Godly Model Creator Chapter 386

Gmc Chapter 386

Chapter 386    Unexpected challenger

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Different fight, different rhythm.

When he was fighting against Su Hao, Li Tiantian was adopting a different pace. A super fast pace naturally had different means of attack. 


Su Hao watched Bai Xiaosheng win and smiled indifferently. This was just what he had expected.

If he didnt use the energy beam at the last moment, he wouldnt have been able to hold on either. Even if he had the stage advantage, he was not confident being able to carry on for a full 5 minutes. Zhou Wangs actual ability was weaker than his. So what if his master possessed him? A loser was destined to lose!

The reason the fight between him and Bai Xiaosheng was so fast paced was due to them constantly changing the future!

Bai Xiaosheng dared not and couldnt predict more than the next second. What he had prepared beforehand had been destroyed by Su Hao. But for the others, the situation would be different

Su Hao did not doubt that the moment Li Tiantian fought with Zhou Wang, he already foresaw his victory.

The screen continued broadcasting the other battles.

Su Hao just had a quick glance because all of his attention was on studying Tian Zi.

Because the final battle would be between him and Tian Zi!

The energy beam couldnt be solved?

Hehe, that was impossible!

Whether it was Tian Zi or Li Tiantian, as long as this energy beam was exposed, they would have a way to crack it. At the very least, they would find a solution to escape from this wide ranged attack. This nuclear bomb like attack, once there was a mistake, Su Hao might die while the other survived.

As long as one managed to keep breathing, they would win.

During the previous battle,  the surprise factor of his move was the reason why Su Hao could win.

And this card could only be used once.

Thus, Su Hao had to study Tian Zis fighting style, method, and data about battle intent.

At this moment


A crisp sound startled Su Hao. The challenge was here finally!

Tian Zi, you couldnt hold on anymore!

Su Haos eyes lit up, Let us see who is truly the strongest esper in this college entrance exam!


The screen refreshed.

Su Hao raised his head up but was instantly stunned without being able to utter a single word.


On the screen, it was indeed a challenge for the first rank, but it wasnt Tian Zi. It was someone who he would have never thought of Li Xin!

This retard, the cooling duration was just over, and he already attempted to be ranked first.

Su Hao bitterly smiled.


The battle for number one once again began!

Its here again!

Finally its about to start!

The crowd excitedly looked at the screen, but when the data appeared, they were stunned. 

Disappointment could be seen on their faces.


Challenger: Li Xin.

Opponent: Su Hao.

Rank adjustment: 6 VS 1.

Map: Martial ring


Su Hao immediately picked martial ring which caused the crowd to be speechless again.

In order to improve candidates combat ability and enrich their experiences, the exam center had spent so much to introduce N number of virtual locations. Many maps werent even selected once. And surprisingly, the hottest map turned out to be the martial ring!

And it was the simplest map.

Could Li Xin win?

Their heart skipped a beat.

Eventually, they had been shocked by their own thought. Their heart actually had such a desire? Didnt this mean that they actually thought that Li Xin has the chance to give it a shot?

Unknowingly, Li Xin had reached such a place in their hearts.

Su Hao had successfully defended his rank eight consecutive times.

Li Xins fairy tale story once again had a new chapter and what was more frightening was Li Xin and Su Hao were both close combatant!

In other words

Once Li Xin managed to strike a critical hit, perhaps his first punch would put Su Hao down.

Once they thought of this

They facepalmed.

Had the battle reached the point where one had a brawl?

Although the school did mention that to be a strong esper, your character is also important However, this kind of character really made them speechless.


The screen refreshed.

Li Xin and Su Hao spawned in the ring. Surprisingly, this time, that impulsive Li Xin didnt even charge at him.


Li Xin exclaimed excitedly.


The crowd was stunned.



What kind of development was this? They knew each other?

Hold on

They had a look at both information and noticed that these two candidates were from the same city.

