Godly Model Creator Chapter 38

Gmc Chapter 38

Chapter 0038 Brother is going to cheat

Su Hao taking first place three consecutive times was the topic the crowd was talking about right now.

The pitiable Bai Lingfeng and Zhou Wang obviously didnt know all this. Being silent for two years, they decided to end their last year one a high note and yet another bird flew higher than them and dropped faeces on their heads instead.

No matter what, the exam continued.

Physical fitness exam was just a prelude, a short 10 minutes. More important, there would be the next exam, the ability index exam!

The score in ability index was from 0 to infinity.

In other words, just in that exam alone, everyone was given a chance to make a comeback.

Ability index exam was still a single person exam. Su Hao, walking into the designated examination room, noticed that the room was empty. He was the only person in it.


A screen appeared in front of Su Hao.

Please select the range of your origin ability to aid in the assessment process.

Grade E: Model analysis, selected, please wait.

Once Su Hao chose his origin ability, the surrounding scenery changed. It was the virtual 3D environment once again, and this time, he was in the middle of a beach.

Taking a deep breath, Su Hao could smell the fishy odours of the sea, which was incredibly realistic.

Interesting, this is the test for model analysis? Su Hao, with great interest, observed the beach in front of him. What does this test intend for me to do? Playing around in the beach and enjoy tanning?


Connecting with mind, please wait.

The cold mechanical sound echoed again within his ears. Su Hao was shocked that within his mind, there was a signal being generated, The exam system is requesting connection, confirm?

What do you mean?

Su Hao was somehow puzzled by this.

Hello. Candidate Su Hao, after the exam linkage to the brain, it will begin to affect the brain by creating a realistic mapping. Doing so will increase your efficiency in creating models and have a better exam statistic, eventually bringing a positive impact to the exam result. I recommend you select the confirmation.

So, this was the reason.

Su Hao nodded slightly and chose to confirm.

Connection confirmed, connection is established.

Exam system is going to launch now.

First question, please create a cube model.

Ability index, this was the first time Su Hao took such a formal test for this. His whole body felt strange somehow. Coupled with the surrounding realistic illusion, if not for the system sound, he would have thought that he was now taking a vacation.

The exam naturally progressed from the easiest to the hardest levels.

Cube model?

Su Hao recalled the appearance of a cube. Activating his ability, a cube model was instantly created.


When Su Hao was closing his eyes to concentrate in creating the model, he felt something shining in front of him, which then triggered his closed eyes to open. Once he did so, the scene he saw caught him in surprise.

Within his right hand, a flow of light blue light appeared. The light slowly formed into a magnificent cube. The illuminatingly blue light which shined on the surrounding beach really made the scenery even more mesmerising.

He was extremely dazzled this time.

This.this is the mind connection? Su Hao was shocked.

Hello, candidate Su Hao. This is the synchronisation of brain wave mapping. Whatever image you are imagining in your mind will be shown here through synchronisation. The exam system replied.

After recovering from his shock, Su Hao became alert, Isnt this dangerous?

Nope, not with your consent. Otherwise your bodys origin ability would consider this stream of energy an invasion and directly attack as a defense mechanism. The exam system replied.

So its like that. Su Hao nodded.


Cube model building completed evaluation evaluation result is excellent

Second question, please create a model of cup.

After a simple cube, the second question of a more detailed cup began. Su Hao seemed to have forgotten that this was an exam. The models he created were more and more refined than the previous ones; they were bigger, more difficult models. Then, he looked at the model being materialised on top of his hand with the light blue illuminating light.

That ability, it was his ability before undergoing mutation.

However, after his model analysis ability underwent mutation, even his most basic models had evolved with extremely refined details.

Twentieth question, please create a character model.

Su Hao was startled for a moment. Pondering for a moment, a figure of a mini Chen Yiran appeared on his right hand. This time, not being able to see the real person, the model was just filled with the light blue light.

Even the curves were perfectly crafted too.


Hold on! Su Hao suddenly interrupted the exam system. Hello. Can I request a mirror. I want to have a better observation of my own abilities.

Alright, candidates request can be fulfilled. Please wait for a moment.


A large mirror appeared on the beach. Su Hao, who was standing in front of the mirror, could clearly see himself and the character model in his hand.


Su Hao dissipated the Chen Yiran model on his hand and then looked at himself in the mirror. His mouth then raised, showing a trace of a smile.

Since this time he wanted to become an overnight celebrity, Su Hao intended to make an even greater impact.

Therefore, this time he decided to cheat!

Yes, using his evolved origin ability as an advantage to cheat!

Looking at the his image in the mirror, Su Hao faintly said, Establishing model!


A mini Su Hao emerged in his right hand. However, this time it was not a model condensed with the light blue light, but a complete real life model!

Model analysis..analysis complete.model is built..building is completed!

Su Hao looked at himself within his hand. Naturally he was curious to analyze his own ability, but the very next moment he forcefully suppressed that impulse of his! I absolutely must not see!

His own ability, he himself understood it very well. He had even seen it too.

Through his own character model, he could clearly see that he had a few fighting skills as well as advanced cultivation method but. he must definitely not leak those out.

If was a normal day, that wouldnt be a problem. This time however, perhaps the exam system would keep the records.

In the case that one day his exam files were to be picked out, his ability to be able to check out others abilities, wouldnt that also be found out? At that time it would be asked, how did his ability evolve? Would he be associated with the mysterious card? He was clueless about this, but for safety, he absolutely must not leak it.

With the perfect mini version of him on his hand, the exam system paused for a moment before quickly re-evaluating.


Character model established evaluation evaluation result perfect!

The cold mechanical sound echoed. Su Haos eyes shined, so it was like this.

Before this, all the models created were just made of light. But the result usually ended with good grade. Even excellent grades were hard to be obtained but this.this time it was perfect!

But yeah, he himself knew it too. That gap was not at all close.

How could light blue models compete with a perfect real model?

Final exam question, feel free to show you full potential. Freely create a model you like and the exam system will evaluate the model for you. The exam system had given the final question to Su Hao.

Final model?

Su Haos mind moved. With his right hand opened slightly, a perfect herb garden appeared!


The herb garden disappeared, and another perfect herb garden emerged. With its fresh look, if it was on the ground instead, perhaps nobody would suspect that it was a model.

Yes, Su Hao that cunning fellow began to cheat again.

In fact, the human mind was too broad. It could be said that it had no limit at all. If the exam system wanted to map it all, even mapping until it was paralysed, it still wouldnt be able to cover it all. What was mapped out was just a part of Su Hao.

Thus, Su Hao took the advantage of the model which was already established before in his mind, moving it from the blank space within his mind.

As a result, a perfect model emerged.

Pencils, laptop, herbs even in the very last moment, Su Hao brought out all the last remaining herb garden. That exactly one meter large model, was complete with hundreds of herbs above it. It was very clear that even without evaluation, that degree of complexity was outrageous.

Su Hao, being satisfied with his art work, having exhausted every little ounce of his origin ability energy, finally selected complete.

Yes, his fuel tank had been completely depleted!

Su Hao knew about the mechanism of ability index. The evaluation was not only on ability itself, but also on his origin ability energy! He, who had mastered advanced cultivation methods, naturally has abundant amounts of energy within his body. Exhausting all the energy was one of the way to inform the exam system of that capacity.

He had mastered advanced cultivation methods!

At the last second of the exam, the exam system had the final evaluation of the model Su Hao created.

Free to show your full potential..evaluation..complexity of model..model simulation degreexxx..

Origin ability talent: Grade E, recording the result of the assessment

Ability index assessment.