Godly Model Creator Chapter 389

Gmc Chapter 389

Chapter 389    Mountain peaks

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Challenger: Li Tian Tian

Opponent: Tian Zi

Rank adjustment: 3rd vs. 2nd

Map: Volcanic islands


The display screen was refreshed!

A picture of a group of volcanic islands covered by a fiery red color appeared. The burning flames were scattered at every corner of the map. This was a purgatory; this was a nightmarish scene. From the beginning of the battle up until now, no one dared to use this map, because it was too dangerous. A moment of carelessness would harm themselves.

But now, Tian Zi actually chose this map?

The crowd became excited.


The scenery refreshed.

Li Tiantian and Tian Zi appeared.


The crowd couldnt even see clearly yet.

The white light dissipated and the scenery before them suddenly collapsed.

The challenge ended!

Challenge successful!

Li Tiantian, victorious!

Current rank: 2nd

Tian Zi, defeat!

Current rank: 3rd.


The whole world roared.

What happened?


Black screen?

Godly technique?

Countless people were filled with suspicion. Before Tian Zi could even make a move, everything had ended?

Li Tiantian was already this powerful?

This was the battle of the worlds 2nd and 3rd place, could this be any more ridiculous. This caused everyones minds to be confused.

The crowd was at a loss.

However, they were not at a loss for long, because the worldwide display screen suddenly changed.

The battle for first commenced again!

Challenger: Tian Zi

Opponent: Su Hao

Rank adjustment: 3rd vs. 1st

Map: Mountain Peaks


Again there was another uproar among the global audience. There was not even a lapse in time, as the crowd had not reacted to the annihilation of Tian Zi, Tian Zi actually issued a challenge!

The battle to be the champion?

Whats the situation?

Im fainting, Tian Zi?

What is happening, I feel that my IQ is not enough.

Your IQ was not enough from the very start.


The crowd complained among themselves.

It was obvious that they could not understand the situation before their eyes.

But very quickly, after linking the challenges together, the crowd finally understood.


Because of the problem of time!

Tian Zi could only challenge once; hence, he simply gave up the first challenge. With the remaining time, it was used to challenge Su Hao!

As they thought of this, the crowd boiled.

So it was this!

Does this mean that this was the final decisive battle?

Originally it was thought that Tian Zi had given up. This was something unexpected. At the very last moment, at the final 5 minutes, the final battle for the championship, commenced!


The crowd was uncontrollably excited.

Tian Zi vs. Su Hao!



The scenery was refreshed.

An ethereal mountain peaks appeared before the crowds view. The mountain peaks mightily stood surrounded by clouds, especially the highest group of mountains. Countless sharp-edged mountains stood, and the gap was not more than one or two meters. Rows of mountains appeared in the midst of the clouds. As they looked up, there was a feeling of divinity.


What type of map is this?

The crowd was slightly lost.


The gap closed!

The view suddenly locked onto the highest group of mountain peaks.


Su Hao and Tian Zi spawned.

Both of them appeared at the peak of a mountaintop.

The crowd took a look, and immediately had a strange chill; they will actually battle on a mountain peak?

The peak of mountains!

What appeared before the crowds eyes couldnt compare to a nightmarish map of a volcanic group of islands. The widest of these mountain peaks was only 5 meters, while the narrowest was actually only one foot; meaning only a foot can stand on it! But what was most frightening was in between every two mountain peaks 

Was an endless abyss!

This was 8,000 meters altitude!

Being surrounded by clouds!

If one fell, there was only death awaiting.

What most of the college entrance examiners wanted was stability. Very few would seek death by choosing this nightmarish map. Unexpectedly, earlier someone chose the volcanic islands; in a blink of an eye, there was one who chose the mountain peaks!

The battle for the championship, combined with the mountain peaks?

This was simply beautiful!

However, as the thought of the twos fighting styles, the crowd immediately were slightly baffled Su Haos style was melee; in this map, it seemed that there was no place for him to fight. It would be understandable if Tian Zi chose this map, but this was Su Haos choice!

Again Su Hao was seeking his own death!

The crowd went silent.

Wait why must I use again?

On the display screen.

The two just appeared, countless clouds separated them, they could still see each other clearly. Both of them glanced at each other but did not have any air of nervousness.

Finally I have waited for this moment.

Tian Zi used his normal tone to suppress the excitement in his heart. For this number one place, what price had he paid? Finally, he had reached this moment.

Being first was now at his fingertips.


Su Hao smiled indifferently and did not answer.

This was Tian Zis character. From his many battles, a few things can be seen. To put it nicely, he was a master of disguise, to put it bluntly.

He was a sinister and cunning hypocrite.

This type of person was very scary during battle. Because he could disguise himself, he was able to build his own momentum. If his disguise was so real that he could even trick himself, his abilities could still erupt!


A mighty force suddenly exploded!

