Godly Model Creator Chapter 391

Gmc Chapter 391

Chapter 391    A familiar feeling

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The audience went silent.

No matter where they watched from, as long as it was the global live broadcast, they were all stunned.

Tian Zis origin technique kept getting stronger, but in front of Su Hao, the victory seemed to be far from reachable.

Each of his tricks was easily countered.

Su Hao, for the first time, displayed his true might. Everyone was curious to know what those ability talents were all about.

Su Hao is probably going to win...

From the looks, it seems like there is very little hope for any abrupt change.

Sigh, hes too strong.

The crowd exclaimed.

At first, they thought that it would be a battle between dragons, but from that reddish look of Tian Zi, they could only sigh in helplessness.

It wasnt because of Tian Zi being weak, but because Su Hao is too much of a freak!

At the mountain peaks.

Thick clouds surrounded them. This scenery was amazing like a fairyland.

Tian Zi silently stood on top of a peak and looked at Su Hao. He looked calm on the outside, but those exposed veins on his right hand easily broke his disguise.

Second rank?

He was not willing!

Forget about his second rank in the exam, was he going to get the same spot again in global battle?

Absolutely not!

Getting the second rank in the whole world was definitely enough to gain popularity, but this was definitely not what a start genius like him wanted.



A barrier in Tian Zis heart cracked.

I have already said I wont be satisfied with this result.

Tian Zi turned cold.

The figure which had been attacked by Su Hao became firm suddenly. The energy weapon within his hand vanished. Gently waving both hands, a stream of heavy aura erupted out of nowhere!


All the way to the sky!

Su Haos calm expression immediately turn grave. Indeed Tian Zi was worthy to be called a genius.

Tian Zis momentum had changed.

Even his state of mind was on a whole different level.

If the previous Tian Zi was an unsheathed sword, then the current him was a sharp blade.

Tiandu City.

The Tian family members who were originally sad had suddenly revealed an ecstatic look after witnessing this scene.

Battle intent fusion!

Haha, he finally reached this stage.

This is the threshold to become a professional esper. Although his own strength doesnt exactly reach that stage yet, his comprehension of his ability talent has. Sure enough, this is the fate of Tian Zi.

Number one belongs to us now.

On the screen.

The happiness of the Tian family was not known to others.

But the current state of Tian Zi, everyone was able to see it clearly. It seemed like Tian Zi had advanced! That horrifying momentum was definitely different than it was previously.

The final battle.

Finally, it had reached the best part.

At the mountain peaks.


Tian Zi waved his right hand. The mysterious sword of cloud once again condensed and held in his hand.

Battle intent fusion.

This battle intent turned into a virtual sword and became a weapon for him to hold.

The crowd burst in horror.

Tian Zis strength kept increasing as the battle went on. 

One strike will determine the winner and loser.

Tian Zi stared at Su Hao coldly.


His figure flashed.

Tian Zi jumped off the peak and rushed toward Su Hao. He decided to ignore any remote attack since it was ineffective against Su Hao.

Su Hao still remained calm as he looked at Tian Zi. Once again aiming at him, a black aura was shot.



The mysterious power once again appeared and covered Tian Zi. 

If this hit him in mid-air, he would definitely fall into the endless abyss.


Tian Zi coldly smirked.

Throwing out the sword in his hand, the petrification power landed on the sword, turning it into stone before it fell into the abyss. The hand of Tian Zi once again condensed another sword.

Petrification was no longer effective against him.

Su Haos pupil contracted as he quickly retreated!

The audience was stunned!



A genius is definitely unpredictable.

A moment ago, it was Su Hao who wanted to get close, but now it was Tian Zis turn to do so. Su Hao actually was afraid to clash with him. Also, that sword held in his hand, how strong was it?

Nobody knew!

Su Hao was in danger.



Su Hao jumped here and there between the peaks.

The sword of cloud was one which Tian Zi condensed. It was a form of an origin technique and not an energy weapon. With his defense, he couldnt stop it!

