Godly Model Creator Chapter 380

Gmc Chapter 380

Chapter 380    A way to end the battle in one strike

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Who was he?

Su Hao almost couldnt control his astonishment.

From the beginning, he was observing every little piece of information through the replays. He could clearly see that the actions of Zhou Wang were not natural, it seemed like someone was trying hard to simulate Zhou Wangs habits.

It was too awkward!

Because of his synchronous replay technique.

He could easily notice the stiff actions of Zhou Wang as it was too obvious!

Moreover, Zhou Wang had performed much better than usual during the exam. From there, Su Hao could confirm that the guy in front of him wasnt Zhou Wang.

From the rumors, there was some talent which was related to the soul. Although he had never seen it before, some records about it were stated in a book.

In fact, such things did exist in the world.

Meanwhile, Zhou Wang very likely had been infected.

However, from the daily interactions, Zhou Wang seemed to be quite normal. Hence, Zhou Wang still existed.

Only during circumstances like this would he be possessed.

Meanwhile, that person seemed to be training Zhou Wang intentionally. It could be seen from the drastic improvement of Zhou Wang during the battles. Hence, there was a big possibility that Zhou Wang knew the existence of this person.

Or perhaps

Were they cooperating with each other?

Su Hao quickly recalled that there was a rumor that Zhou Wang had a teacher from Zhanzheng College. He had heard of this rumor when they were still in high school, and he justified with Zhou Wang about that. Although Su Hao had never seen him before, upon matching everything up, he suddenly understood something.

He tried to recall carefully.

When he was trying to teach Zhou Wang about the lightning sword, he obviously didnt understand it at first. However, he left and managed to master the skill afterward. It indicated that someone had translated the language of the model and taught it to Zhou Wang. Such a relationship

It was just like Su Hao and Zhang Zhongtian.

It meant that

Teacher and student!

Su Hao finally realized that the guy in front of him now was Zhou Wangs teacher, his teacher from Zhanzheng College.

Perhaps Zhou Wang decided to cooperate with his teacher to cheat in order to get first place in the exam?

No, something was wrong.

If the exam center couldn't figure this out, then it would be too ridiculous. According to Su Haos understanding about quantum computers, once the origin ability talents were recorded into the system, it was impossible to escape from its detection. There were already so many years since the college entrance exam was introduced. Millions of origin ability talents were recorded, but they never heard of someone who could interrupt the exam results.

He had researched on that before.

As he wished to bring blue dream butterfly along, he had investigated this problem before.


It didnt work!

The virtual system could only detect a single identity, who was the DNA verified candidate.

Meanwhile, how about others?


Hence, whenever he came back, he would let the blue dream butterfly go back to the forest which was her favorite place as she couldnt really help. They tried many times but never succeeded.

Hence, even if Zhou Wangs teacher could hack the machine, how could he fake Zhou Wangs fingerprints? How could he login?

This was the problem.


Was it actually Zhou Wang himself?

Su Hao went back to his first thought again about the soul invasion, and he got some new idea. Hence, it meant that Zhou Wangs teacher only had his soul remaining without the body and he was currently staying inside Zhou Wangs body.


Su Hao squinted his eyes.

He could get the whole picture through analyzing pieces of information.

It couldnt be easier for Su Hao to gather all the pieces of information during his daily life and make a conclusion for that as it was one of his greatest strength.

However, upon getting the fact, Su Hao was worried.

Su Hao was a highly knowledgeable person who had been gone through all the theoretical knowledge available on the market. Meanwhile, he had made extra efforts in the soul study in order to help the blue dream butterfly. Hence, he had some idea of the talents which are specialized for the soul. Among those talents, there was one thing in common for sure.

Once they leave their body, they could never return.

In the concept of soul study.

The souls were different from ghosts; they were some substances in between living and non-living born under origin ability and magnetic fields. Meanwhile, these substances possessed all the previous memories before their death. So there wasnt a big difference in their thought process when compared to a real person.

One could even say that the soul was actually the person itself.


Although there were skills where the soul could come out from the body, due to its physical characteristics, it was easily affected by other energy waves and magnetic fields.

Once a wave interfered the soul, it might cause serious damage to the soul.

Hence, here came the concept of soul invasion.

Meanwhile, Zhou Wangs teacher had attached to his body now. However, it also indicated that he would never be able to leave Zhou Wangs body anymore. This circumstance would usually come to the same ending, soul absorption!

