Godly Model Creator Chapter 384

Gmc Chapter 384

Chapter 384    An unbelievable counterattack

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

As for Li Tiantian.

He recalled his battle with Su Hao; it seemed to be extremely normal. However, only those who were in the top ten could feel the power of that strike. It was like every single strike could easily destroy the world. He couldnt understand how an ordinary strike could produce such might.

Hence, he was afraid.

He had no idea about their real capability.

Li Tiantian and Su Hao, these two were the ones who hid their ability to the best degree.

Although everyone saw that they were using origin techniques, no one knew when and how the techniques were used. This was one of the trickiest parts of support type ability talents.

That was it.


A long breath.

Hai Hun tried to calm himself down.

There was no more chance for him in the global war. Since he couldnt make it into the top five, there wasnt any big difference to be ranked from 6 to 9.

This failure wont last forever.

My mind reading talent is still in the beginner stage. Someday in the future, I will be the best in the world! Hai Hun said calmly while looking at the screen.

His mind reading talent was still in the beginner state, when he improves to the intermediate, advanced or master level he believed that he would become one of the strongest espers in the world!

Hai Hun adjusted his attitude, smiled and looked at the screen again.

The global war

Was still continuing.

The battles of the top 10 candidates attracted attention from everyone. However, there was still another battle where most people were concerned. There was one candidate ranked in the top 100 who advanced in a fabulous speed.

He was rank 22 now.

Meanwhile, he was challenging a candidate who at rank 15 that had a defense type ability. Although he had successfully advanced in all of his previous battles, he didnt choose number 12 instead he chose number 15.

Was it because he knew that his capability was limited?

The crowd was shocked when they checked his challenge record, all of his opponents specialized in defense. No matter what type of defending talent they had, he could easily break their defense in one strike.

This candidate who had just advanced into a specialized esper was unstoppable!


This doesnt make sense!

They couldnt believe what they saw.

This candidate named Li Xin performed average in all his previous exam. It wasnt too bad, but it was too much to get into the top 20. All the top 20 candidates were at least a level 3 or level 4 specialized esper.

He had advanced into the top 22 as a level 1 esper, like a shit among flowers.

Due to curiosity, the crowd started to look at his battle replay. Then, they found the truth with sorrow. When he was battling with someone with attacking talent, he seemed to be foolish in strategy. Meanwhile, when he was battling with someone with a defending talent...

His strategy was even more foolish!

It could be said that there was no strategy at all!

For example.

In Li Xins current battle against the 15th-ranked candidate while at rank 22nd, Li Xin just simply attacked. Everyone facepalmed themselves, how could such a person able to reach rank 22nd?

3 minutes later.


A weird sound came from the battlefield.

They surprisingly looked upon the battle; then they saw that the extremely stable defense was completely destroyed, causing the ranked 15th candidate to be killed instantly.


The crowd was stunned. How could this be possible?

They tried to replay the battle record, but they couldnt find anything weird. Li Xin just simply attacked his opponent while sometimes he was also hit by his opponent. 3 minutes later, Li Xin couldnt deal damage to his opponent, yet he almost lost the battle as the opponents attack consistently hit him.

No matter from what perspective one tried to consider.

Li Xin would definitely be the loser.

However, it was unbelievable that

The ranked 15th candidate was killed!

The audience started to review Li Xins other battle replays. Soon, they realized that all of his battles had the same thing happen. Li Xins opponent would suddenly lose at a random time intervals; sometimes it was 1 minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes.

At this moment

As people investigated Li Xins background and the available information online such as his origin ability talent, the non-consistent critical hit, people started to understand it.

Attack with multiple times the severity!

The reason behind Li Xin's success was from his non-consistent critical hits.

This guy has really good luck! The higher the multiples of damage, the smaller chance it appears. It was so hard for such a foolish strategy to win a round. But he still became rank 15?


Some people sneered and said, You should look at his skill.


People couldnt understand that.

When they tried to replay the battle, they finally understood.

Quick attacks!

All of Li Xins attacks were quick attacks!

Normally, people would charge up their energy and make a strong strike during the attack. However, it wasnt applicable to Li Xin. All of his attacks were mainly focused on speed.

When people strike once, he could strike five times!

