Godly Model Creator Chapter 376

Gmc Chapter 376

Chapter 376    A bugged ability talent

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Within the room.

Su Hao divided his screen into four parts, showing several battles at the same time.

No matter what, he wouldnt have thought that out of all of them, the one with the most terrifying ability was Hai Hun!

Hai Hun was the first who completed his battle.

When he beat Ming Feng, everyone thought it was luck. But when he displayed his ability, they were all stunned.

From the start to the end, Hai Hun suffered no injury!

The 6th ranked candidate possessed very good fire elemental control, as he decorated the sky with blazes. To say that he burned the whole map wasnt an exaggeration. But still, Hai Hun wasnt injured once. No matter what attacks the 6th ranked candidate tried, Hai Hun easily dealt with them. That was why Hai Hun managed to easily won himself the 6th spot if not for his domineering ability.


Hai Hun won!

Challenge successful.

Current rank: 6th


Hai Hun had attracted everyones attention with his two consecutive victories. His second battle was still as dull as usual, but it had finally exposed his ability.

His ability was enough to scare the hell out of everyone.

Hai Hun, mind reading.

No wonder...

Su Haos eyes contracted.

No wonder Hai Hun could easily win. With such a bugged ability it was too easy to be able to avoid all the danger beforehand and launch counterattacks. In this era, what was most terrifying wasnt the elemental control, but these weird, mysterious abilities.

And mind reading was one of them.

When he activated his godly 5-star technique, illusion reality, he could only conduct simple deduction on a small area to predict the actions of the other side.

But as for Hai Hun?

Just a glance and he would know everything!

This was definitely a bugged ability. Having mind reading didnt mean that you could be much stronger in battle, but you could also avoid almost any damage. You would have to be so overpowered that Hai Hun couldnt do anything to stop your attacks even when he knows about the incoming attacks.

Too bad

None of the candidates could do that.

If he challenges me...

Su Hao began to make assumptions.

He was shocked when he concluded that he didnt have the confidence.

Hide and seek?

This plan would be a total failure. The previous battle between Ming Feng and Hai Hun clearly proved that. If Su Hao didnt guess wrong, Hai Hun could even predict the distance which was why he figured out Ming Fengs position.

To try playing hide and seek with him was equivalent to courting his own death.

Since he couldnt do so, then did he have to confront him directly?

How do you fight against someone who knows every step of your plan? Su Hao, himself being able to predict with his illusion reality, naturally knew how frightening this was. How many times had he relied on this ability of his to counterattack and read his opponents movement?

Such a powerful ability, is there any weakness?

Su Hao recalled back the information on mind reading and suddenly smiled bitterly.

It naturally had its weakness.

Based on the Origin Ability Associations assessment, there were two weaknesses.

One was the combat ability would be weak. After all, it wasnt a combat ability. As long as one had absolute strength, mind reading would be ineffective against that person. However, everyone here was a specialized esper, to rely on this point would be meaningless.

As for the second weakness

It was a social defect.

To be known for reading peoples minds, one would have almost zero social skills because nobody dared to appear in front of him. That included his own family members. 

These things werent much help to Su Hao.

He had to think of a solution fast because if Hai Hun was to challenge him Su Haos mind acted like electricity as he rapidly thought of a countermeasure.

At this moment, Tian Zis battle was over.

The 8th ranked candidate was easily beaten. The crowd was still clueless about Tian Zis battle intent, but one thing for certain was that Tian Zis aura kept increasing layer by layer. As the aura increased, his own strength also improved. When it reached a certain extent, the challenger was one-hit killed!

The strength of the number one combat talent was undeniable.

Soon, Ming Fengs battle ended. Unexpectedly, his challenge was successful, and he was now ranked 7th.

In his previous battle, when he just revealed some black energy, he had already lost.

This time, that seemingly ordinary black energy showed its true strength. Su Hao personally thought that it would be more accurate to call it black ink instead. Under Ming Fengs control, his energys movement was exquisite.

