Godly Model Creator Chapter 382

Gmc Chapter 382

Chapter 382    A battle of future!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Its Li Tiantian!

He finally made a move!

Yea, I am eager to watch his battle with Su Hao. Hope he shows his grade S talent this time!

The crowd became very excited upon seeing Li Tiantians challenge.

Because at this moment, the only unbeaten candidates were the three of them. 

And now.

For Li Tiantian to challenge Su Hao, he was definitely confident.

Between these two, one of them would lose their win streak.

The map chosen by Su Hao was his favorite.

City of Fog.

It was this map again!

Regarding Su Haos choice, they were somewhat surprised.

Could it be that Su Hao was planning to play hide and seek again? The advantage received for being challenged is naturally huge, but it wouldnt have much effect on someone like Li Tiantian.


Su Hao and Li Tiantian spawned at different places. Then, Su Hao directly rushed to the center. Due to the energy fluctuation, Li Tiantian headed to the same direction.

Soon, at the center of the city.

Both of them arrived at the same time.


Such great speed!

Is this the setup of a decisive battle?

Already confronting each other the moment the match started.

Both of them are from Jianghe City. Perhaps they are familiar with each other. Naturally, they wont try to use any strategy. This match will probably end in a true warrior-like fashion.

Someone analyzed the match.

At this moment, in the City of Fog.

Su Hao and Li Tiantian were separated from each other by ten meters. Nobody took a step forward.

Ten meters was at the border of the haze. As long as Su Hao gently moved, he would vanish into the fog. Both of them just had a showdown of stare. Looking at Bai Xiaoshengs expression, Su Hao then slowly opened his mouth.

Seems like youre pretty confident.

Of course.

Bai Xiaosheng answered directly. With his talent, what was his percentage for victory, how to win, and whether he could win; presumably, he had determined all of these factors in advance.

Indeed worthy to be the legendary grade S talent.

From the past exam sections, Li Tiantians usual performance, and the last battle of glory, Su Hao could roughly guess what Li Tiantians ability talent was.

If he didnt guess wrong, it must be related to the future.

It was very likely that this ability was one that could determine what would happen in the future. Compared to Su Haos illusion reality, Li Tiantians talent was without a doubt the perfected version, because illusion reality was only able to predict.

By using the current circumstances, Su Hao was able to calculate based on the data available. For example, when Su Hao confronted Zhou Wang, Su Hao naturally knew what origin technique Zhou Wang had via card reading. Of course, he couldnt read the card, but he could still understand his opponents mastery.

And at this moment, illusion reality would shine.

It could deduce based on the data obtained from character model of Zhou Wang. However, if someone who was outside of the analysis scope made a move here

Su Hao wouldnt be able to predict it.

After all, illusion reality was basically analysis and deduction.

However, Bai Xiaoshengs talent If Su Hao guessed correctly, it was true foresight. Although there were a lot of possibilities in the future, as long as one could know the overall picture of it, that should be enough. Plus, when you knew about something in advance, then it wont be that effective.

What was the shortcoming of Su Hao?

His fighting capability was weak!

His probability of winning was too low! Whether it was his model analysis or him being a level 4 esper, they all paled in comparison.

As for his attacks, Su Hao only relied on two universal origin techniques, mountain crash and water split. His actual strength wasnt as strong as what the crowd imagined.

If Bai Xiaosheng used his full strength from the start by emphasizing on these points

Su Hao would be doomed.


In the eyes of Bai Xiaosheng, one could see a wide smile.

With his whole body illuminating as rays of light appeared, his figure was still as calm as before although his aura and momentum continued to surge!

Sure enough...

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

This brat, he really planned for a brawl fight?


Su Haos figure retreated into the fog.

Its too late to hide now!

Bai Xiaosheng laughed in a sinister way. The horrifying might of his level 6 power was fully shown, and he directly locked onto Su Hao.

Even with the fog to affect his vision, the direction Bai Xiaosheng headed to didnt change.

