Godly Model Creator Chapter 394

Gmc Chapter 394

Chapter 394    That kid is interesting

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The effect of the forbidden technique was over.

Previously, it was because of this that Tian Zis strength was able to soar. However, now the same technique was destined to bring him despair!

How could it be this fast!

Tian Zi was panicking. This was absolutely impossible. He had tested numerous times. The forbidden technique with the perfect combination of drug, at least 5 minutes later before the side effect came.

In other words, after the global battle ended dozen of seconds later.

How could it be now?

But soon, Tian Zis mind was startled.


Just now, he broke through during his battle with Su Hao. Because of that, the effect of the technique had been reduced from five to four minutes.

And now

Tian Zi looked at the state of his body and turned pale.

Less than ten percent!

His current state was actually not even ten percent of his usual strength?

Tian Zi could no longer calm himself. Why did the effect only appear after he spawned on the map?

If he knew this earlier, he wouldnt have accepted this stupid challenge.

Courting own death.

This sentence was not for Li Xin but himself!

At this moment, the challenge between them officially began!

On the live broadcast.

The audience who saw the battle between Tian Zi and Li Xin was stunned. This this Li Xins gut was too huge. Didnt he see Tian Zis actual strength just now? Although there were still some gaps with Su Hao, he was still a freak class. Such a person yet Li Xin dared to challenge?

No, isnt Tian Zi still on cooldown?

Well, he lost just now. Obviously, he wanted to vent his anger.


Tian Zi was very strong, but he could only be number two. For Li Xin to knock the front door right now was just courting his own death

Looking at the screen.

Both of them were looking at each other. Tian Zis facial expression looked ugly, probably due to his anger. As for the opposite Li Xin, he was as calm as usual.

Brat, to dare challenge my boss, today I will show you what our strength gap is..

Li Xin proudly said.

The audience was so embarrassed that they didnt know where to hide their face.


They could even foresee the moment when Li Xin gets one-shot killed. Then, they saw Li Xin proudly rushed forward, and the battle began.


Where was the one hit kill?

Tian Zi and Li Xin

They were evenly matched?

What joke was this?

This battle was supposed to be one-sided, the crowd was now dumbfounded. Could it be that they were mistaken regarding Li Xins strength? He was actually this strong?

Evenly matched?

Of course impossible!

With just a dozen of seconds remaining, the outcome of this battle was finally revealed.

A flash passed by.

One hit kill!

The scene changed as a notification appeared.


Challenge successful!

Li Xin won.

Current rank: Third.

Tian Zi, defeated.

Current rank: Fourth.




My eyes are blinded. Li Xin actually defeated Tian Zi!

It must be luck

They were all stunned.

All candidates were shocked.

Even Su Hao was speechless at this.

Who would have thought that the last dozen of seconds, they would be able to witness a fairytale comeback?

However, at this moment, when they still havent recovered from the shock, the end of the global battle was officially announced.


Global battle is over!

All candidates instantly returned to reality.

The final result was displayed on the live broadcast.


1st: Su Hao

2nd: Li Tiantian

3rd: Li Xin

4th: Tian Zi

5th: Zheng Tai

6th: Zhou Wang

9th: Hai Hun

10th: Ming Feng




Something isnt right here.

The audience looked at the list and felt a bit strange. Soon they responded. Tian Zi, 4th! How could this be?

He was supposed to be ranked 2nd but how did this happen?

They were all dazed.

The battle between Su Hao and Tian Zi was indeed too exciting.

Such a powerful performance. Even if he failed, in the heart of everyone, he was number two.

But now, when the ranking list appeared.

Tian Zi challenged Su Hao. Seemed like before that he had forfeited his match against Li Tiantian, causing him to drop to 3rd place.

So that was it.

However, how did he turn out to be fourth?

When they replayed back the previous battle, they found the horror of the battle between Li Xin and Tian Zi. 

Could it be Li Xin, that seemingly retard was actually a mysterious master? Hiding his strength and suddenly showing his trump card against Tian Zi at the last moment.

Such result was definitely not one which they expected.

However, no matter what, the global battle had ended.

After the ranking, the notification regarding the rewards was released. All candidates could go to a respective institution and view them. 

Without a doubt, in this college entrance exam, there was still a special existence.

The strongest new student!

Su Hao!

Zhanzheng College acted fast by sending the notice regarding the reward for strongest freshman, shocking everyone.

Sure enough, this was the treatment only for the top student.

The exam only lasted for three days.

And Su Hao currently had more than tens of millions of fans online!

Su Hao was the hottest topic on the internet. There was only one inexplicable topic, #LiXinActualStrength on the list.

In the exam area.

The signal jamming was deactivated, and all communication device began to ring non-stop. Countless notifications from family and friends came. Su Haos communication device also received a lot of text messages.

Finally it ended

At this moment, Su Hao realized that the college entrance exam was officially over.

A period of three days, it felt like a month to him!

The endless battles had made him aware of his shortcomings. If not for his breakthrough in model return, the energy he had simply wouldnt be enough to create many origin models consecutively.

After all, he was still not strong enough.

Model analysis

When will it have a true killing move?

There would definitely be some!

Su Hao clenched his fist. He had to slowly sort all the new data he obtained from this exam. After he finished digesting them, his strength should reach a new realm.

Su Hao smiled and slowly walked out of the exam area.

Time to go home.

Somewhere in the Federation.

A middle-aged man interestingly watched the screen in front.

That kid named Li Xin hes quite interesting.

The man beside him burst into laughter, You mean his ability talent?

No, I mean luck.

The middle-aged man shook his head faintly, This childs luck is not one could compete with.


The man next to him was shocked, This doesnt seem to be your style. I thought you hate those who just bet on their luck and fight without any plan?


The middle-aged man was somehow sad, You know why I hate that? How many times have I been forced to give up at the very last step? How many times have I given up because of my bad luck? If I have that kind of luck, will my present achievement be only this? Because I dont have it, I hate others who do!

And now, this kid

I have set my eyes on him!

The middle-aged mans eyes revealed a different kind of light.

The man beside sighed. True to have bad luck was always the thorn in his heart. It seemed that the current him who had no way to breakthrough would have to leave it for his disciple in the future.

And Li Xin, before enrolling in Zhanzheng College already obtained a powerful master in advance.

This so-called luck.

Could this be part of his luck too?

At the same time.

Countless people were watching the screen.

For those coming from the chaotic era of origin ability and no longer had the opportunity to break through, these new candidates would be excellent disciples. In just a moment, many students had been appraised. Some at all cost, personally rushed to the city to meet their future disciple.

For a small city like Jianghe City, as long as a candidate managed to get within the top ten, it was definitely worthy to be celebrated by the whole city. Not to mention Su Hao was ranked first on a global scale.

The mayor even mentioned that he would personally summon these few candidates to show his encouragement and appreciation.

At the same time

The crowd noticed an amazing fact.

It seemed like there were four students in the top ten coming from Jianghe City. Of course, that was still acceptable, but what was even more amazing was that Jianghe City actually monopolized the top three!