Godly Model Creator Chapter 388

Gmc Chapter 388

Chapter 388    Was that intentional?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West


Everyone took a deep breath.

Zheng Tai had hid himself perfectly. With three strikes, he had successfully injured Tian Zi two times! It was already scary enough that he could make himself invisible and yet now he had another trick up his sleeve. There was no way to escape Zheng Tais assassination.

Moreover, something that was even scarier was...

These shadows...

They could deal real damage!

The crowd thought that Tian Zi would dominate the battle. However, 10 seconds into the battle, they stopped thinking that way. It seemed like Zheng Tai was going to win! His flawless assassination skills were powerful even in the flat battle stage it did not conceal his advantage.

Not bad, Tian Zi said. He stared at Zheng Tai with his bleeding body. Zheng Tai glared back at him and walked away. However, Tian Zis words stopped him.

Good job, Hudies little brother.


Zheng Tais pupils contracted and he stared at Tian Zi.

Tian Zi smiled and said, I promised Hudie to take care of you. So, I fulfilled my promise by letting you have the first three moves in the battle. Be careful, I am going to start my attack now.

Letting him off?

Is it true?

It seems to be real, both of them know each other.

The two geniuses would definitely know each other. Like I said, it is impossible for Tian Zi to be so weak. It looks like he was making a concession to Zheng Tai.

The crowd discussed this. 

A simple sentence from Tian Zi had destroyed the battle momentum that Zheng Tai had created through a few assassination attacks. Upon saying those words, Tian Zis battle momentum started to rise drastically.


Tian Zis battle momentum continued to rise!


His battle momentum rose again!


Layers of battle intent covered the martial ring as a layer of white dust. White light shined all over the ring and rotated around Tian Zi. Although Tian Zi was terribly injured, his battle intent was extremely strong. He was totally different compared to the beginning of the battle when Zheng Tai was dominating over him.

Perhaps he was really making a concession to Zheng Tai?

Absolutely not!

Su Hao stared at the layers of white light around Tian Zi.

What a joke.

Although Tian Zi was slightly stronger than Zheng Tai, it was only just slightly.

It was impossible for him to make a concession to Zheng Tai that easily. Hence, it was Zheng Tai who casted a powerful attack in the beginning and had taken ahold of the battle. However, Tian Zis battle intent was unleashed now!

Looking back to Tian Zis previous battles, most of them were the same.

At the beginning he would perform in a normal manner; however, upon unleashing his battle intent, he would become a totally different person. This was the effect of his battle intent.


Su Hao stared at Tian Zi and pondered.


Gathering the momentum!

The core of the battle intent was to gather battle momentum!

The more powerful the enemy was, the more beneficial it would be for Tian Zi. The tougher the battle was, the easier it would be for him to gather momentum. Tian Zi had made Zheng Tai angry and he gathered the battle momentum, turning it into his own power.

Oh, I see!

Su Hao finally understood. Looking at Tian Zis battle replay and making the reverse illustration, the fact could easily be seen. No wonder there was such a comment about this battle intent online. The more powerful the enemy was, the more effective the battle intent would be!

Looking back to the screen, the battle between Tian Zi and Zheng Tai was still continuing.

At this moment, Su Hao could only sigh. Upon gathering the battle momentum, Tian Zi had become much more powerful. Zheng Tai wasnt in a good position anymore.


A green light flashed.

Tian Zi striked with his emerald sword!

Zheng Tai couldnt avoid the green light at all.

The battle momentum had improved Tian Zis capability, and his improvement increased his battle momentum again!

It was an amazing double-sided booster.

Upon unleashing the battle intent, Tian Zi had become much stronger. The dangerous assassination strength from Zheng Tai would not be effective in front of the green light.

As time went on, the gap difference was still increasing!



The dark shadow moved around.

Zheng Tai hid himself in his shadow and tried to assassinate again.

Tian Zi calmly waved his hand and pressed it against Zheng Tais direction. A horrifying force exploded in the air and struck Zheng Tai.

Battle intent origin technique Momentum Pressure!


Zheng Tais body lagged for a moment while he was rushing towards Tian Zi.

Tian Zi calmly came in front of Zheng Tai.

He made one strike with his sword and killed him.

Zheng Tai lost the battle.

He lost

The crowd felt that it was too bad for him.

In the beginning, they thought Zheng Tai was going to win. However, it was just the concession made by Tian Zi. After Tian Zi started his attack, Zheng Tai wasnt even on the same level as him. Moreover, the battle stage was a great disadvantage for Zheng Tais assassination talent.

Perhaps that would be a great fight if the map was in the City of Fog.

The global battle was still continuing.

And it was getting more frequent.

Many people had been eliminated.

The candidates started aiming at Li Xin after they compared the other candidates capabilities. 

