Godly Model Creator Chapter 385

Gmc Chapter 385

Chapter 385    Final hour

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Hai Hun was slightly at a loss as he dodged Li Xins attacks.

What did he see earlier?

Li Xin reincarnated as a warrior for justice and battled to defend Earth. But opposite of him, student Hai Hun, impressively was a man who molested young girls, robbed, and only read pirated books. As a demon who committed ten types of evil, as long as this demon was killed, then this slowly collapsing world would be saved.


This was Hai Huns first curse towards someone, as he was normally calm.

Regardless, he would never imagine that Li Xin actually imagined this! And he not only did so, but he also perfected Hai Hun as a boss with a specially customized background. If it were not for the mind readers own eyes witnessing this, he would never believe this was real!


Was this the world of a third-year high school student?

A moment later.

Hai Hun was somewhat dazed.

Ha ha, indeed evil cannot triumph over good!

This was Li Xins voice deep within his mind. After Hai Hun read it, he immediately spat a mouthful of blood, this this this

A good chance, receive my righteous judgment!

This was another one of Li Xins thoughts.

Hai Hun was slightly at a loss.

Righteous judgment?

What did that mean?

As the thoughts flowed through his mind, before Hai Hun could react, he saw Li Xins speed suddenly increase. In a moment, he rushed before him and unleashed a series of quick attacks.




Three consecutive punches landed on Hai Huns body, causing Hai Hun to be stunned for a moment.

Li Xins attacks were not powerful, and was easily defended by Hai Hun, but his origin ability was horrific! Fortunately, the three punches didnt explode with a doubled critical hit. Hai Hun was surprised, and he immediately stepped back. Up until now, he didnt understand. After hiding for so long, why did he suddenly draw near?

Righteous judgment?

Judge your sister!

He was certain that what Li Xin used earlier was an origin technique. After Li Xin advanced into a specialized esper, indeed origin techniques could be used but 

Why couldnt he read it?

What he read earlier was that so-called righteous judgment! What origin technique did Li Xin use, which area did he attack, predicting Hai Huns position, to obtain a sure hit!

Wasnt that supposedly a normal persons reaction?

What situation was this?

Li Xins speed rose, the earlier origin technique, obviously was a speed support origin technique. Unfortunately, Hai Hun couldnt read anything.

But, since the demon was defeated by the warrior.

Oh, thats not right, since Hai Hun was hit three times by Li Xins melee attacks, after Hai Hun quickly retreated, Hai Huns condition was even more pessimistic.

Because he shockingly found that Li Xins thoughts no longer had any intention to attack!

From the beginning, Li Xin still thought of how to defeat the demon. After nearing him once, in Li Xins subconscious, he really thought that Hai Hun was no match for him. But now? What Hai Hun read was student Li Xins optimum self-confident declaration challenge.

Aiyaya, you are now afraid, right?

Young man, please dont dodge, accept the fact that big brother Li Xin will trample you!

And at this moment, Hai Hun finally understand why he wasnt able to see anything.

Thoughtless output!

No brain, it wasnt just any metaphor but literally an output without a brain!

When Li Xin threw a punch, his action had never gone into his thoughts!

Hence, Hai Hun exhausted his thoughts to avoid melee combat, but that inevitably failed. Li Xins abilities were like a time bomb which caused Hai Hun to have a lingering fear.

Since it was unavoidable.

Then battle!

Terminate Li Xin in the shortest amount of time!

Hai Hun reacted, might as well not use the mind reading technique and directly face Li Xin. With his abilities, he was completely dominant against Li Xin!

As long as Li Xin was terminated in a short amount of time, then everything will be fine.

But, even though the extremely high multipliers didnt explode, but double, triple critical hits occasionally emerged. Attacks that were sometimes high or sometimes low made Hai Hun feel like vomiting blood while defending. Once again he was in a stalemate and then

At 4 minutes and 30 seconds.


An abnormal power exploded from Li Xins hands.

Hai Hun fell.

Challenge successful!

Challenger: Li Xin.

Current rank: 6th.

Opponent: Hai Hun.

Current rank: 7th.


This method actually worked?

He actually won?

The crowd who witnessed this battle went speechless.

This victory...

Was really unexpected.

Li Xin was victorious and won in an incomparable calm manner.

For him, after the attacks were launched, he basically didnt need to consider where to hit. He immediately followed any positions in his eyes and threw punches. Then he began his attacks. If Hai Hun asked him now, how did he attack, Li Xin would definitely reply proudly. Of course, the nearest spot. What else is there to think?

Hence, student Li Xin, using an extremely frightening method, managed to step into the top 10 rank, and caused Hai Hun, Ming Feng, and the others to take a step backward in the global ranking collectively. 6th place. Of course, he eventually had to hold his spot till the end. But for the crowd, Li Xins performance was enough to shock everyone.

