Godly Model Creator Chapter 381

Gmc Chapter 381

Chapter 381    A new challenge

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The scene disappeared.

Zhou Wangs challenge failed.


He really cleared it in one hit!

WTF! What is the situation here?

It happened yet again?

The crowd was dumbfounded. The same situation actually happened again. It was at the very last moment that Zhou Wangs ability was ineffective and easily defeated by Su Hao.

Three times in a row!

What horrific origin technique did Su Hao master?

In Zhou Wangs room.

The young and old glanced at each other. Eventually, they helplessly let out a bitter laugh.


He actually lost in that fashion.

Master, earlier

The moment when the souls switched, Su Hao took advantage of that moment. The old man sighed; obviously, it was something that he could never expect.

How could it be so coincidental, unless Su Hao realized it?

Zhou Wang was slightly worried and restless.

He always felt that he cheated. If it werent because of his willingness to pay a debt of gratitude to his master which his master said he must obtain first, no matter what he said he would never allow his master to take action.


The old man sneered, If he discovered my existence with his ability then ghosts are real. Is the power of the soul something that a specialized esper can discover? He only felt that something wasnt right, and was slightly hesitant. As I think about it now, I was too sensitive, or else we could have become first.

Looks like there is no more opportunity.

Zhou Wang regretted.

That is unlikely.

The old mans eyes narrowed, After you wait for the others to have a successful challenge, then we can challenge. He could defend for a moment, but cant defend for a lifetime; his own ability is after all too weak. He doesnt have any battle talent and is plainly relying on universal origin techniques. How far can he go?

The old man was very calm as he talked.

Obviously, as for Su Hao being number 1, he was extremely unfavoured, but if he knew that all of his secrets had been completely exposed before Su Hao, nobody knew if he could calm down.

Su Hao reflected on the earlier battle, and couldnt help but sneer.

Regardless of how good the deduction was, it also needed to be verified. Earlier, it was the best moment to verify using his final sentence. And, it succeeded.

It wasnt too different from his deduction.

After he spoke that sentence, through the comparison with the synchronous playback, he felt the soft shivering of Zhou Wangs body. The lightning shield revealed an obvious sluggishness, and followed with a slash of the sword when Zhou Wang attacked again, that familiar Zhou Wang had returned.


What Zhou Wang faced was Su Haos lethal slash.

Indeed this is a master-disciple relationship.

Su Hao pondered for a moment. Zhou Wang was able to come out easily. It didnt look like someone who was controlled by another. However, although it was currently a master-disciple relationship, that might not be the same in the future. If the loneliness of Zhou Wangs mind choked him, with the bustle of the outside world and Zhou Wangs feeling of belonging, how much longer can the soul withstand?

Looks like I should pay more attention to Zhou Wangs side.

Su Hao silently said to himself.

However, as he reflected on the scene where Zhou Wangs master was shocked until he peed his pants, Su Hao was slightly entertained by it. Su Hao really enjoyed pulling pranks the most.

Zhou Wangs matter had temporarily come to an end. Su Hao again placed his eyes on the challenges. At this moment, the challenges had reached its boiling point. Especially for those at the one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand boundaries, they were those who were stuck at the Zhanzheng Colleges reward threshold, and their battles were abnormally brutal.

Win, and it was possible that the reward would improve.

Lose, and one could lose the qualification of being in Zhanzheng College.

How can it be any more brutal?

On the global broadcast screen, the number one video impressively was the around ten thousand ranking battles, the brutality of the battle caused people to be angered. Even Su Haos heart slightly palpitated when he watched.

Darn it. These guys were also only a level 1 specialized esper; their own abilities were too weak.


If these strange talents were put in the top 10, perhaps, it was more troublesome than Ming Fengs curse.

And the person who caught Su Haos attention, Hai Hun, finally stepped up and issued a challenge!

The 1st time, he was cautiously victorious over Ming Feng. The 2nd time, he relied on mind reading and won 6th place. The third time he directly challenged Su Hao and suffered defeat. After that blow from a bookworm, and after gaining some self-confidence through a few battles, he finally began to charge towards the top 5!

Zheng Tai knew how to hide himself.

He might not be able to perform mind reading.

The gap between the top 3 was too huge. Su Hao himself proved this point. Hence, after he made a comparison with the everyone, Hai Hun finally chose Zhou Wang.

For this, Su Hao only could grieve for him.

That master of Zhou Wang was pranked by Su Hao earlier. At the moment one could assume that he was furious, yet Hai Hun still chose to provoke him. Doesnt that mean he pointed a gun towards himself?


The battle began.

Zhou Wang immediately summoned his lightning sword and ignited the thunderbolt purgatory. The dense lightning quickly surrounded and covered the whole area. In an area of a 100 meters, to Zhou Wang who was in peak condition, it wouldnt be much of a problem. Hence, it would be a sad story for student Hai Hun.

So what if you knew?

Do you have the ability to retaliate?

The lightning struck for a full 5 minutes.

The battle ended.