Su Hao retreated while Bai Xiaosheng chased him from behind. Even when there was ten meters distance between them filled with fog, they were still in a stalemate.

Two freaks

Many people cursed them. This fog did not affect them at all. Without a doubt, their ability talent would be revealed.

Sure enough!

Su Hao sighed.

Since Bai Xiaosheng had made his move, he naturally knew about this all along.

The gap between Su Hao as a level 4 esper and Bai Xiaosheng as level 6, Su Hao didnt have the confidence to win.

Am I going to lose?

Su Hao took a deep breath as his eyes turned cold, Since you want to fight, come at me then!

A brawl battle, he really had no confidence.

However, did Bai Xiaosheng really expect all this?

Not really. 

With his current ability, to show such ability, a lot of energy would be consumed.

This point was clearly proven from Su Hao who had mastered illusion reality. This future foresight ability which was much powerful than illusion reality, one couldnt imagine how much energy would be consumed.

Since there was no solution on this, then he would compete based on energy consumption.

The moment when Bai Xiaoshengs energy was out, that would be the moment when he won!


Without any hesitation, Su Hao turned around.

Fight back!

Synchronous playback, activate!

Illusion reality, activate!

Several powerful origin techniques activated at the same time. A strange light flashed within his eyes and instantly entered into his best combative state. With the Xinghe sword condensed within his hand, he slashed at Bai Xiaosheng.

Mountain crash!


A crisp sound could be heard.

Bai Xiaosheng condensed a translucent energy weapon and easily blocked Su Haos incoming attack. The confrontation between them instantly began.

Ding, ding, ding!

Flashes of light filled the screen.

Two dazzling swords clashed with each other in the City of Fog. 

The crowd watched the scene in excitement.

However, Su Hao was clear that this battle was between his illusion reality and Bai Xiaoshengs ability talent!

Both of them predicting future!

Which would be strong or weak?!

This was a battle when the movement outside was just the result of their prediction which had been determined beforehand!

The model world shook!

Although it was only a temporary model, the fast rate which it was established and destroyed was almost beyond Su Haos limit.

And he believed Bai Xiaosheng was facing the same situation too.

Predicting wasnt as easy as one imagined!



The battle direction kept changing!

When illusion reality was activated, every second was different. The next second had been predicted, but the thing he predicted could change in the next second.

He knew how to predict!

Bai Xiaosheng knew about prediction as well!

Compared to the battle of glory, Bai Xiaoshengs talent was much stronger by countless times! At this very second, he could see Bai Xiaosheng being hit hard by him. The next second, Bai Xiaosheng used his ability to reverse the situation, forcing Su Hao to keep making changes.

For both of them, each sword confrontation was the collision of two different futures!

The foreseen next second!



The predicted future kept collapsing and being rebuilt.

Su Hao used up a lot of energy with his illusion reality to change the next second which collapsed the future created by Bai Xiaosheng. As long as both of their world collided and were different, it would be enough to destroy the future foreseen by Bai Xiaosheng.

This huge battle was apparently beyond Bai Xiaoshengs expectations.

However, he still didnt have the slightest bit of fear.

Every second!

It was a heavy confrontation!

And Su Haos consumption was a hundred times more than Bai Xiaoshengs!

Only the next second!

Nobody dared to predict the next two seconds. The world was so unstable under one second. To try gaining an extra second would be wasteful. This moment of life or death, it was a battle of switching the outcome of every second.



Bai Xiaosheng switched his attack.

Both of them were rapidly changing their attack.

They would never give their opponent a chance!

Su Haos energy within his body rapidly emptied. The energy within Bai Xiaoshengs body was also being wildly used up. Yet, he had no fear. He was still calm as usual. This could only mean one thing. He had also foreseen the energy consumption for the fight. He believed that he would be able to kill Su Hao before his energy was depleted!

Upon seeing this, Su Haos heart sank.

This was not good!

Illusion reality was too weak after all!