Godly Model Creator Chapter 393

Gmc Chapter 393

Chapter 393    A miracle

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A dazzling green light madly fell.

Such a sturdy light beam, this was clearly a powerful ability technique. No one in the crowd could help but feel dumbstruck. Su Hao could currently only move his right hand, but he could still use such a powerful ability technique?

The green light dissipated.

The crowd looked in detail and were shocked!

A familiar aura immediately caused the hearts of the crowd to feel that something was not right. When the green light was projected on Su Haos body, one could clearly see that the bloodied body actually quickly healed. His body actually recovered at an unbelievable rate. In just a moment, 30 percent of his injuries had been restored.

Although 30% was not a lot, it had already recovered Su Haos basic strength!


Grade A ability talent, healing light.

With this light beam as the guide, it promoted a powerful healing factor to be shot into the targets body. Through the interaction of the origin ability and healing factor, it accelerated the bodys metabolism rate. With the fastest injury recovery speed, it recovered the target until their peak condition. If it was executed together with an origin technique, then the injury can be easily recovered.

Of course, if it was in a game.

This method can be called as blood brush!


The crowd was dumbfounded.

Tian Zi was dumbfounded.

What unequaled excitement, what calculation, what battle of power and intelligence, all of this was rubbish! No matter how powerful you were, how outstanding your schemes were, everything would be overshadowed in the face of this powerful technique.

But at this moment, everything that Su Hao did was finally understood!

Why did he willingly trade injuries with Tian Zi?

Because he can recover!

Why did he remain unafraid of Tian Zis sword that could self-destruct?

Because he can recover!

Everything only proved to Tian Zi that from the very beginning, the battle was led by Su Hao. Su Haos only fear was Tian Zis strange origin techniques, but when everything was at a high tempo, and they began trading damage, Tian Zi already lost.

As for why Su Hao knew the healing light...

Well, how many things did he know?

Ice crystals, doppelgangers, petrifaction, unstable explosions. Although every one of these wasnt powerful and Tian Zi countered them, but because of these seemingly weak ability talents, they caused him to lead the battles tempo!

Tian Zi, defeated!


Tian Zi was bitter.

By now, what else could he say?

Not only had he lost, but he was humiliated. There werent even any hope for a comeback. The power of Su Hao caused him to be in despair.

There is no need for any cliche words.

Su Hao smiled as he said. I analyzed your battles before; you are definitely not the type who would willingly give up; hence, your thoughts now should be to wait for me to draw near, and then use an explosive ability to destroy me. Attempting the final gamble? Give up, I am not so easily tricked.

Su Hao lightly ended his conversation.

Then, he took this opportunity. With a wave of his right hand, again he lightly healed himself.


A flash of dull green light flashed.

The injuries on Su Haos body once again recovered a little.

If you do not come over, I will heal myself until I am fully healed

Su Hao smiled as he said.


Tian Zi gritted his teeth and actually charged towards him.

The crowd was shocked for a moment.


Tian Zi actually had such intentions!

If Su Hao drew close to him earlier, would he be counterattacked by Tian Zi? Since the battle had progressed to this stage, he actually had such a plan even with those heavy injuries?

At this moment.

The crowd felt that their own intelligence was not sufficient anymore.

Indeed, among the students worldwide, to occupy the top 10, none of them were pushovers! Su Hao was like that, and Tian Zi was also like that.

His battle intent soared.

Tian Zi once again burst out. Unfortunately, this so-called explosion was more like a last-ditch struggle. Tian Zi who has been heavily injured long ago, what type of eruption could he produce?

Su Hao totally did not give him the chance to exert any origin techniques and directly carried him off with a blow.

After half a minute.

Tian Zi was defeated!


A bright white light passed.

The scene was destroyed.

The final battle for the championship has concluded!

Tian Zi who was worried about not having enough time would have never thought that he was actually defeated during the final minute!


Tian Zi who was abjectly eliminated looked at Su Hao who was crowned as first. His face was scarily twisted. Su Hao, even until the end did not give him an opportunity! If in that final moment Su Hao had dared to draw close to him, he definitely would have knocked Su Hao off the peak!

So what if he was more powerful?

This was the peak of a mountain!

If someone fell from the height of 8,000 meters, that person would fall to his death no matter what.

Unfortunately, Su Hao did not give him that chance!

Tian Zi gritted his teeth.

This was his remaining hidden ultimate ability and was prepared for Su Haos light beam, if Su Hao dared to use the light beam he definitely would suffer huge losses, and actually kill himself. He had been waiting for that moment. Instead, Su Hao did not use the light beam, or give him the opportunity to exert this ultimate ability!

If only there was a chance to exert this ability.

He definitely would have won.

