Godly Model Creator Chapter 392

Gmc Chapter 392

Chapter 392    A desperate fight

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Everyone was astonished.

The battle that seemed to be evenly matched had suddenly changed.

Moreover, it went into the final stage.

Both of the sides were badly injured.

What does Tian Zi want to do?

If the battle continues, as long as Su Hao doesnt get a super-critical hit, Tian Zi will definitely win.

Who knows? What if it happens? This talent isnt really powerful, but it has too much uncertainty. No matter how strong the opponent is, he or she would absolutely be worried. Nonetheless, do you know why Tian Zi did that? Look at the time.


They looked at the time on the screen and got to the point.

2 minutes left!

Tian Zi couldnt wait for any more!

The reason Su Hao played defensively wasnt because he was cowardly. However, it was the strategy that benefited him the most. As long as they ended the battle with a tie, Su Hao would win the battle.

Tian Zi knew that too.

Hence, he could only take a risk.


Both of them unleashed their energy to push each other away.

Blood dripped from their chests. Neither of them was able to strike each others weak point. Although they couldnt completely avoid the attack, it was easy for them to protect their weak point. Nonetheless, their injured bodies had decreased their battle capability.

Both of them looked at each other and started the fight again without worrying about their injury.

The battle went to its peak!

Only two more minutes are remaining, why doesnt Su Hao run?

A guy asked, As long as he could last for two more minutes, isnt he going to win the battle?

The person beside him pointed on the screen and said, They are injured.


That guy finally realized.

What a good move, Tian Zi!

The injury of both sides not only made the battle faster paced, but it also prohibited Su Hao from running away, so he could only fight. By looking at the strategy itself, Tian Zi was awesome.

Su Hao couldnt compete with him at all on that.

It could be said that Tian Zi had eliminated the possibility of Su Haos victory!

Su Haos advantage as the one being challenged was gone.

However, was it true?

If Su Hao could hear what they said, he might be rolling on the floor laughing. Strategy? Planning? These things were just jokes to Su Hao.



The battle became extremely dangerous.

Every strike in the battle would draw some blood.

From this moment onwards, the battle became a game of life or death.

The battle intent around Tian Zi was strong. Every strike from him was murderous. It was the same for Su Hao, the battle that was initially slow-paced battle suddenly sped up drastically.


Both of them didnt defend themselves at all!

Every strike would bring a new wound to each other!


These two crazy fellows!

They were damaging the opponent at the price of being injured!

Everyone was stunned.

Gentle and steadiness had nothing to do with both of them at this moment.

On the peak of the mountain, it was filled with the smell of blood. Both of them had lost their mind. They didnt care about their own injuries. In fact, their only concern was to deal damage to the opponent.

They aimed to kill each other as fast as possible!

However, people couldnt understand

It was beneficial for Tian Zi to do that since only two minutes were remaining. He should try his best to kill Su Hao as soon as possible. If he lost the battle because the time ran out, he would cry. However, what was Su Hao doing?

In this situation.

Shouldnt Su Hao should drag the battle out as long as possible?

He could just play safe by ignoring Tian Zis sacrifice strategy. It wouldnt be too hard for Su Hao to defend these attacks. Although he might not be able to win the battle, why not just make it a tie?

Why did you want to play his way?

They couldnt understand it at all. Was it because Su Hao had lost his mind during the battle?

Ten seconds.

WIthin ten seconds.

Blood was splashing everywhere. Both of them had their shirts dyed completely red!

Fight for the championship!

Fight for the first rank!

Fight for the final honor!

Their deadly battle had reached a scary climax.

The battle could end at any time when either of them killed the other. People were holding their breath and waiting for that to happen.

At this moment.

Both of them struck each other again. Tian Zi stabbed Su Hao's left arm. Meanwhile, Su Hao's sword also stabbed Tian Zi's left arm.

However, something different was...... 


Powerful energy erupted from Su Hao and poured into Tian Zis body through the Xinghe sword and exploded.


Tian Zis left arm was totally crippled.

The audience were all stunned!


Unstable critical hit!

They finally got it.

Within ten seconds, Su Haos unstable critical hit finally succeeded, and it completely crippled Tian Zis left arm.

At the moment, they had an idea.

That was it!

