Godly Model Creator Chapter 39

Gmc Chapter 39

Chapter 0039 The king!

Ability index assessment

Su Hao heard a series of terms being continuously blattered out by the exam system followed by a number of calculations being done. Luckily, the exam system performed well and finished its calculations quickly. In just a few seconds, the final result was there.

Ability name: Model analysis

Ability grade: E

Ability introduction: Able to analyse anything and build a model from it; also able to form permanent models.

Ability index: 400

400 points!

Su Hao was startled. Excluding the advanced cultivation methods with 200 points, that meant that his extremely low grade origin ability gave him another 200 points.

For Su Hao, that was an almost impossible feat.

It was necessary to note that all abilities were for the sake of battle and survival. Model analysis was not needed all that much in those two aspects, especially in battle.

Sun Yaotian might casually reach 300 to 400 points.

But for Su Hao, to get even 200 points, it was already very difficult for him to do so.

An origin abilitys performance depended on itself and the bodys strength. Everyone would be able to estimate the ability index more accurately the longer they familiarize themselves. Su Hao might not know how strong his physical fitness and fighting techniques were, but his ability indexeveryone was extremely well aware of it!

That was the very reason why Su Hao never tested his origin ability before.

Because he clearly knew that, excluding advanced cultivation method, he only had 100 points.

And for a very long time, it didnt improve at all.

However, this time, to get 200 points, most probably it was due to Su Haos act of cheating!

The exam system took into account Su Haos perfect model and after considering everything, it ended up giving him a final score of 200 points.

En, seems that the final score was 100 points more than my origin ability. Su Hao secretly thought.

Looking at his origin ability introduction: able to analyse anything and build a model from it; also able to form permanent models.


His ability was indeed like what was described. Even after mutation, it was still the same. As for Su Haos opinion regarding the description, his heart felt that it was pretty much accurate.

Analysing anything, building a model, analysing its ability, and forming permanent models.

Thats right!

That was the latest ability after Su Hao underwent mutation!

Exactly three extra more words, analyzing its ability.

All things, as long as the models were successfully established, he could analyze their abilities. It was just that for biological models, after he established the model, he could build card models too.

For objects other than biological models, the analysis ability was only able to get him information about their usage.

Obviously [ED: Really?], the limitation was due to him being a living thing. That was why he could only build card models from biological model. Su Hao had no doubt that if he was an object instead, he would be able to analyse the ability of other objects and make use of them [ED: No, not really. He wouldnt be living].

One assessment test, and Su Hao was now even clearer about his own ability.

An hour is almost up. Time to leave the room then. Su Hao murmured to himself and then selected the option to complete the exam.

Outside of the teaching building.

A bunch of students were waiting anxiously for the final result. Many candidates result had come out but nobody was concerned about them. All they care about was the top 20.


The name list refreshed. Sun Yaotian appeared. Without incident, his ability index reached 500 points and his name instantly rushed up.

Sun Yaotian, theoretical foundation 130 points, fighting technique 200 points, physical fitness 150 points, ability index 500 points, a total of 980 points, currently ranked first.

Sun Yaotians result came out.

500 points, holy sh*t! His ability index exceeded mine!

Hey, you think Su Hao can get better score than him? Although Su Haos current score is 800 points, with his grade E ability, at most he could only score additional 180 points, its a hard task for him to overtake Sun Yaotian.

Well, who knows.

As everyone was chatting, the name list once again refreshed.

As the exam was approaching the final moment, this time, a lot of candidates result came out. As for Sun Yaotian, before his ass warmed the top seat, he had been kicked off from first rank.

Surprisingly, the person who was responsible for this turned out to be Chen Yiran.

Wow, our schools flower.

Chen Yiran hadnt appeared on the top list until now. Just one exam and she managed to rush all the way up.

Chen Yiran, theoretical foundation 170 points, fighting techniques 150 points, physical fitness 150 points, ability index 530 points, total score of 1000 points, current ranking: first.

When Chen Yirans name appeared, it caused quite a sensation.

