Godly Model Creator Chapter 379

Gmc Chapter 379

Chapter 379    Draw a circle and curse you

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Ming Fengs strength erupted once again.

Two consecutive big moves in such short period of time had stunned everyone.

At this moment, they realized Su Haos phantom sprint had been seen through long ago. Then the first attack by Ming Feng was just a feint?

Then didnt this mean that the one in a pinch right now was Su Hao?

The power of black ink condensed into a blood-like color and bombarded Su Hao. It was even more powerful than the one before this! Su Haos figure was about to be hit by this red line above him.

The crowd was sweating heavily.

This Ming Feng had such a strong prediction ability!


The red line entered Su Haos body. Su Haos figure was still moving forward, but the crowd had no hope on him. Didnt the first confrontation have the same incident happen? Su Hao, who was relying on mountain crash, had his attack null and ineffective due to the curse. This time, wouldnt it be the same too?

What they didnt realize was Ming Feng was stunned at this moment too.

The reason why Su Haos first attack was ineffective was due to his Power of curse: Dissolve. But now, it was a truly strong attack move!

Why was Su Hao not showing any response?

Too bad.

It was destined that he would have no one to answer him.


Under the shocked eyes of Ming Feng, Su Haos Xinghe sword pierced through his body.

An instant kill!


Ming Fengs challenge failed!

Both of them returned to their respective rooms.

This time, the audience was stunned, This what just happened?

Obviously, it was supposed to be Ming Fengs victory. Why did it turn out to be Su Haos instead?

The final move by Ming Feng

That dense momentum

Yet Su Hao won.

Now, they finally felt that something wasnt right.

It was the same situation again!

At the very critical moment, Ming Fengs attack seemed to be ineffective. It was the same with the previous match too, when Hai Hun failed at the very last moment.

What was the exact situation here?

Could Su Hao have mastered some mysterious defensive origin technique to withstand this mysterious ability?

This was the only explanation they could think of.

With the end of this match, the mysterious aura emitted by Su Hao became even denser!

Such a strong capability!

Yea, whether it was mind reading or being cursed, they seemed to be easily countered in front of Su Hao.

Too bad, if Hai Hun and Ming Feng were to face the others, perhaps they might have a chance to win.

I think Zheng Tai was the most pitiable...

That kid...

The crowd instantly revealed a look of sympathy.

As always, Su Hao reviewed the replay and began to analyze his mistakes and experiences he could gain.

Only by continuous analysis could one improve.

The map which I chose wasnt good.

Su Hao shook his head slightly. He had thought that Mirror World was a great choice, but he had overlooked a factor. The mirrors were too fragile. Even if they were reinforced, that was only to the extent of withstanding ordinary attacks. 

If he knew how fragile the mirrors were, he would have picked Haze World instead.

This was indeed his fault. Su Hao reminded himself. In this battle, the biggest gain was that he had comprehended a new technique which could get rid of any crowd control. 

Among the top ten, someone else finally decided to challenge someone other than Su Hao, Li Tiantian.

The 9th candidate challenged Li Tiantian.

He had huge guts and was destined to be doomed.

After Li Tiantian appeared, he directly attacked his opponent. In 10 seconds, the weakness of the opponents ability was identified and easily killed.

Challenge failed!

From start to finish, not even 30 seconds had passed. This stunned the audience. Li Tiantians actual combat strength was too terrifying. To have over 2,000 points in ability index, this was the first time they saw him using it.

Too bad, as for the specific, they were still clueless.

The battle involving the top ten had stimulated everyone because each of their the battles would be at the top of the screen, and attracted attention from countless people. The publicity was even better than during the college entrance exam!

Thus, the 11th ranked candidate began to have an idea.

Perhaps he thought that Ming Fengs strength was only so-so from the battle with Su Hao. Thus he challenged ranked 7th, Ming Feng.


Ming Feng chose a map with high altitude. When they respawned, he squatted down at a corner to draw a circle for 5 minutes long and cursed the challenger to death.

From start to finish, the challenger had no chance to get close to Ming Feng.

With such a map where Ming Feng could see everything from the top, the audience naturally knew how hard it was to get close to him.

Hai Hun and others naturally suppressed those from eight to tenth. They werent people who could be challenged by those who ranked lower than them. 

As for the top 5, they seemed to be more mysterious since they didnt receive many challenges. At this moment, another challenge appeared in front of Su Hao.


Zhou Wang challenges you.

Requirement met.

Challenge accepted.

Please select map.

Zhou Wang?

Su Haos mind was startled. Finally, it came.

He had some understanding of Zhou Wangs strength. Especially in the previous battle of glory, he knew how formidable he was. Especially that terrifying thunder beam. Even if he was to face that himself, he was not confident that he could win. Somehow, he had always thought that the progress of Zhou Wang was unusual.

It was too fast!

Last time, when he went back, Zhou Wang seemed to be only a level 1 or 2 esper.

Even if he had some hidden card, the progress couldnt be that fast.

And now, Zhou Wang was among those level 5 espers and above. Others might not know, but those close to him definitely noticed it.

Something wasnt right about Zhou Wangs strength.

With the character of Zhou Wang, he wont be able to come up with any tricks.

Unlike Li Xin, if Zhou Wang really had the strength, he would definitely expose it all during the battle of glory. There must definitely be a problem if he was finally showing his true strength at this moment!

Id like to see what kind of secret you have!


The screen refreshed.

The battle for number one was here again!


Challenger: Zhou Wang

Opponent: Su Hao

Rank adjustment: 5th VS 1st

Map: Martial ring



This was definitely a global sensation.

It wasnt only because the challenger was Zhou Wang, but also because of Su Haos chosen map. It turned out to be the simplest one, martial ring.

This meant that Su Hao was planning to confront Zhou Wang head on!

Instantly, the crowds blood began boiling. To give up the advantage of choosing a map and confront the challenger head on. At this moment, Su Hao appeared very domineering to the audience!

How was Su Haos strength?

From the exam, Su Hao should be around a level 5 esper. At the very least, both of them scored 5,000 points during energy intensity.

This meant that the strength between them should be on par.

The only deciding factor would be their own origin ability.

Model analysis vs. thunder elemental control, Grade E vs. Grade A which sounded like a bad idea. But with Su Hao, he had made it possible.


The scene changed.

The familiar ring once again appeared in everyones vision.

Zhou Wang and Su Hao randomly spawned on the ring. The moment they appeared, two surging momentums instantly erupted toward the center of the ring.


A direct confrontation!

The energy fluctuation swept across the ring as both of them took a step back.

They were evenly matched!

The blowing breeze lifted up their clothes. Unknowingly, Su Hao looked at Zhou Wang who was so excited, filled with battle spirit.

Just that, nobody knew.

At this point, Su Haos heart was stunned.

This aura is definitely not Zhou Wangs!

Who are you?

Soul possession?

This silly dumb Zhou Wang, he has indeed been tricked!