Godly Model Creator Chapter 387

Gmc Chapter 387

Chapter 387    Assassination technique

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Tian Zis ambition was huge!

Thus, he would always perform calmly. For so many years, his patience was very stable. But this Su Hao kept challenging him and smacked his face!

If Hudie suggested to cancel the marriage

A killing intent emerged from his eyes. Hudie definitely wouldnt resort to this for no reason, but if it was because of Zheng Tai, that was possible.

He must destroy this idea before letting it grow any further.

The easiest method would be to show this little Zheng Tai the difference in strength between them. Let him know how powerful Tian Zi is!

Because of his immaturity, Zheng Tai was arrogant.

If Zheng Tai was not weak, how could he fall behind Tian Zi with the advantage of being younger? If he were beaten harshly during the challenge, how would he have any face to meet Hudie again?

He remembered that before taking the college entrance exam, Zheng Tai told Hudie that he would prove how much stronger was he than Tian Zi in front of him.


Ignorant little brat.

Tian Zi coldly smirked and chose a map to start the battle!


Challenger: Zheng Tai

Being challenged: Tian Zi

Rank adjustment: 4th VS 2nd

Map: Martial ring



The screen refreshed.

A martial ring appeared.

The moment Tian Zi and Zheng Tai appeared, it attracted everyones attention. 

In theory, Zheng Tais ability lacked quite a bit in comparison to Tian Zi. A global battle wasnt like the previous exam where there were additional points. Thus, not many had their hopes on Zheng Tai.

The battle between Tian Zi and Zheng Tai had turned into confrontation between battle intent and assassination.

Grade * ability talent, assassination.

Grade * ability talent, battle intent.




A crisp sound rang in the air.

Zheng Tai vanished.

When the audience had a clearer look on the screen again, only Tian Zi could be seen!

The same trick again.

Assassination origin technique, camouflage.

Such a fast speed.

The martial ring just appeared and he has already disappeared.

Zheng Tais strength seems to have improved.

Of course. Zheng Tai is just 16 years old after all, which is the fastest period for growth. This global battle might be a trigger for him to improve further.


Some were doubtful.

Besides Su Haos momentum, the other battles between the top candidates did arouse their attention and this battle was definitely one of the most anticipated matches. 

Su Hao easily played with Zheng Tai and cleared the stage.

But now?

Could Tian Zi win over Zheng Tai?

The crowd looked at the screen in excitement.

Tian Zis body was still in the same spot. He only had a slight look at the spot when Zheng Tai vanished before focusing on another location.

This was a martial ring.

His chose this map, and the only benefit of this map was that one could easily see any incoming attacks.

For someone like Zheng Tai who prefered sneak attacks, this was definitely a fatal blow.


Tian Zi coldly smirked.



Tian Zi emitted a ray of light. A strong aura quickly covered the whole ring.

Battle intent!

This ability belonged to Tian Zi!


Amplification of battle intent acted in a way that even a tiny fluctuation of aura could be detected. To depend on this trick to kill Zheng Tai was impossible but detecting his position was too easy!

A tenth of a second passed.

Battle intent covered the whole area.

Surprisingly, Zheng Tais figure still hadnt appeared!


He fully understood the power of battle intent. Although it was just a poor wide range detection tool, finding Zheng Tai was still easy.

But why had nobody appeared?

Could it be This brats camouflage had reached to such a point?

Tian Zis facial expression didnt look too good. He finally considered Zheng Tai a true opponent. However, at this moment, he felt his scalp tingling as a cold chill was instantly locked on him.

Damn it!

Tian Zis face turned pale.



Tian Zi instantly disappeared from his spot.


A cold killing intent flashed past. A huge hole formed where Tian Zi was at earlier. If he hadnt dodged in time, perhaps he might had been killed on the spot.

The audience that witnessed this went into an uproar.

In just less than 10 seconds, Tian Zi had nearly been killed by Zheng Tai.

A good sneak attack.

Tian Zi calmly watched Zheng Tai, To use camouflage and eliminate your existence and then sneak attack. If not for my recent improvement in sense, I probably would have died there. Seems like after all these years, you have worked pretty hard.

Zheng Tai glanced at him for a second but didnt say anything.


Zheng Tais figure vanished again.

Come out!

This time, Tian Zi wasnt being polite anymore. His battle intent once again spread to the surroundings.

Yet, like the previous time, nothing happened.

This trick again!

The same trick yet he dared to use it on Tian Zi twice.

This brat

Although the battle intent just now wasnt able to detect him, Tian Zi could feel something coming from the sky. Less than a second later, Tian Zi once again felt something locked on him from the sky.

Youre just courting your own death.

As his right hand moved, an emerald energy weapon appeared.

With just a swing, a green light cut through the sky!


The light passed by. Tian Zis attack hit the very top of the sky.

White light dissipated. As Tian Zi looked up, his pupils contracted. This was out of his expectations!

Damn it!

Tian Zi could still feel an icy intent locked on him. If it wasnt in the surroundings or the sky, then Zheng Tais position


The ground cracked.

A shadow appeared.

Tian Zis abrupt retreat left behind a long trail of bloodstains on the ground

The crowd was startled.


What kind of situation was this!

Forget about the first time, how many seconds had just passed and Tian Zi had almost been killed again. For the first time ever, this art of assassination had stunned everyone.

No candidate felt that they could dodge this! Each time Zheng Tai vanished, he would bring a fatal blow from the sky or underground, at any angle. Fortunately, Tian Zi chose martial ring as the map or else the result mightve turned into something else.

Although his strength was weak in comparison, Zheng Tai would never allow anyone to take him lightly.

Dare to look down on me for being younger?

One slight mistake and it would be beyond any sort of redemption.

As for Zheng Tai, the game had just begun.

This move is not bad.

Tian Zi calmly looked at Zheng Tai. Although he was wounded, his calmness was still there as he maintained his dull tone and he commented on Zheng Tais move.

Zheng Tai just looked at him again without giving any response.

Although he was immature, he always felt that Tian Zi acted like a retard. Why did he comment on something after each attack? What was there to talk about when two men were fighting to the death? If you want to fight then quickly fight and end the battle. This was one of the reasons he hated Tian Zi.


Zheng Tai once again vanished.

Tian Zis face turned red. Talking to the opponent was his habit. As long as the opponent opened his mouth, he would be able to get a lot of information. Dont you see that in movies where characters would shout at each other for a few minutes before starting their battles?

Unfortunately, Zheng Tai didnt bother with him.

Because he was immature, he was arrogant. In Zheng Tais mind, since he didnt like Tian Zi, why did he need to entertain him with his nonsensical comments?

In the martial ring.

At this moment, the scene was quiet. Tian Zi with his emerald energy weapon, such a sight dazzled

The audience had long held their breaths.

Because they knew that when Zheng Tai appeared again, a fatal blow would be coming.

The first time was from the sky.

The second time was from underground.

As for the third time, where would it be?


This time, the audience didnt have to wait for long. Even Tian Zi didnt have the time to set up his battle intent to detect anything. At the upper right, a black shadow flashed.



Tian Zi stepped backward. Raising his emerald sword, he blocked the incoming attack.

Unexpectedly, the power of the strike only made his wrist numb. It wasnt as terrifying as he had imagined.


A cold glance came from behind.


A pool of blood appeared.

The shadow vanished as Zheng Tai quietly appeared behind Tian Zi.

Assassination origin technique Shadow doppelganger.