Battle intent fusion.

The current Tian Zis whole body was like terrifying battle intent itself. Even Su Hao felt the tingling sensation on his scalp. He was forced to retreat. Of course, what was the most important thing was

His origin model was in the process of switching!

Five seconds later.

A different origin model was completed!


Xinghe sword, appear!

Under the shocking look of the crowd, Su Hao actually summoned his Xinghe sword and turned around. Both of them landed on top of a ten-meter wide peak to begin the final battle.

Ding, ding, ding~

The sword of cloud and Xinghe sword clashed against each other. Crisp, high pitched metal sound could be heard.

However, Tian Zis current strength was already stronger. Plus, with the usage of forbidden technique, how could Su Hao content against the current Tian Zi? In just a moment, Su Hao was completely suppressed.

Synchronous playback!


Illusion reality!


Within both eyes, a weird color shined.

Su Hao didnt hesitate to enter into his best condition.

At this moment, Su Hao turned into a different person. His figure was somehow evasive as his fighting style began to flow better. He had gradually recovered from the disadvantage he suffered.

Su Hao, this is...

Look at his eyes!

Yes. This is the same thing that happened during his fight with Li Tiantian. That state was definitely formidable!

Quite similar to Tian Zi, seems both of them have entered their best state. Just that from the current look, Su Hao is still quite behind.

The audience sighed.

The situation of the battle was obvious.

Even in their best condition, Su Haos situation was not in a good spot. He was just barely able to hang on. Based on this rhythm, he would be killed by Tian Zi soon.

If so

Why would Su Hao dare to clash head-on with Tian Zi?

Wasnt delaying time would be a better option?

They were really clueless regarding what Su Hao planned.

Then, at this moment.


Su Haos strength in his hand suddenly burst in strength. As the Xinghe sword was slashed down, Tian Zi was actually suppressed and almost got himself killed!

Tian Zi was shocked for a second. After resisting for a moment, he began to pull back the advantage.

At this moment, nobody spoke anything.

Just now

What exactly happened?

Su Hao was still hiding his strength?

Very unlikely.

If he had the ability, why not kill Tian Zi directly?

Tian Zi was also being conservative in his moves.

Again, yet another burst of strength came. The sudden strong and weak attacks had disrupted all the battle rhythm created by Tian Zi.

At this time, the crowds expression turned weird.

If it were before, they would definitely not know what was happening. But now, Su Haos strange eruption of strength made them feel a familiarity.

The more they looked, the more familiar they felt.

When they looked even closer


Wasnt this Li Xins unstable critical strikes?

When they thought of this, they were stunned.

Su Hao actually mastered Li Xins ability talent?

How could this be?

When they thought of Su Haos previous battles, their face became even stranger.

Right now, Tian Zi also understood the current situation. He suddenly became a little scared. He naturally saw Li Xins battles.

To be frank

He was afraid of Li Xin, this retard, challenging him the most!

For him who could kill Li Xin in one strike, but what if Li Xin managed to produce a super-critical hit before that, then wouldnt his death be a joke? 

Talking about the most disgusting ability talents, Li Xins would be crowned champion with no objection.

However, it was still alright to be under Li Xin.

But now, this shitty ability talent had been mastered by Su Hao. That sudden explosive of strength had frightened the hell out of Tian Zi.

Could it be any more disgusting?




Tian Zi was pushed a few steps backward and almost fell off the mountain.



Tian Zis hand became numb. Fortunately, it was only a three times critical hit.

The absolute advantage of Tian Zi had been destroyed. 

Su Hao was hoping for the sudden huge critical strike. Unfortunately, he wasnt destined to be as lucky as Li Xin.

Ding, ding, ding~


Su Haos Xinghe sword suddenly accelerated.

At this moment, Tian Zis eyes shone. He actually didnt dodge.


Su Hao landed a hit.

At the same time, Tian Zi also pierced his sword into Su Haos body.

Both of them were heavily injured instantly.