Under the analysis of everyone, Ming Fengs ability was completely exposed. It was actually a curse ability. With his energy, once he managed to cast the curse on the opponent, he would be able to win easily.

After a thorough analysis, when Su Hao saw Ming Feng draw a circle in mid-air with the ink, Su Hao felt the scene was funny.

Could it be a legendary curse by drawing a circle?

Too bad, Su Hao didnt manage to laugh long.

Because soon a challenge notification appeared in front of him. And as he predicted, it was Hai Hun who challenged him!

To be frank, he would rather face Tian Zi than Hai Hun, since he was alright losing to Tian Zi.

 It wasnt that much of a big deal. Perhaps he might have the chance to make a comeback later. But against Hai Hun no matter what was the outcome, all the secrets in your heart would be exposed. Unless you could really think of nothing, but how do fight when you think of nothing?

Su Hao was a bit worried.

Looking at the flickering challenge notification, he gritted his teeth and chose one of the simplest maps Since Hai Hun could read ones mind, then he wont beat around the bush.

He would defeat Hai Hun in the shortest time ever!


Su Hao chose to agree.

The screens all over the world refreshed.

The second challenge for rank one began. And this time the crowd were shocked when they read the information on the screen.


Challenger: Hai Hun

Opponent: Su Hao

Rank adjustment: 6th VS 1st

Map: Martial ring


Hai Hun, its him!

Needless to say, because of his mind reading, Hai Hun was able to shine and his popularity increased! Perhaps he could really bring down Su Hao and secure the championship.

Very likely.

Hai Huns confidence was at the peak from his two-win streak. To challenge Su Hao this time, he could definitely perform at his best.

As for what Su Hao picked, the map was too simple that it shocked the audience.

Martial ring?

That was a square ring with a width of 100 meters and nothing more! 


The screen flashed.

The martial ring appeared as both Su Hao and Hai Hun spawned. The crowd then noticed that Su Hao charged at Hai Hun the very next second.

Deng deng deng!

Su Haos footstep was fast!

Hai Hun glanced at Su Hao but found nothing.

How could this be?


As long one is a human, nobody could escape from mind reading. Even if mind reading failed, there would at least be some sort of result. But if there was no response, only one explanation could be made This wasnt a human.


Hai Hun quickly defended himself.


A light flashed near him.

Su Haos figure suddenly appeared beside Hai Hun. With Xinghe sword in his hand, that dazzling blue light was slashed towards Hai Hun. If not for Hai Huns quick reaction, he would have definitely died under this slash. At this moment, the other Su Hao who was further away vanished into thin air.


Su Hao didnt stop his actions. With all strength out, he didnt give Hai Hun a chance.

However, did mind reading take time?

With a glance from Hai Hun, a hint of a smile could be seen from his mouth. He easily evaded Su Haos attack, So it turned out to be phantom sprint.

Phantom sprint, it was the universal origin technique which Su Hao used the moment he respawned.

At first, he hoped to kill Hai Hun instantly with this, but he never expected Hai Hun to react that fast even without mind reading, which allowed his escape.

The battle became harder.

Mountain crash!

Water split!

He used those two moves against Hai Hun while circulating the Xinghe sword, but Hai Hun easily evaded them. The one who shouted these two names was Hai Hun! 

Shouting out the names without hesitation, this added more psychological stress on Su Hao. Once Su Haos mind was disrupted, Hai Hun would be able to read his mind easier and then defeat him.

Under such situation, how could Su Hao fight?

This is too terrifying!

This ability is like a bug.

This was the thought of everyone. With such an ability, what was the solution?




Another two attacks from Su Hao were easily evaded. 

At this moment, Su Haos mind moved. An idea popped out within his mind. Hai Hun read his mind, and his face was somehow doubtful.

For the first time.

He didnt understand.

Su Haos idea, what did it mean?