The body would be taken over!

How was it like in the world of the mind?

Due to the existence of the model world, Su Hao could easily get into his mind and create another model world.

Meanwhile, how did a normal persons mind appear?


Completely blank!

If an individual was trapped in such environment, he or she might get crazy very soon. The longer he or she stayed, the bigger the possibility of becoming crazy. Although the soul invader didnt mean to be bad in the first place, when one experienced the blank world and complete silence, he or she would prefer soul invasion to take over the body.

The longer the time, the greater the greed.

It was just like a drug addiction, and normal people would not be able to understand.

Moreover, if Su Hao didnt make the wrong guess, Zhou Wangs teacher wouldnt take too long in order to eliminate Zhou Wangs soul. According to the records in the book, the best time for a soul replacement to take place was at the professional level! It also indicated that once Zhou Wang advanced into a professional esper, it was the time his body would be invaded.


Su Hao squinted his eyes.

Within a moment, he completely illustrated the whole picture of the story. It would be easy to illustrate the fact once he had a solid direction to guide him.

What a good move, soul invasion!

Su Hao sneered, he thought that this talent only existed in rumors, but it currently appeared in front of him.

Nonetheless, Zhou Wang was his friend.

He would give his best to save Zhou Wangs life as long as it was within his capability. Meanwhile, there was still something that Su Hao wanted to test for soul invasion.

Looking at Zhou Wang, Su Hao smiled happily.


He fully unleashed his potential.

Su Hao started the battle with his best strike.

Zhou Wang was shocked when he saw Su Hao perfectly summoned out the Xinghe sword. All the people in Jianghe city knew that Su Hao only managed to get the manual eight days ago! However, within a few days, he actually managed to master the technique perfectly. Such a great genius 


Mountain crash!

Water split!

Su Hao started his attack with two techniques that he was very familiar with. With the help of the additional damage from the Xinghe sword, his attack could deal great damage.

Zhou Wang sneered.

Lightning sword!

One slash splitting the sky!


It was a series of origin techniques which were familiar with Su Hao.

Su Hao smiled. He taught both of the techniques that Zhou Wang used just now. Did he plan to defeat him with these techniques?


Su Hao easily avoided that attack.

Phantom sprint!


Su Hao quickly rushed towards Zhou Wang again without a pause. However, wasn't this attack too simple?

The crowd was confused with Su Haos plan.

Su Hao seemed to be planning to take down Zhou Wang with one hit.

However, was it easy to take Zhou Wang down? Even Tian Zi could only defeat Zhou Wang after a great fight for a few minutes, let alone Su Hao had a non-combat ability talent. Was Su Hao still hiding another powerful origin technique?


Su Hao gently slashed with his sword.

Zhou Wang smiled, this attack couldnt even hit him. He blocked the attack with the shield of thunder. Without the mighty power of an origin technique, just the Xinghe sword itself was ineffective.

A little piece of the thunder shield stopped Su Hao's charge.

The crowd sighed.

It was not easy for Su Hao to defeat Zhou Wang in one hit.

Nonetheless, Zhou Wang was in the top five. Trying to defeat him in just one hit was too ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Su Hao suddenly stared at Zhou Wang with a confused expression and mumbled, Weird, I felt that something was wrong. Zhou Wang, you seem to be a bit different.


Zhou Wang was stunned.

Someone discovered that he was using soul invasion?

Not only him, but even the real Zhou Wang himself who was hiding inside the body was also shocked. Perhaps Su Hao already understood something when he used the thunder shield. If they continued to stay here, perhaps Su Hao could detect some abnormality.

If they were discovered 

The exam was just small matter. However, if the Origin Ability Association discovered this, they might get killed.

Zhou Wang, come back!

Alright, teacher.


Zhou Wangs teacher left.

Zhou Wang quickly went back to his body.

Within that moment, there was no one controlling the thunder shield. Su Hao easily struck his attack from another angle. The thunder shield that supposed to block this attack easily seemed to be not working and remained in its original position.

Meanwhile, at the moment.

As Zhou Wang was finally able to take over his own body again, he felt there was a white light shining in front of him, then he fainted.


Killed within a hit!

Challenge Failed!

The white light shined as Zhou Wang disappeared!

Su Hao won!