Although the damage was weak due to the high frequency of the attacks, that wasnt a problem for Li Xin. Even if he only managed to make one critical strike with a multiple of 2, it was already painful for his opponent.

Meanwhile, with such a high frequency of attack by Li Xin

How many attacks could he deal in a five-minute battle?

Nobody knew!

There wasnt even a candidate who could sustain up to five minutes.

Assuming that a certain critical strike multiplier had a probability of 1/1000 chance to appear. However, it also indicated that for about a thousand strikes, at least critical strike would appear.

Non-consistent critical hit.

When it was in high frequency, it would become a stable critical hit.

At this moment, the crowd finally understood.

No wonder Li Xin would choose opponents who had a defensive talent. Opponents with attacking talents would kill him instantly, while opponent with defensive type talents would allow him to attack continuously.

Due to  Li Xins weird talent characteristics, people wouldnt want to waste their precious challenge opportunity on him. What if his critical strike succeeded?

One could only challenge once every ten minutes; it would be wasted if that happened.

Moreover, Li Xin seldom remained at the same position for too long. Hence, there was only one opponent who challenged Li Xin.

Then, he was defeated by Li Xin within ten seconds due to the super-critical hit.

Hence, the candidates decided to neglect Li Xin.

While people were researching Li Xins portfolio, his full score achievement in the previous test for physical fitness became a hot topic again. The college entrance exam became more interesting due to this discussion. However, they were curious whether he would continue to challenge others.

The candidate at number 15 was the highest-ranked candidate with defensive talent.

There wasnt anyone else who was suitable for Li Xin to challenge next.

All of the candidates in the top 15 possessed attack talents. Moreover, the candidates in the top 10 were extremely strong. Under such circumstances, would Li Xin still continue to challenge?

The global war was still continuing.

After ten minutes.

Outside of everyones expectations, Li Xin suddenly issued another challenge. Meanwhile, his target this time was -- Hai Hun!

Mind-reader Hai hun!



The audience was stunned.

Although Hai Hun only ranked at number six, he was one of the most dangerous opponents among the top ten candidates. He was known as the opponent whom candidates were most unwillingly to challenge.

It was because of his mind reading ability!

No one would want to face an opponent who could read your mind.

Nonetheless, it was just the beginner level of mind reading. However, if you accidentally thought of some of your secrets

Hmm, it would be interesting.

Meanwhile, Li Xin was challenging the ranked 6th candidate as the ranked 15th candidate.

He was really brave.

Li Xin is going to challenge Hai Hun?

Su Hao who was watching the battle replay of Tian Xi was shocked when he got the news. It was already out of his expectation that Li Xin could advance to rank 15. However, he was challenging Hai Hun! Why?

Su Hao looked at the list of the rank, and he shook his head.

He could see it now!

People couldnt understand, but he could.

From the candidate on the 7th place up to 14th place, they possessed not only attack type talent, but were also elemental and ranged types. These types of talents would be a great disadvantage for Li Xin.

If Li Xin could choose the map and it turned the battle into a melee, perhaps there was still a chance for him. Or else, he would definitely lose.

In fact, Li Xin would not think much.


The only reason he chose Hai Hun might be because of his non-attack type talent. As long as it wasnt an attacking talent, Li Xin was confident enough to make his challenge. Under the boosted confident, he chose to challenge Hai Hun.

It was an easy choice for him.



The map appeared!

Challenge started!

Challenger: Li Xin

Opponent: Hai Hun

Rank adjustment: 15 VS 6

Map: Martial ring

The simplest map.

Obviously, Hai Hun knew about Li Xins talent. He wouldnt want to give him a chance to ambush him in a complicated map.

If he were defeated right before he used mind reading, then that would be a joke.

The battle started.

Meanwhile, Li Xin did not need any preparation. As the map appeared, Li Xin looked around and found Hai Hun; then he rushed towards Hai Hun excitingly.

Here I come!

Li Xin shouted excitedly.

Hai Hun was speechless.

Li Xin acted like as if Hai Hun was the boss of a special map. What the heck?


Hai Hun used his mind reading talent. He immediately obtained the thought from Li Xin. However, he was shocked at the thought afterward. Damn, what was that?