Godly Model Creator Chapter 377

Gmc Chapter 377

Chapter 377    A bookworm is amazing!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What does his latest thought mean?

Hai Hun was stunned for a second.

The mind reading talent could easily read Su Haos thoughts. No matter how the thought was presented, it would be displayed directly in ones inner thought.

I want to attack Hai Huns heart.

I want to attack Hai Huns right arm.

I want to attack Hai Hun with mountain crash, then switch to water split immediately so that he gets no chance to cast mind reading.

Hai Hun could easily access these thoughts and defend with the most effective strategy. No matter what kind of thought it was, he could easily understand the thought.

However, he had totally no idea what Su Haos latest thought meant.

Take the heart of Hai Hun as the origin, the coordinate is displayed in (x,y,z) format where all the coordinate is encrypted with md923 encryption method at a factor of 9, then the data would be displayed in the computational form and recovered back into natural numbers.

What does that mean?

Hai Hun quickly analyzed the content of the thought.

Right before Su Hao had his next thought, finally he could roughly understand what that sentence meant. However, here came the question, what was md923 encryption method? What was computational form and what did the natural numbers mean?

Meanwhile, Su Hao had his new thought.

Mind reading skill was cast.

Hai Hun was frustrated, Next attack, attack Hai Hun with mountain crash, at the position x-axis: 1,002, y-axis: 64, z-axis: 129,459.


What does that mean?

Hai Hun was confused.

If the center of the body is considered as the origin, the x-axis indicated the horizontal position, while the y-axis indicated the vertical position and the z-axis indicated the width. If it was that case, where should the position be?

Was the unit of data in millimeter or centimeter?


Such a huge difference between 64, 1,002 and 129,459, what was going on?


I got it!

Hai Hun finally realized how it worked.

If Su Hao used such method to get the result, what he had to do was the reverse calculation. From the result, he would know the position Su Hao intended to attack.

However, when trying to do the reverse calculation, Hai Hun faced some problems.

He didnt know the md923 encryption method.

He could read Su Haos mind about the calculation method, but the reverse calculation was even harder. It wasnt simple math; one had to be familiar with these equations in order to make the reverse calculation.

One did not only have to be familiar with it but also able to complete the calculation within a very short moment.

Hence, he had to complete all the reverse calculation before Su Hao cast his next attack. Upon thinking of that, Hai Hun was stunned.


How could he bully others this way!

A bookworm is too formidable!


If Su Hao could use mind reading, he would definitely see that Hai Huns anger gauge was fully charged. The ultimate talent mind reading which successfully defeated countless of powerful talent was finally

Defeated by a bookworm!


Mountain crash hit Hai Hun.

Then it was followed by water split.

Without the effect of mind reading, Hai Hun couldnt control the battle. Within 30 seconds, he was easily defeated by Su Hao.

Hai Hun, lost!

Challenge failed!

Current ranking: Number 6.


The screen shined.

The battle ended.

The screen returned to the multiple battle scene. The public can randomly choose whichever battle that they wished to watch.

However, no one could concentrate on watching the match right now.

Their only concern was

What happened just now?

Hai Hun initially dominated the battle with Su Hao with the help of mind reading talent. When the battle was about to end, Su Hao suddenly launched a counterattack that Hai Hun couldnt manage to defend. It indicated that Hai Hun couldnt read Su Haos mind, what was actually going on?

Mind filtering?

With Hai Huns capability, he could easily read every persons mind who was below the professional esper level. How could Su Hao filter his mind reading?

The crowd was stunned.

It was an unbelievable victory for Su Hao.

Hai Hun was expelled back to his room. After realizing what was happening, he could only smile bitterly. Su Hao was really qualified to be the top student of the exam with his comprehensive capability.

However, if he could read Su Haos mind now, he would be even sadder.

Haih, my analyzing skill is still too weak to calculate for multiple encryption methods. Next time when my analyzing skill is better, I should convert all my thought and languages to the digital code 0 and 1, then no one will be able to read my mind.

Su Hao thought.

It was inevitable to be at a disadvantage at the beginning of the battle.

In order to prevent Hai Hun from knowing his ability to read cards, he didnt even cast model analysis and only used universal origin techniques. When Hai Hun struck him, he finally thought of an idea that Hai Hun couldnt solve even if he knew it.