Tian Zi was very unsatisfied.

Of course, this was not heard by Su Hao. If he really did that, Su Hao would let him understand what it meant to be in total despair! Because if Su Hao correctly remembered when he scanned the school earlier, he saw Yes, a certain students ability talent was flight.


That student who kept flying in the playground, Su Hao could still recall it.

Otherwise, why would Su Hao be so bold to choose these mountain peaks?

Because of the flight talent!

But at this moment, the screen flashed, and the outcome had been decided!

Tian Zis challenge ended.


Su Hao!

A truly global sensation!

Su Haos name was truly spread worldwide.

At this moment, who still dared to despise Su Hao?

In the final battle, the beautiful feast that was shown caused everyone to palpitate!

It turned out that this was Su Haos real ability!


The college entrance exam still had one final minute before it ended. But so what? Su Hao has entered into the 10-minute cooldown; therefore no one could challenge him. Su Haos first position was as solid as a mountain!

Even if there were some psychological preparation, the moment when Su Hao really stepped on the mountaintop, countless people were shocked.

Before the college entrance exam, who knew the extremely powerful Tian Zi and the rest would be defeated by an unknown student who came from a small city.

In the exam room.

Li Xins face looked ugly.

Failed again

Earlier he was challenged again; then he was easily defeated.

How many times now?

Li Xin was furious!

He was originally at around the 100th rank, after he charged into the top 10, the remaining college entrance time was less than an hour. Because many peoples challenge attempts were wasted, they were eliminated. Even Hai Hun was eliminated, what about others?

But, those who challenged Li Xin was very few.

The challengers were divided into two types. One type was the aggressive type. These type of college students were not able to wait until the final moment. They had long ago used up all their challenge attempts before the final hour. Looking at Li Xins top 10 ranking, they could only feel despair.

And the other type was the steady type. These students were prepared, not impatient, and calmly used their two challenge attempts to keep their final challenge for this moment. Hence, facing Li Xin who was in the top 10, they would not do anything until the final half hour before issuing a challenge!


Li Xin began to suffer consecutive defeats!

If not for the 10 minutes cooldown, Li Xin would have long ago dropped farther.

Even so, Li Xin was about to drop out of the top 10.

At this point, the college entrance exams final minute.

Li Xin, 8th!

And at this moment, the final minute, it seemed that everyone had exhausted their challenge attempts.

But, everyone seemed to forget, even though Li Xin suffered multiple challenge defeats, but his own challenge defeats hadnt reached three times.

This also meant...

He could still challenge!

To suffer loses consecutively, Li Xin was very furious. Looking at the screen, at this moment, Tian Zi and Su Haos battle had ended.

Su Hao had climbed to the top!

Indeed its big brother!

Li Xian was strangely excited, Who is Tian Zi? With such a standard, yet dared to challenge my big brother and he was eventually defeated. Let me meet him.

For a normal person who saw the final battle between Tian Zi and Su Hao, they already understood how horrific Tian Zis abilities were.

Who would use this last minute to challenge him?

But, Li Xin nonetheless did it.

For this person who dared to challenge his big brother, Li Xin easily picked him.

Defeat him!

Therefore, at the final minute.

Li Xins challenge leisurely flew to Tian Zis side.

Li Xin issued a challenge to Tian Zi!

Student Tian Zi is still under cooldown. You can choose to refuse the challenge.

Do you refuse the present challenge?

Tian Zi looked and was immediately was furious.

You must be kidding!

Since when Tian Zi had dropped to the level of being bullied? So what if the challenge failed? Could it mean that nobody cared about Tian Zis abilities anymore? Even if the first would be remembered and the second was fated to be forgotten. But this forgetfulness, wasnt it a bit too quick?

Especially this Li Xin...

Didnt his reliance on his ability talent cause others to despise him?

Did he really think that his abilities were stronger?

To defeat him was only a matter of seconds. Since he was courting his own death, Tian Zi wouldnt be polite. Tian Zi who was just defeated by Su Hao really needed a channel to vent. Li Xin who was in the same class as Su Hao naturally was the best choice.


Why must he refuse?

Since there was someone who was willing to die, why should he refuse?

Someone who relied on a despicable ability talent to pull a prank on him. Did he really think that Tian Zi would reject?

Tian Zi sneered.

But, he seemed to forget in this era, who did not rely on ability talent? Although Li Xins ability talent was slightly out of the ordinary, it was still his ability!


Tian Zi chose the map, and directly accepted the challenge.

The screen refreshed.

Both of them respawned in the map.

But at this moment, it was unexpected.

At this moment, Tian Zi suddenly felt a terrible feeling of weakness on his body.

Tian Zis face suddenly turned grave.

The effects of the forbidden technique and drug had started..