The force that surrounded Tian Zi suddenly inexplicably and speedily increased. It increased again and again!

The battle had yet to start, but he had already entered into his best condition into battle!


Su Hao was slightly surprised.

Something was not right.

Tian Zis ability talent was battle intent, but it was obvious that his talent was not used yet. Where did he obtain such horrific power? Su Hao glanced at Tian Zis body thoroughly. Finally, he understood something.

Forbidden technique...

The forbidden technique of releasing of the bodys mysterious power.

But, not only that.

To purely reliant on forbidden art, it was not possible to reach this level. Su Hao was quite familiar with the mysterious energy within the body.

To purely using forbidden art, it was not possible.

Does this mean, drug?

Not possible!

The exam system definitely will not allow the use of any supplements!


Su Hao suddenly understood.

The exam system didnt allow. Then, what about the real world? If a certain part of the body were storing the drug and waited until it was needed, the usage of the forbidden technique would then be triggered. Then...

The result went without saying!

Tian Zi well done!

Su Hao sneered.

No wonder Tian Zi actually dragged the challenge out until now, forbidden technique or any ability increasing drug, both had a weakness. That weakness was similar to a power overdraft after being used before having a period of frailty. The higher the increase of ability, the shorter the sustainable time, and the period of frailty will increase.

Almost instantly.

Su Hao clearly analyzed Tian Zis condition.

For him.

A few clues were sufficient.

You shouldnt have chosen this map.

Tian Zi sneered, On the mountain peaks, I see that since you are an expert in melee combat, how could you exert your ability. But, before this I will let you see my true ability!


A stream of light appeared in Tian Zis hand.

The emerald sword appeared!


Tian Zi gave his right hand a wave, and a beam of light flashed, directly attacked towards Su Hao.

The first attack was a test.

Su Hao quirked his eyebrow. His feet made a light jump onto another mountain peak which was a few meters away, and easily dodged Tian Zis attack.

Do you plan to continue dodging?

Tian Zi laughed.



The force around Tian Zi changed again; the surrounding clouds were suddenly cleared.


Tian Zi slashed his sword, cutting across the scene.

This time, how can you dodge?


The figure of Su Hao who stood afar was directly blown into pieces.

The crowd was stunned.

At this moment, a strange figure appeared in the air, and a fist was directed at Tian Zi. Tian Zi was shocked and hastily blocked.


A horrific shockwave exploded from both mens palms.

Su Haos figure who was still in the air was directly knocked backward; with a roll, he landed on top of one of the mountain peaks. By leveraging the momentum well, he managed to reduce the impact during landing.

Su Hao landed easily.

But Tian Zi comparably was much more dismal.

The mountain peak underneath his feet was shaking until countless crushed stones fell. Tian Zi immediately felt that something was wrong. As he saw that he was about to be directly hit by Su Hao, he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stop at his place.

Both feet went deep into the mountain peaks.


Tian Zi spat a mouthful of fresh blood. That was the result of his abrupt stop and him forcefully absorbing Su Haos full attack and rebound power.

The first clash, Tian Zi was completely defeated.

Mountain crash and phantom sprint?

Tian Zi wiped the fresh blood on his lips, and softly said, This should be your most powerful move to use. What other origin techniques can you use?

Su Hao shrugged his shoulders.

To think that he was trying to taunt him at this time, Tian Zi was still naive.

Deliberately hiding!

Tian Zi sneered, under his carelessness, Su Hao who got the advantage caused him to be slightly seethed in anger. Obviously, his ability was stronger, but Su Hao exploded with his most powerful attack right from the start, which caused him to be caught off guard. His first move was not to test, but instead his most powerful attack?

But since Su Hao used it, that also meant, that he already had no other methods to use.


Pure white battle intent instantaneously covered all four corners of the map. As the battle intent intertwined with clouds, it actually caused the surrounding scenery to become like a dream, as if a fairyland, a pretty illusion.

In my name, freeze!


The battle intent gathered.

The momentum gathered.

Instantly, a white illusory sword appeared before Tian Zi, which exuded a dense chill.


With a sudden roar, the illusory sword suddenly charged towards Su Hao.

It was almighty.

Su Hao sidestepped, dodged, and switched position. Who would had known that the illusory sword actually changed direction before charging towards Su Hao to attack him.


This origin technique was able to track!

The crowd was shocked!

Su Haos was an expert in attacking but did not have any defensive origin techniques. Under such an attack, doesnt that mean that he could only passively endure?

This time, I shall see how you can withstand this!

Tian Zi sneered.

Against those who possessed the tracking trait, they were totally not able to be dodged.

The illusory sword instantly neared and forcefully charged at Su Hao. However, beyond the crowds expectation, a light sound suddenly rang out.


A crisp and clear sound could be heard.

The crowd lifted their heads to see and was immediately dumbstruck.