The global war continued.

Tian Zi still didnt challenge Su Hao. Perhaps in his heart, he still wasnt sure of his chances.

Su Haos two energy beams were a big killer weapon. Before this was deciphered, he would definitely not be challenged!

Otherwise, regardless of how powerful your abilities were, it will only be a tie!

If Li Tiantian knew earlier that Su Hao had this, he could also think of a method to counter it, but a Grade S ability wasnt almighty. How effective the ability was depended on the user.

Was Hai Huns mind reading technique powerful?

It is!

But he still wasnt able to read many peoples minds. This was the gap of strength.

Heh heh.

Su Haos model analysis could even create a world, doesnt that mean he was invincible?

To judge how powerful or weak from the talent itself was an extremely humorous behavior. Global battle, ability, status, strategy, regardless of any execution, all could change the tide of battle. In theory, invincible talents dont exist, what was truly powerful, was the esper itself!

Li Xins appearance completely threw the top 10 order into disarray.

The initial 10th exam student was instantly furious. Because of Li Xins appearance, his initially impressive 10th rank was gone, he was now ranked 11th!

This was intolerable!

Hence, he faced Li Xin and issued a challenge!

Li Xins challenge just ended and was in a challenge cooling period. However, he was being challenged when cooldown had finished. Hence, after the 11th ranked student issued a challenge, the battle commenced.


Although Li Xin was a retard, he wasnt stupid.

During map selection, Li Xin intentionally chose an incomparably narrow passageway and perfectly nullified the distance. Then in the narrow passageway, the battle began. The candidates extremely long ranged elemental attacks werent able to be used and was easily beaten by Li Xins melee attacks.

Double, triple, quadruple...

The messy attack strength erupted.

After 2 minutes.

The 11th ranked candidate was trampled beyond comprehension and was eliminated.

Challenge failed.

Li Xin was victorious.

The crowd instantly went silent, this

Li Xins every move indeed delighted everyone. And following this challenge, time slowly passed before it finally reached 11 o clock sharp.

This meant that there was still the final hour.



The global war went into chaos.

Finally, no one could be patient.

Ming Feng issued a challenge at Zhou Wang!

The perfect clash between the power of the curse and the power of the thunderbolt gave the crowd a display of a beautiful origin ability battle.

Unfortunately, it still ended with Ming Fengs defeat. The abilities of the two were well matched, but the thunderbolt ability was more suitable as explosions. Conversely, the power of the curse was slightly more suitable in the dark. Also, Ming Feng was initially the challenger, the disadvantage was obvious, and he was directly eliminated.

Hai Hun issued a challenge to Zheng Tai!

Even if all Hai Hun wanted was to take hold of the small opportunity, it went as he expected. Zheng Tai camouflage ability was extremely powerful, his half ripe origin ability technique was activated, but was completely ineffective against Zheng Tai! Unless Zheng Tai revealed himself, he totally wasnt able to read his mind.

And Zheng Tais only appearance was also his final appearance.

A dark shadow floated before Zheng Tai and countless illusions appeared, causing Hai Hun to be totally unable to identify which was Zheng Tai. A beautiful wave of assassination techniques caused Hai Hun to be directly eliminated!

The battles were fast and furious.

The standards sharply rose!

Zhou Wang issued a challenge at Li Tiantian!

Li Tiantians battles always werent significant as it was filled with an indifferent elegance. While it was awesome to others, no one was able to feel how powerful he was. Hence, Zhou Wang finally decided to give it a try. They came from the same city. He couldnt beat Su Hao, but does that mean he couldnt beat Li Tiantian?


The result could be predicted.

Zhou Wang didnt really understand. When Su Hao battled with Li Tiantian, both of them always used the most basic energy sword to execute their attacks. Apart from the final self-explosion, from beginning to end, there wasnt any extravagant show of any origin techniques.

However, he now understood.

It wasnt that it was unused, but it was unable to be used!

Origin techniques required preparation time. Even if it were 0.1 seconds, it would be canceled by Li Tiantian. Apart from the lightning sword, any other origin techniques werent able to be displayed.

Thunderbolt purgatory!


One slash splitting sky!


Purple beam!


After that, Zhou Wang was defeated.

This was an extremely shocking battle.

At least it seemed like that on the surface. At this time, the crowd then knew how horrific Li Tiantians talent was. And they also finally understood how dazzling Su Hao and Li Tiantians seemingly ordinary origin ability weapon clash was.

Compared with Zhou Wangs, it was even more clear.

When he faced Zhou Wang, Li Tiantian was so calm and collected. It seemed like he had victory right at the very beginning and he was simply strolling through the battle.

Such elegance, caused many fans to scream.

This was truly the number one in their hearts.