Godly Model Creator Chapter 383

Gmc Chapter 383

Chapter 383    Tian Zis Strength

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Illusion reality was ultimately an origin technique that he had derived himself. There was still a long way to go to reach the same level as true prediction, not to mention Bai Xiaoshengs ability talent. It indeed was grade S worthy. If not for the abundant energy in his body, Bai Xiaosheng would have gotten rid of him long ago.

And now

In the end, he still couldnt hold on.

What to do now?

Cold light flashed across his eyes as he instantly made a decision. Since competing in energy consumption was useless, then he would make himself not consume any energy! Bai Xiaosheng could see his weakness and his fighting style, but he had ignored another detail!

He was a challenger!

Su Hao was the one being challenged!


Su Hao had never thought of that before since the start of this match.

However, to obtain victory, there wasnt only one single method to do so.


Su Hao bit his teeth as his heart made a decision.


A ray of energy suddenly shot out. Su Hao didnt hesitate to throw it into the air. The terrifying eruption of energy allowed the energy beam to reach the top of the sky before it rapidly fell.

At this time, the start of Su Haos plan had just begun!

Xinghe sword, return!


Permanent model, return!


His body was filled with dense energy.

A loud, booming sound could be heard from within his body. His eyes swept across the energy beam. Easily guiding the energy within his body, he created another energy beam. When it appeared in his hand, all energy within his body had been drained.

The energy beams energy consumption was as devastating as ever!

He could only have one type of energy beam in his body. Right now, two of them were not in his body! Once they were out of his body, they would no longer belong to him. Currently, he had one floating in front and the other one in mid-air.


Su Hao pointed his finger to the sky. He directed the energy beam in front of him towards the incoming falling energy beam from the sky and the two slammed into each other.


Bai Xiaosheng was doubtful.

Su Hao suddenly coming up with two energy beams somehow put him in a daze. He didnt see this in his vision for the next second future. Was it an energy consumption problem?

Anyhow, there must definitely be a problem for Su Hao to come up with two beams.

He absolutely couldn't allow Su Haos plan succeed.


He activated his ability talent.

A void shadow appeared on top of Bai Xiaosheng which then caused his face to contort into something ugly.

This madman!

At that moment, a new future refreshed.

He finally saw the immediate future and understood what the two beams were for.

This Xinghe swords energy beam was a semi-perfect energy beam. If one exploded, both of them would suffer serious injuries but not immediate death. However, if two beams were to clash together

Bai Xiaosheng looked up, revealing a trace of a smile.

Im behind a step...


The sky burst open.

Dazzling blue light spread in the surroundings.

That glare blinded all onlookers eyes. The City of Fog turned into white like a flashbang.




When the dazzling blue light finally disappeared, everyone was finally able to open their eyes to look at the scene. They were instantly stunned.

The City of Fog was gone.

What was left in front was a plain ruin.

Among the ruins, nobody could be seen.


The scene refreshed and the challenge was over.

The final result popped out on the screen.


Challenge failed!

Li Tiantian died.

Su Hao died.




Su Hao actually chose to kamikaze!

His advantage was pretty obvious.

Some puzzledly asked, But looking at the fight between them, nothing seemed to be interesting. Wasnt it just like those who were struggling at the top 100?

Yes, this was the same doubt many people had.

Because when they looked based on origin techniques or how the fighting scene unfolded, the duel between them seemed pale in comparison.

However, those who could understand the fight all turned gloomy.

The beauty of a fight?

Origin technique?

What bullsh*t was that?

The red and blue light within Su Haos eyes, the void shadow behind Bai Xiaosheng, whenever they clashed, one could feel the incomparable energy collision. Each fluctuation from a sword slash was so dangerous that a single mistake would be beyond redemption!

Such a high standard battle wasnt something those hovering at 10 points in origin ability could understand. Of course, this didnt prevent them from acknowledging the final result.

Su Hao won.

Out of the top ten, he had won eight times. Excluding Tian Zi, everyone else had challenged him before. Which meant that if Su Hao won the next match, he would be crowned as a champion!

Nobody would have thought of it.

The global war reached the peak and the final moment was here.

And now

The crowd finally realized something.

Su Hao had won eight consecutive times!

Thinking of this, the crowds blood was boiling.

You guys can flame him not having battle experience, but having won eight consecutive times? Who still wouldnt accept his might?

As for Tian Zi

When would it be time for him to issue a challenge?

Everyone excitedly looked at the screen.

Unfortunately, Tian Zi didnt make a move because at this time, there was a new ongoing battle.

Hai Hun Vs Tian Zi!

After not being challenged for quite some time, he was finally challenged!

This battle was still between heavyweights. Hai Hun had his mind reading ability. After selecting the map, the battle finally started. However, the audience didnt expect for the match to start quickly and end rapidly too. Hai Huns mind reading was totally ineffective against Tian Zi.

Was it busted?

No, no.

When Zhou Wang was dueling with Hai Hun, he had to use thunderbolt purgatory for five minutes which caused Hai Hun to be held back due to his weak combat ability. 

As for Tian Zi?

One slash!

Two slashes!

Three slashes!

Hai Hun fainted.

Challenge failed.

This battle shocked everyone. Those who were looking forward for Hai Hun to use his mind reading as a counterattack were disappointed.

At this moment, the crowd had the same idea.

The gap in strength was too huge!

Tian Zi was a level 8 esper after all!

A level 8 esper coupled with his battle intent; Hai Hun had no chance at all!

Had he managed to read his mind?


But so what?

His body couldnt keep up with his thoughts.

Hai Hun could only smile bitterly.

Every time he challenged the top 5, there would always be some sort of surprise waiting for him. He knew he could have broken Su Haos freaking encryption code if he could do the reverse calculation. However, he lacked time. Time was what he was missing!

A fight progressed rapidly. Who would bother to give you time?

As for the fight with Zhou Wang, it was extremely depressing as he was covered by lightning the entire time.

Meanwhile, Tian Zi wasnt worth mentioning. It was a complete dominance.

So, one could deduce that the top 5 had easily solved his mind reading ability. Plus, there were two more candidates which he didnt dare to challenge: Li Tiantian and Zheng Tai, because they were the ones he was afraid of the most.

Hai Hun unwillingly said, Too bad my mind reading is only at the beginner stage or else...

If he was able to reach the mind reading stage he would have all sorts of horrifying mental origin techniques. By then he wouldnt have the problem of his body not being able to keep up with his thoughts anymore.


It wasnt now.

I lost, Hai Hun said in a sad tone. If he wasnt wrong, he had no chance to advance any further in this global war.

Out of the top five, he had challenged three of them.