Su Hao was planning for that, and it was really out of their expectation.

If it were a normal battle, the critical hit would only perform partially on the sword. Tian Zi could just step back a few steps and get rid of the force. The damage that could be dealt was minimal.


What if Tian Zi had already been injured?

Under such circumstances, when the uncertain critical strike happened, the scenario would be totally different. A critical hit with multiple of 2 could completely destroy Tian Zi!

How about if it was in multiple of 3 or 4?

They were astonished.

What a good move.

Both of them were not only competing in battle, but also in strategy.

At first, people thought Tian Zis strategy was wiser. However, from the current circumstances, Tian Zis battle capability decreased drastically!

He could not afford to make a sacrifice attack on Su Hao anymore.

Most of the time, Su Hao had the opportunity to damage Tian Zi, while Tian Zi could only avoid. As he lost his left arm, if he didnt avoid the attacks, he wouldnt be able to deal damage to Su Hao.

The battle became very hard for Tian Zi.

This is bad.

Tian Zi almost lost.

It was just the first critical strike, what if there come the second time?

The frequency of multiple low critical strikes are high!

The audience were discussing among each other.

No one ever expected the battle could be so nervous.

At the moment.

It was another sacrifice attack again!

Su Hao struck his Xinghe sword into Tian Zis chest, while Tian Zi also stabbed Su Haos body.

In usual circumstances, both of them would expel the opponents weapon out of their body and continue the battle. However, it was different for this time.


Tian Zi sneered and let go of his right hand. He gave up his weapon and said a word.



An extremely powerful force exploded inside Su Haos body.


Su Hao was knocked all the way to the border of the mountain. The blood and flesh were mixing around on his chest; it was totally outside of his expectation!


Tian Zi had detonated his own weapon?

He was such a crazy fellow!

Su Hao stood up heavily. Due to the graphical censorship of bloody scenarios, Su Haos chest was still normal. However, if it were in the real world, Su Hao would have all his internal organ exposed. Nonetheless, the damage to the organ was still the same.

Su Hao was almost killed with one strike!

However, Su Hao could still battle!

Meanwhile, how about Tian Zi?

He destroyed his weapon, how could he continue this battle?


Tian Zis had a light shining in his hand, and a whole new sword of cloud appeared.

They were stunned for a second and came back to their mind.

Tian Zi wasnt using an energy weapon. Even if he was using an energy weapon, it was impossible for him to detonate the weapon. He could do that because he was using the sword of clouds.

It was made up of his battle intent and the clouds!

Tian Zi won.

He could end the battle much early with this method. However, he didnt. He would rather sacrifice his left arm and get into bad circumstances.

He was waiting for this moment!

He waited until the last moment and unleashed this attack. With one hit, he defeated Su Hao!


Su Hao vomited a mouthful of blood and stood up. He raised his Xinghe sword and pointed at Tian Zi. Although he was badly injured, he would never be afraid!

The battle continued!

The audience saluted his action.

Tian Zis facial expression was dull. He was near that explosion and also received some damage. Moreover, his left arm was crippled, so he had to win the match as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, who could have imagined that 

Of the last two minutes, only 20 seconds past. A battle was always changing. People couldnt even react to the great change in those 20 seconds.


Tian Zi rushed towards Su Hao again without pause. Su Hao was rushing against him too. Although his body was badly injured, his right arm was still completely fine to use the Xinghe sword!

That was enough!



Both of them fought for a few seconds.

Soon, there was another chance to make a kamikaze attack. This time, it was at their stomach. Both of them didnt think of avoiding the attack but stabbed each other.


The sword stabbed into their bodies.

An uncertain critical attack didnt appear.

At the same time, Tian Zi opened his right hand.



The sword of cloud exploded again!

The strong momentum slammed into both of them.

The battle had been decided!

When they looked carefully, that was the case!

Tian Zi could stand up although he was injured. Meanwhile, Su Hao couldnt move his body after both his chest and stomach were badly injured.

The battle for the championship.

Finally, the victory belonged to Tian Zi!

People were emotional about such a great battle. However, some people found out that Su Hao moved his right hand gently.

Then, a shining green ray came from the sky.

People looked at the green ray carefully, and their minds completely went blank.


What the f*ck?