The encryption method.

Su Haos strong analytical skill and wide knowledge coverage were extremely outstanding. Even though Hai Hun knew what Su Hao was doing, he couldnt find a way to counter it and was defeated by Su Hao. It was just like some data that could only be processed by an i7 processor in maximum performance would cause a Pentium processor to lag completely.

If people had to describe this battle with a sentence, it would be: A quick-witted bookworm won the fight.

Hai Huns failure was outside of everyones expectation. It was unbelievable that someone could defeat Hai Hun with mind reading talent.

Su Haos position became stable again.

Meanwhile, Su Hao found out an interesting fact. Someone who was ranked more than a hundred had now entered the top 100. If there were no accidents, he would continue to improve his ranking.

Li Xin, Number 88!

What Li Xin?

Su Hao was confused.

He knew the capability of Li Xin, a peaked beginner esper who could advance into the specialized esper anytime. With his unstable critical hit talent, he managed to get into the ranking of 100+. However, it would not be easy for him to maintain his ranking, needless to say improving his ranking.


He was shocked at the circumstances.

He opened up the battle scene of Li Xin. Upon playing the video, he was surprised by his improvement. Li Xin had already advanced to specialized esper!

And looking at the candidates that he challenged

All of them had a defense type talent.

Hi bro, is your talent defense type?

Li Xin asked happily.

Sure, dont ever dream to break my defense within five minutes. I suggest you give up. The opponent smiled coldly.

Oh, if it is a defense type then I got nothing to worry about. Li Xin said happily.

After three minutes, an extremely potent force came out from Li Xins attack. The opponent who thought his defense was extremely strong was defeated.

This fellow.

Su Hao couldnt react on that, Li Xin became more clever, at least he learned how to make good use of his advantage.

The easiest candidates for Li Xin were those who had a weak attack and great defense. If he or she chose to defend Li Xins attack, it was definitely a bad decision. You would never know when his critical hit would appear.

Once a critical hit appeared 

The fight would end instantly.

While Su Hao was looking at his information, Li Xin improved from number 88 to number 80. The improving speed was amazing.

The power of a retarded teenager is really unstoppable.

Su Hao said.

Back on the displayed screen, a great fight was going to start. Zhou Wang had initiated a challenge to Tian Zi!

Zhou Wang vs. Tian Zi!

It was a match with various fascinating skills used, including the area attack that covered the whole map, lightning from hell, and also the highly skilled lightning sword. Zhou Wang had shown a great capability in controlling lightning.

However, Tian Zi still won the match in the end.

The crowd was astonished when Tian Zi unleashed his battle capability.

Tian Zis battle intent talent had helped him increase his battle capability when Zhou Wang turned stronger. When Zhou Wang used the lightning from hell, Tian Zi seemed to have broken some barriers.

Then, within one strike with the sword!

Zhou Wang lost.

Battle intent was also known as the strongest talent in battle had become the most important factor in the fight. However, the crowd still couldnt know more about this mysterious talent.

Tian Zi is powerful.

Su Hao said.

At the same time, the number 10 candidate challenged Hai Hun; he was defeated by Hai Hun who was very angry. Meanwhile, the number nine candidate also failed his challenge against Ming Feng due to his powerful curse talent. Mind reading and cursing, both Hai Hun and Ming Feng really had scary talents.

Right at the moment.

Ming Feng finally decided to challenge Su Hao after Hai Hun failed his challenge against Su Hao. 

Since Su Hao would have 10 minutes rest after each challenge, if all of them challenged him at the last hour, Su Hao could easily drag out the time by avoiding most of the challenges.

Because Tian Zi and others didnt challenge Su Hao, Ming Feng challenged Su Hao.


Ming Feng challenges you.

It obeyed the examination rule.

Challenge accepted.

Please pick the map for the challenge.

Ming Feng?

Su Hao took it seriously.

Cursing was one of the talents he hated the most. You couldnt defend against the attacks at all, and you didnt even know where the attack would appear. A similar experience battling against this talent was Lin Weis petrification.

As for how disgusting petrification was, he deeply understood.

For now.

Both the talent level and personal capability of Ming Feng was much higher than Lin Wei. It would be a hard fight for him.


Su Hao breathed in deeply and picked the map. The battle started immediately.