But everyone knew very well that this sensation wouldnt last long. Sure enough, almost everyone had appeared on the name list. Even two heavyweight names appeared too.

Bai Lingfeng!

With an ability index of 530 points, he literally killed the crowd with a total of 1082 points!

However, he was not ranked first.

Zhou Wang!

Ability index of 600 points, a total of 1186 points. With a huge lead of 104 points, he tightly suppressed Bai Lingfeng and took the first place.

Ability index 600 points? How did this freak take the exam?

Sure enough, rich people are different. This really makes one envious to death.

Following Chen Yifengs performance that year, Zhou family has now also produced another genius.

Yea, Bai Lingfengs result was already abnormal, and yet once Zhou Wang appeared, he took the commanding position!

Once the four exams result were determined, generally, the final results would remain the same.

That was because comprehensive exam could be considered as a process for correcting the previous four exams. Under normal circumstances, as long as there was no big flaw produced, the final score wouldnt differ by much. As for those few people at the top list, obviously they wouldnt make any silly mistakes.

At that moment, the time for exam was up.


The name list refreshed again. Like before, a name silently appeared on top of the list and kicked everyone one place below.

The whole crowd looked up, .!!!!!

First rank is Su Hao?!

Whats the situation here!

Su Haos ability index finally appeared. 400 points, it could be considered as the lowest score for those in the top 50! However, with the lowest score, the total points accumulated from the original 800 points was 1200 points, overcoming everyone and took the top ranking.

Su Hao, theoretical foundation 190 points, fighting technique 310 points, physical fitness 300 points, ability index 400 points, a total of 1200 points, current ranking: first!

This time, the whole school was sensational!

Everyone only had one thing on their mind, crazy!

The world was in madness. For a grade E origin ability, it was unthinkable to enter natural selection class and yet he actually took the first rank? Even Zhou Wang was being suppressed!

Not to mention them, even Yang Ziqing and Su Ling were stunned this time. Two days ago during the assessment, his score was only 10.8 right?

Total score of 1200, in other words, his origin ability had reached up to 12.

The name list also came out at the same time on Internet. Almost all the parents remembered that name, Su Hao!

That was a mock exam, second to the most important exam which was the college entrance exam. The influence of these result to the college entrance exam was extremely huge.

Su Hao wanted to become a celebrity overnight and now, he had done it!

After the ability index exam, it would be the final comprehensive exam. There were some who were eagerly awaiting for Su Hao to crumble at that stage. Some were very sure that Su Hao would drop his score during the comprehensive exam.

However, that was not a problem at all for Su Hao.

Comprehensive exam, 3D virtual environment, a simulation of a forest as stage of battle appeared. Familiar with the style of the fighting master, Su Hao didnt have to try hard or anything.

Carefully, he avoided all the attacks from the fighting master.

Su Hao linked his techniques while condensing fighting points.

Every tree in the forest was perfectly used to his advantage. Sometimes when the fighting master charged, Su Hao used a tree as a shield to withstand the incoming attack in order to allow him to continue linking his techniques.

When his moves were about to be interrupted, Su Hao directly went for a total confrontation and released all the fighting points from his fist!

Although being at a disadvantage most of the time and occasionally counterattacking allowed Su Hao to reset the battle situation, after a full 10 minutes of stalemate, the battle finally ended as draw.

This was already the highest rating one could get.

Whether it was Zhou Wang or Bai Lingfeng, facing the attacks of the fighting master, there was no other way out.

During the early stage, fighting techniques had more benefits than origin ability, such information everyone was well aware of this. That was why basic fighting technique training was extremely popular.

With the end of the comprehensive exam, the final exam results also appeared.

Compared to just before, the changes were not much. The top 10 names remained the same. However, the candidates from rank 90 onwards had quite a fluctuation. Those who didnt perform well in the comprehensive assessment were kicked off.

First: Su Hao, second: Zhou Wang, third: Bai Lingfeng, fourth..

A full 100 names!

One hundred names appeared on the list. Some were happy, some were sad.

Same as previous years, even at rank 100, the score was at 900 points. For ordinary students, natural selection class was simply unattainable.


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