Godly Model Creator Chapter 390

Gmc Chapter 390

Chapter 390    Brothers, charge!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The illusory sword was easily blocked.

This scene wasnt a surprise to the audience. It would be strange if a single origin technique could easily defeat Su Hao. However, what made the crowd shocked was

What was that defensive origin technique that came out of nowhere?

At the mountain peaks.

The illusory sword was still shining brightly.

In front of it, an azure light ray appeared with a tortoiseshell pattern. This shell interrupted the path of the sword. This was a technique which everyone was familiar with, ice crystal defense!



My dog eyes have been blinded. This is ice crystal defense?

They were all stunned.

Wasnt Su Haos ability talent model analysis? Where did this ice crystal defense in front of him come from? Everyone was confused.

Was it because of a Nitai artifact?


Nitai artifacts couldnt be brought into the exam system.

Could it be some kind of universal origin technique which was somehow similar to ice crystal defense?

Currently, they could only settle with this conclusion.

However, at the mountain peaks, Tian Zis eyes were revealing a shocking color. Through his illusory sword, that chill he felt

It was definitely ice crystal defense!

How could this be?

Tian Zi grit his teeth. Id like to see what kind of trick you are using!

Illusory sword, slash!

Tian Zi manipulated the illusory sword and charged toward Su Hao.

However, in front of the ice crystal defense, only a crisp clashing sound could be heard. A level 8 esper with all his might attacking the ice crystal defense, ordinary espers would have long consumed all their energy to maintain the defense.

However, with Su Hao here, Tian Zi dared not to think about it because he hadnt forgotten about Su Haos damned professional equivalent energy capacity.

To compete with Su Hao in energy cultivation?

That would be ridiculous.


Tian Zi cursed.

With this ice crystal defense, coupled with a level 1 professional esper equivalent in energy cultivation, it actually formed a perfect combo. All his attacks now were ineffective.

He was after all just a little better in energy intensity. Before the domineering energy cultivation of Su Hao, their level had been balanced out!

Since my origin technique is not effective...

Tian Zi took a deep breath. The illusory sword instantly vanished far away.



Tian Zi gently shook his right hand, and the surrounding clouds once again shook. An invisible murderous intent was emitted and covered the area. One could clearly see the invisible force condensing into a sword of clouds and pointed at Su Hao.


Without any energy fluctuations, this mysterious invisible force shrouded Su Hao.

It was silent and invisible.

Yet many were terrified at this scene.

This is...

Su Hao looked at the sword coming from the sky.

Origin technique of battle intent - Slashing intent.

Cutting off the opponents aura and using it for himself which would increase his might by multiple times! Tian Zi had repeatedly used this to reverse the momentum of the battle. If not for them being at the peak of a mountain, perhaps no one would ever see its true shape.

This technique couldnt be blocked with ice crystal defense.

But for the techniques used by Tian Zi, Su Hao was obviously ready for them.

With a thought within his mind.

Energy fluctuations within his body could be felt, spearing to somewhere in his school. At the same time, the origin model in his body disintegrated.

Origin model! 


Origin model!



The energy in his body began to be used at a rapid rate.

The origin model previously was quickly turned into energy which caused his body to be in chaos. Luckily, Su Hao instantly used his model analysis to establish another model to calm down his body.

His eyes swept across the origin model within his body for a second.

Su Hao smiled indifferently.

At this time, the sword of cloud slashed down!


Su Hao vanished.

When they saw the scene, the crowd was shocked yet again.



Su Hao disappeared but it was just one of them.

On the mountain peaks, one could say that Su Hao stood at each mountaintop. Right now, dozens of Su Hao stared at Tian Zi at the same time which caused him to be numb.

Damn it, what kind of situation is this?

With his numbing scalp, his heart didnt feel good.


His battle intent instantly spread to the surrounding and swept across the countless Su Haos. If it were just phantoms, they would have been cleared by now.

But Su Hao he was safe and sound.

Doppelganger This was definitely not an origin technique!

This was the Grade A ability talent, doppelganger.

Turning fantasy into reality, by increasing the number of doppelgangers, one could increase his overall strength. After cultivating to the highest stage, one could even create tens of millions of oneself.

How is this possible?

Tian Zi was extremely shocked.

The ice crystal defense had already stunned him. Now this doppelganger had made him completely dazed. What kind of shitty ability was this model analysis? This move easily countered his powerful slashing intent. 

Tian Zi was speechless for a moment.


Su Hao laughed, Since you have finished your move, its my turn now.

Brothers, charge!

Pointing with his right hand and numerous Su Haos charged at Tian Zi. With a wave of his hand. Surprisingly each Su Hao was holding a Xinghe sword.


Tian Zi hurriedly evaded.

However, where could he dodge while on the peak of a mountain?

Every Su Hao charged with their sword without caring about their lives. In an instant, Tian Zi was surrounded.


Peng, peng!

Peng, peng, peng!

One by one, each Su Hao dashed forward and kept getting hit by Tian Zi. Because they were all doppelgangers, their actual ability wasnt that strong. Thus, Tian Zi wasnt harmed much. However, once every doppelganger was eliminated

Tian Zis current appearance was a mess.

Su Hao!

Since when has he, Tian Zi, been reduced to such a state?

The reason Su Hao did this was just to waste time. 

You think youre the only one who can do summoning?

Battle intent, condense!


Tian Zi controlled the surrounding momentum to form a human shape!

Tian Zi actually used the invisible battle intent to form a human figure?


Tian Zi is actually this strong?

Such a terrifying ability!

To give energy a certain amount of intelligence, this was something only professional espers could achieve.

Right now, Tian Zi had done it.

Could it be Tian Zi had reached the threshold of a professional esper?

The crowd was amazed.

At this moment they found out that Su Hao had picked the right map. The top of some mountains!

Here, the most abundant thing would be clouds!

As all momentum condensed by Tian Zi, the invisible techniques would then be clearly visible!

One half translucent man was formed.

This was an origin technique which Tian Zi had never revealed in front of others before. The strength was definitely not to be underestimated.


Tian Zi shouted the simplest command.


The battle intent humanoid actually pulled out a sword out of thin air and charged at Su Hao!

The audience was horrified.

Right now

Su Hao had a calm look at the incoming humanoid. He pointed his hand at the humanoid, and a strange black aura suddenly came down from the sky.


The mysterious black aura covered the humanoid.

In the shocking eyes of everyone, the humanoid actually turned into a body of stone! This petrification wasnt powerful, but it turned the humanoid into stone for less than a second, and it was more than enough for Su Hao.


Su Hao threw a punch and destroyed it.

The humanoid which had turned into stone turned into countless fragments, scattering all over the clouds.

Not only Tian Zi

The audience watching the scene was shocked too!


This time, everyone recognized it.

From ice crystal to doppelganger and now petrification. This Su Hao kept surprising everyone. This how was this possible?

A dual talent?

That wasnt right. This had already reached quadruple talent!

Who would believe such a thing?

At the mountain peaks.

Tian Zi was stunned in place. Looking at Su Hao in disbelief, he was utterly dumbfounded.

The gap between him and Su Hao was actually this huge?

Even after using a forbidden technique, he still couldnt damage Su Hao.

As of this, Su Hao smiled indifferently.

A forbidden technique is very powerful?

As long as the candidates were in Jianghe Citys exam area, their ability talents were all for me to use!

Tian Zi, I forgot to mention this. This time, your opponent is not only me but also every student of Jianghe City.