In the beginning, they never thought about challenging him due to the limit of 3 challenge opportunities. Nobody wanted to try their luck. However, it was the last half hour now, nobody cared about the risk!

After all, it was for one of the top ten positions!

What if they won?

Hence, the war started again!

Li Xin was defeated a few times consecutively; however, it didnt affect his ranking that much.

He lost the battle, so what?

His position only dropped by one place.

Moreover, failure in battle wouldnt be counted in the challenge opportunity. Plus there were ten minutes of cool down time between challenges. Li Xin still managed to maintain his position within the top ten.

While the global battle was coming to an end, there were infinite ongoing battles every second.

However, it was weird that...

The championship battle hadnt started yet.

Tian Zi versus Su Hao.

It was the final championship battle, where they felt that the challenger had the higher chance of winning. From Tian Zis performances in the previous battles, he seemed to be more capable than Su Hao!

Why wasnt he making his challenge yet?

The time flew by. 

Up until the last ten minutes, Tian Zi still hadnt made his challenge yet!


The crowd was dazed.

Had Tian Zi decided to not challenge Su Hao? Or perhaps he couldnt think of a way to overcome Su Haos energy beam and hence he decided to give up the battle?

Inside a room somewhere around the world, Tian Zi sneered while looking at the screen.

After researching the energy beam for half an hour, he finally came up with a way to overcome it. Even if Su Hao used it, it couldnt do any damage to him.

Hence, it could be said that the biggest threat in Su Haos battle method had been solved!

However, Su Haos own ability talent was still strong. Recalling his battle with Li Tiantian, Tian Zi was still afraid.

His shiny red and blue eyes...

Su Haos real capability wasnt that simple!

Even if he could resolve the threats from the energy beam, he still didnt have the confidence. Meanwhile, it was the battle for the championship this time, he wouldnt allow any mistakes.

It was his last battle. If he failed, he would become a total loser.

As I said before, I will not be number two again!

Tian Zi recalled what his family told him before the examination and said, Perhaps that is the only way.

A few minutes passed.

It was the final five minutes!


No one else had noticed.

In Tiandu City, Tian Zis body in the world of reality shivered due to some external stimulation. Something had been broken between his teeth and some mysterious liquid flew into his body. A mysterious power was rushing through his body again and again!



A horrifying power went around Tian Zis body.

Tian Zis power level started to increase. His battle momentum started to gather around him even though he wasnt in a battle. What would be the effect if he was in a battle in such a condition?

Su Hao, I said I wouldnt lose to you! Tian Zi sneered.

Forbidden technique!

He tried to stimulate some mysterious power inside his body with the help of the drug. Tian Zi had advanced into another stage; however, such an effect...

It could only last for 5 to 6 minutes.

Upon exceeding this time period, Tian Zi would be in an extremely weak state!

Hence, he chose this timing.

The last five minutes.

Otherwise, even if he won the battle and became the champion, he would need to face countless challenges from others. At that time, he might be defeated by someone else.


It was the best time for him to consume the drug now. After he won the battle, the drug effects would be gone, along with the global battle. He would be in an extremely weak condition for a few days, but so what?

What could be more wonderful than this?

Every time a battle started, the system would reconstruct the ability of the candidate according to his or her body in the real world. Hence, in the coming battle, Tian Zi would be exploding with power.

He had been waiting for this moment for so long.

Come on!

Tian Zi pressed the challenge button without a doubt.

However, it was out of his expectations.

At that moment...


A light notification sound made Tian Zi feel extremely bad.

Such a sound...


Tian Zi looked up and was stunned on the spot.

He never expected such circumstances during his planning. In the final five minutes, when he was ready for everything, someone had issued a challenge to him.


A notification popped out.

A new challenge appeared in front of him.


Li Tiantian wishes to challenge you.

Requirement met.

Challenge accepted.

Please choose a map.

Choose your damn grandfather!

Tian Zi couldnt control himself from cursing. He was about to go crazy.

How could such a coincidence happen?

The timing was just too perfect. It happened the moment after he used the forbidden technique and was wishing to challenge Su Hao!



Tian Zi was confused.

Only five minutes were left!

If he wasted his time to battle Li Tiantian before challenging Su Hao, he might run out of time. If it was a draw when the time period ended...

According to the rules, the winner would be Su Hao.

The timing that he was so proud of had become his biggest obstacle right now!


Give up!

Tian Zi made his decision.

He had to give up the battle with Li Tiantian!

He would go down one place in the rankings, but so what? As long as he could win the battle with Su Hao, the failure right now was just temporary. However, the timing of the challenge that Li Tiantian had chosen was...

Extremely annoying.

Moreover, he had no choice but to give up the battle!

Perhaps, Li Tiantian did it intentionally?

Unknowingly, Tian Zi felt horrified.