Surprisingly, they were both from the same school and same class. How could they not know each other then?

You really dared to challenge me huh.

Su Hao was speechless. He naturally liked that straightforward character of Li Xin.

Of course.

Li Xin raised his fist, Although I am boss follower, my heart still need to be brave!


Su Hao laughed, That mentality is good. After you exit, do maintain it.


Li Xin looked up in confusion. He knew that he had small chance of winning, but the battle just started.

Su Hao smiled indifferently and didnt explain, I am going to attack now. Let's start.


Li Xin nodded. With a burst of origin technique, he dashed toward Su Hao. The distance between them instantly became close. Looking at Li Xins body, Su Hao leisurely threw an energy beam and blasted his body.


The energy from the beam spread toward the whole ring.

Very quickly.

Everything vanished.


Challenge failed!

Li Xin, dead.

Su Hao, serious injury.



That can happen?

The audience was stunned.

The battle ended in just a second.

When Su Hao threw the beam, Li Xin had no way to escape.

They had thought of numerous possibilities which included Li Xin accidentally killing Su Hao, but not this outcome!

If it was someone else, Su Hao didnt mind fighting them.

But Li Xin?

Forget about it.

That amusing ability talent of his.

If he were really killed in one hit, Su Hao would have no place to cry. In theory, the chances for a critical hit to appear is very low. However, based on Su Haos understanding of Li Xin, this guys luck was not one to underestimate!

Thus, to some extent, God was somewhat fair.

As for being able to decipher the energy beam?

Of course, there were some who managed to do so. Even that little Zheng Tai would be able to escape from the beam with his assassination skill, let alone Tian Zi and the others. However, Li Xin wasnt among them.

As for this guy, Su Hao understood how his brain worked too well.

A perfect defense of his rank easily ended. As for Su Hao using his energy beam once again, the crowd had a better understanding of the energy beam.

How to counter it?

Quite a number had already discovered it.

Each move, the more frequently you use it, the higher possibility of it being countered.

As for Su Haos energy beam, the moment he used it till now, many people had been analyzing it. Without a doubt, Tian Zi was one of them!

And now that Su Hao used it again, he finally had a glimmer of progress. As long as the experiment was successful, he would be able to avoid Su Haos suicide attack and force Su Hao into a fight of his own!

If Su Hao didnt use it, that would be fine. However, if he used it, only he himself would be driven into the abyss! Tian Zi was very confident!

So quick...

Cold light flashed within Tian Zis eyes.

This college entrance exam should have been his show.

Because of Su Haos existence, he had become a joke to be ridiculed.




He had lost count of himself on how many times he had obtained second place. His calm and peaceful heart had long been irritated! 

This time, I wont get second place again!

Tian Zi gnashed his teeth and emerged himself in research again.

At this moment.


A notification popped out.

It was another challenge.

Tian Zi had a look at it and coldly smirked. Zheng Tai, it was that little brat. If not because of Hudie, he would have beat this brat to death.

Zheng Tais talent was as good as his. If they were at the same age, even Tian Zi would be afraid of him. Unfortunately, being two years younger meant that he would forever be unable to catch up to Tian Zi his whole life.

The college entrance exam could add additional points for him to be among the top but reality wouldnt.

Thus, Tian Zi had no worries about Zheng Tai.

And the relationship between his fiancee and Zheng Tai really made him loathed. Obviously, they werent blood-related, yet he called her sister every day! Who couldnt see the feeling behind this? However, Hudie pampered him so much that Tian Zi had no place to vent his anger.

To be angry at Hudie, he obviously wouldnt dare.

Dont think that Hudie was just some big sister. If one thought that she was just an ordinary girl, that would be a big mistake in ones life! Tian Zi clearly remembered once Hudie was mad; she could turn a building into ash with just a single thought!

Such a girl.

If he was able to bring her into his faction, what was there to be afraid of anymore?