Zhou Wang was victorious.

The crowd who saw was dumbstruck.


Poor Hai Hun.

At this time, the approximate ability of everyone actually could be seen.

Among the top 10.

The last 3s abilities were slightly worse, the 8th, 9th, 10th candidates foundation was solid, but their talent was slightly weaker. Although they had high marks, there was a slight gap on their abilities, and they belonged to the 4th grade.

And in the top 7, Hai Hun and Ming Feng belonged to the 3rd grade, their foundation was solid, and their talent was powerful!

But in the top 5, Zheng Tai who was 4th and Zhou Wang who was 5th, it was obvious when their abilities were compared to the earlier two that they were stronger by another level, and they were positioned at the 2nd grade.

And finally, those who never suffered defeat were the 1st grade!

Su Hao, Tian Zi, Li Tiantian.

If there were no surprises, the final one, should be from these 3.

Soon after.

Naturally, there were a few who were unconvinced and issued a challenge.

The 8th, 9th, and 10th, even they werent satisfied and challenged Su Hao. Undoubtedly, they were easily wiped out by Su Hao.

What a joke, if the 10th place candidate defeated him, how could he last till now?

If one looked from their angle and thought about it, they would figure out the reason behind the challenges of these few people. Why not challenge? After all, they were going to lose, as long as they can show their face on the global screen that should be enough.

After all, what if they won?

After being dominated by the top 7, naturally, they wanted to have some spotlight to emphasize their own existence. Whatever the outcome, they would still maintain their spot in the top ten.


The top 5s domination coupled with Hai Hun and Ming Fengs special talents caused them to be placed in the last three spots of the top ten. It was fated that they wont have much existence. 

And now.

The fight for being the champion had opened for seven consecutive times.

In theory, everyone can challenge the person ten places ahead of him, but the top 10 was otherwise. To compete for number one, at least they must first ensure they were part of the top ten!

Although Su Hao had yet to be challenged by the remaining two people, Li Tiantian and Tian Zi. As long as they were beaten, Su Haos place at the top would be firm.

Still two left.

Su Hao became more cautious.

Because these two people, he feared them the most! The secretive and unpredictable Bai Xiaosheng, and Tian Zi who was full of battle intent. Regardless of who Su Hao fought it would be a difficult battle.

He browsed through the videos of them...

There were a few who challenged them both, but...

Nothing could be seen.

Bai Xiaoshengs ability talent was needless to say; it never appeared from the beginning until the end, he only used a few common origin techniques. From outside, he did not seem different, but every time he would somehow find the opponents weakness and easily defeat them.

Tian Zis ability talent was also roughly the same.

Instead, he had always used his ability, but the essential thing was that nobody could understand how it worked!

After Su Hao observed for half a day, apart from what he saw, he still didnt know how Tian Zis abilities worked.

The only thing he could determine was that Tian Zis abilities became stronger and stronger following the transition of time. However, how did his strength increase, and what method did he use? Nobody knew.

These two people have hidden themselves quite deep.

Su Hao silently uttered to himself.

However, Su Hao obviously forgot that in the eyes of the viewers, not only Tian Zi and Li Tiantian, wasnt Su Hao the same? After seven consecutive victories, what they used were all universal origin techniques. What was Su Haos own origin technique? When was it used? What was its function?

Nobody knew!

What exactly was the use of model analysis?

In the eyes of the viewers, Su Hao who defended his first place seven consecutive times was obviously even more mysterious!

The battle was still explosive.

The global battle had reached its boiling point.

Half of the time limit had passed. No one knew how many candidates had been defeated in the challenges. Su Hao switched to the crowds channel, and he was very excited by what he saw. The various types of origin ability techniques, obviously also gave him a lot of ideas. And at this time, the screen shook slightly, in front of him a window appeared.

Su Haos mind immediately shook.

The challenge had arrived!


A notification popped out.

A new challenge appeared before him.


Li Tiantian challenges you.

Condition met.

Challenge accepted.

Please choose the map.

Bai Xiaosheng?

Su Haos mind was stunned for a while. Unexpectedly it was Bai Xiaosheng?

Su Hao didnt dare to believe a bit.

Because at this time, he already found out an extremely horrific matter, that was Bai Xiaosheng definitely wont look for a fight that he cant win. It seemed that in each of his battles he had found somebodys weakness. However, it was possible that before the battle, Bai Xiaosheng had already seen it and then, he focused on producing a response plan.

And now, he challenged Su Hao.

This meant...

Bai Xiaosheng already focused on him, and produced a response plan?

Su Haos heart went cold for a while. He always felt dread towards Bai Xiaoshengs abilities. Finally, it was time for him to face Bai Xiaosheng.

The Su Haos thoughts quickly cycled.

On the surface, he calmly chose a map and then started the fight.


The screen was forcefully refreshed.

The battle for number 1 started again!

Challenger: Li Tiantian

Opponent: Su Hao

Rank adjustment: 3rd VS 1st

Map: City of Fog