Godly Model Creator Chapter 378

Gmc Chapter 378

Chapter 378    Substitute model

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



Challenger: Ming Feng

Opponent: Su Hao

Rank adjustment: 7th VS 1st

Map: Mirror World 


The screen refreshed.

The battle for number one once again began.


A new scene appeared in front of everyones eyes. It was a familiar size, but there werent any walls. Only sheets of mirrors could be seen. With all sorts of reflections, you might even be clueless about your direction.

Countless mirrors showed numerous reflections at different angles.


Su Hao and Ming Feng respawned.

Both figures' reflections entirely covered the Mirror World. With countless mirrors, their figures were reflected in every corner and could be seen clearly. Even when they were on different sides or corners, every single action could be seen.

The game starts now!

Su Hao sneered.

Did he select Mirror World to observe Ming Fengs actions?

Of course.

With his synchronous playback, every action of Ming Feng would never escape from his view. In fact, the only advantage obtained for his model analysis was perhaps every map was flat like the martial ring. The reason he picked Mirror World was just to confuse Ming Feng.

Mysterious talents were indeed the worst.

Previously, when Su Hao faced petrification, he could avoid it as long as Su Hao knew when it was used. But now, since he couldnt avoid the curse, he would simply remove vision from the very start so his opponent couldnt find their target!



Su Haos figure moved.

The reflection in numerous mirrors began to change. Ming Feng instantly felt at a loss. So many images, where was the reflection of Su Hao coming from?

He couldnt find it.

However, Ming Feng managed to calm down.

Su Haos figure kept moving as he glanced at the mirrors around him.  He simply couldnt find the real target. If so


Ming Fengs right hand moved, causing a ray of ink like energy to condense. It then formed a big circle in mid-air.


The ink circle suddenly cracked!

The eyes of Ming Feng shined, Eye cruse!


Above Ming Feng, space was abruptly torn and revealed a gap. An evil eye suddenly appeared from the gap. The terrifying eye swept through the world and the black energy covered the entire world.




Numerous cracking sounds could be heard.

What amazed the crowd was that all the mirrors in the Mirror World were destroyed, forming a sea of broken glass.

Such a strong ability!

Su Hao was quite shocked. 

This attack didnt do any harm to him. However, the obstacles on the map had been all cleared out. What if this force was condensed into a beam and attacked him instead?

Too bad there was no ifs in this world.

Ming Feng used his powerful attack to destroy the mirrors; this also meant that he was the weakest at this moment. Su Hao moved.


When the pieces glass were still in mid-air, Su Haos figure suddenly sprinted towards Ming Feng and without any hesitation used his origin technique, mountain crash.


An enormous strength came out from his body.


Ming Feng coldly sneered. Even with a crisis in front of him, his facial color was still the same. He drew a circle in mid-air with his right hand, Power of curse: power dissolve!

Out of nowhere, an inexplicable force fell from the sky and landed on Su Hao who was charging. Su Hao was shocked. Even in such a situation, Ming Feng could actually react? The force landed on Su Hao, yet mysteriously didnt seem to harm him.


Ming Feng was blasted away by Su Hao. His figure flipped in mid-air, but he gently landed without a single injury.


The glass fragments in the air finally landed which produced a high pitched sound. Unfortunately, nobody was concerned about it.

The first exchange between them actually ended up in a stalemate.

Such a good curse power.

The current situation wasnt the same as before anymore.

Su Haos assault had been countered. Although he didnt suffer damage, all the mirrors between them had been cleared!

Under such short distance

The curse would definitely hit him!

This time, let's see how you are going to resist...

A trace of a smile could be seen from Ming Feng. His right hand randomly drew a circle in mid-air, Power of curse: Erase!


A terrifying curse comparable to mountain crash suddenly surrounded Su Hao.

To avoid was impossible!

Once the curse locked on, one simply couldnt avoid it!

I cant avoid it?

Su Hao could felt the pressure coming down on his head. Since he couldnt avoid it, he would need to find ways to break it!

Su Haos idea was simple.

There was no problem in this world with no solution! Since it could be used and measured in the way of energy as a benchmark, then there must be a way to break it down into the simplest form of energy! There was a solution for Hai Huns mind reading. Then, Ming Fengs definitely had one too!


The mysterious force entered into Su Haos body.

This was the power of the curse, Erase!

This time, the curse was different from before. From its name, one could guess how strong this curse was. When the power of curse entered Su Haos body, it directly went into the depth of his mind and even wanted to destroy him from the inside out!


It even entered into the model world within his mind. That was when he suddenly thought of a possibility.

What was the power of curse actually aiming for?

A normal move naturally was targeted at what one could see with naked eye. However, the power of curse was different. One simply couldnt dodge the incoming curse. Thus, the target was definitely not what one could see but Su Hao himself.

The advantage of locking the target was so they couldnt evade.

However, it wasnt one without a drawback.

Since he already knew about it, then why not he create a fake one?

In the model world, he quickly established a model of himself and blocked the curse.


The model was shattered on the spot.


Su Hao was stunned.

Creating himself in the model world to replace himself and receive the attack. After learning this trick, he no longer had to worry about curses anymore. Now if he had to face Lin Weis petrification or other lock-on type abilities, he wouldnt have the slightest bit of fear!

Thinking of this, Su Hao couldnt suppress his excitement.

And now.

Outside the screen.

In the eyes of the audience, Su Hao was like a retard standing in place without moving.

Was the so-called move Erase used to destroy Su Haos soul?

They were all stunned.

Feeling stunned even worse than them was Ming Feng, he was dumbfounded. This was wrong Although Erase was used to eliminate ones soul, with his present strength, he wasnt strong enough. It would only be effective against those below 10 points in origin ability.

For opponents of the same level, it could only serve as a means of attack.

However, Su Haos state was strange.

Could it be that my curse ability has become more powerful?

Ming Feng frowned.

Power of curse: Delay!

Ming Feng drew a circle once again and aimed at Su Hao. Su Hao was still motionless which finally confirmed his thought.

Su Hao was in deep trouble now!

Good chance here!

Ming Feng sneered. With rapid drawing by his right hand, the power of curse was shown again, Power of curse: Destroy!


A strong momentum could be felt coming down from the sky. It entered into Su Haos body, but it was just a phantom.

The phantom then disappeared.

A figure flashed at a distance only 3 meters away from Ming Feng. 

At this moment, Ming Feng was in a pinch.


Ming Feng could still reveal a smile. You really think I would be fooled?

Destroy was indeed a strong move but with his current strength, the attack only had a strong aura. The power was too weak for it to kill someone. To really kill Su Hao, he had to eliminate the phantom first.

Su Haos phantom rush was already exposed to the public before this.

And now

This was the true killer move!

Power of curse: Bloody Massacre!