to collect more data, when the opponents challenged him, at least he could pick the right map to restrain their ability.

Such a pity.

Su Hao sighed, Hope the second match wont disappoint me.


The screen flashed.

The second round would definitely not let him down because in front of his eyes now, a bunch of messages appeared.

Zheng Tai wants to challenge you.

Meeting the exam rules.

Challenge accepted.

Please select map.

Challenge me?

Su Haos mind jumped.

Was this because of overconfidence or have you given up on yourself? When he still didnt know about Su Haos ability, he already planned to charge the door straight on? Compared to the calm move by Tian Zi and others, this Zheng Tai was too immature. His first match was already akin to jumping into a fire. Plus, he was dragging Su Hao along too.

This retard.

Su Hao cursed as he could only accept it.

The light on the screen flashed and countless maps appeared. Su Hao scrolled from top to bottom as his mind moved like electricity. Zheng Tais ability was assassination. One could guess what the ability did from the name itself. His first goal was to beat Su Hao. Seems that he had made preparations.

However, assassination?

Su Hao sneered. After he selected the map, the battle began.

All screens refreshed.

No matter what scene the viewers were watching, they were forced to change. This caused the crowd to be excited because it was a battle for first place.

It had started!


Challenger: Zheng Tai

Opponent: Su Hao

Rank adjustment: 4th Vs 1st

Map: City of Fog


It is actually them?

Zheng Tai and Su Hao?

This is a heavyweight confrontation!

But why is it still City of Fog? Or perhaps only this map could be selected? No matter what, with how fog and assassination complement each other, Su Hao has no advantage at all. Why is this map selected?

Who knows!

Su Haos choice made everyone unable to understand his intention. He actually selected one which matched the opponent the best. Was this the so-called first blood move at the opening stage?

On the screen.

The familiar City of Fog once again appeared.

Zheng Tai and Su Hao were randomly spawned at two different corners.

At this moment, Zheng Tais little figure moved, flashed around, and left behind a stream of light. He actually vanished under everyones sight.

No, he didnt vanish.

On the map, his figure was still visible. Just that within the fog, his body was akin to disappearing.

Assassinations origin technique - camouflage.

Zheng Tai hid himself completely within the fog. Even if one was able to see his face, that didnt necessarily mean one could see his figure. A green light flashed from his hand and a fang-like dagger emerged. With his light footstep, he quietly headed toward the center.

Grade * origin ability, assassination would be showing its true strength for the first time.

Such a frightening ability!

Not only his figure but even the energy fluctuations also cant be felt. This assassination, coupled with the fog, if he suddenly ambushes Su Hao, even he wouldnt have the chance to react.

Su Hao is simply courting his own death!

I thought Ming Feng was the only one courting his own death.

In the exam area, the candidates looked at Zheng Tais disappearing figure with a pale color. If they stumbled upon such a situation, how would they react? A stealthy man which one couldnt detect at all, nobody would dare to guarantee their own victory when facing him.

Zheng Tai moved around and had a look.

With his current speed, 10 seconds should be enough to identify Su Haos location, but Su Hao suddenly moved.


Su Hao took a huge step forward; it was as if he was leisurely walking around as he left his spot. From outside, the crowd could see him walking around without realizing the danger that existed.

This idiot...

Forget about him not selecting the correct map. He has no sense of awareness!

His exam points were so high. Dont tell that he actually has no combat experience at all?

Everyone was stunned.

Looking at that easy going attitude of Su Hao, they were speechless. Besides this, was there a better explanation? This was a real battle, man. What was with this expression of yours?

1 minute later, the crowd was slightly worried.

3 minutes later, everyone was dumbfounded.

5 minutes later, they were at a lost.

Challenge failed!

Su Hao won.


Zheng Tai was instantly kicked out. Staring blankly in front, he asked himself what had happened?

From the start to end, he had not seen Su Hao at all. In 5 minutes, he had searched this map for more than ten times, yet not even a shadow of Su Hao could be seen.

The public looked at the screen in sadness.

Especially when they saw Su Hao and Zheng Tai passing each other with a wall separating them, they really felt helpless. Right now, if there was anyone who dared to call Su Hao a retard, then that person was the true idiot. From start to end, Su Hao and Zheng Tai had not met at all.


Who the heck would believe that?

Such a small map, 10 seconds should be more than enough to stumble upon each other.

Yet a full 5 minutes and they didnt meet each other. Not to mention, Su Hao was the one who picked the map. This fact added a mysterious aura to Su Hao in the eyes of the public.

Especially those in the top ten, their pupils contracted.

If they met this situation, could they succeed with their challenge? What if during their challenge, Su Hao played this trick? Didnt this mean that Su Haos position as number one was already in his hand?

Their mind suddenly turned cold. Unless this trick of Su Hao was broken, they must absolutely never attempt to challenge him.

The first challenge from Su Hao caused Su Hao to be safe from being challenged for a short period.

Exiting City of Fog.

Su Hao replayed the battle just now. After looking at the assassination of Zheng Tai, his mind was startled. Luckily, he didnt plan to confront Zheng Tai head on or else it would be uncertain who would appear victorious. Even a grade * talent couldnt guarantee that one wouldnt slip up once in a pinch.

The first battle was successfully cleared.

From the start of the battle, Zheng Tai was destined to fail.

Unless he could erase the signs of his life, otherwise that huge red dot on the map would never disappear. With his 2D map, trying to use camouflage was just a joke.

The advantage of being ranked first was crystal clear now.

Su Hao easily won.

9 more to go.

Su Hao silently calculated.

However, after a few minutes, the battle among the top ten finally continued. Hai Hun challenged the 6th rank candidate. Ming Feng challenging the 7th rank candidate, and what was even more shocking was the 8th rank candidate challenged Tian Zi. For a period of time, the screen was filled with action.

The coincidence and accident during the earlier match were due to them adopting to hide their talent.

And at this stage, there was no need to hide. Hai Hun, Ming Feng, and Tian Zis ability could be said to be completely exposed to the public.

When Hai Huns ability was exposed, it caused a huge uproar.