Godly Model Creator Chapter 395

Gmc Chapter 395

Chapter 395    Jianghe City is changing

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Jianghe City 

What kind of city was it?

It was the second time the topic about Jianghe City became the top discussion. The development proposal of the Jianghe City had been submitted to the top management of Federation since this city had really performed outstandingly in the college entrance exam.

The result of Jianghe City itself was able to compete with the sum of all the other big cities in the world.

Such a city 

It was only in a rural area with limited resources?

Are you kidding me?


One of the top management of the Federation slammed the table and instructed that Jianghe City had to be prioritized in development.

All the heads of other cities had assigned their assistants to do a site-visit in Jianghe City in order to do research on their education system and living culture.

There was a strict leveling system among the cities.

In all the states, the main focus of development would be their capital, which was also considered as the first-tier city. Then, it came to the core cities, followed by developing cities, normal cities, and rural cities. Among the four states, there were only four capitals with each state having one respectively. The number of core cities was also very few, meanwhile developing cities were those cities that outperformed other hundred cities such as Jinhua City.

Meanwhile for Jianghe City 

It was just an ordinary rural city among the numerous of them.

Such a rural city had occupied four places out of the top ten candidates! Moreover, the top three candidates were all from that city. It had outperformed all the capitals and various of the genius-producing cities.

With such circumstances, it was hard for Jianghe City not to become famous.

Moreover, almost all the honor was surrounding Jianghe City. All the top management were thinking of how to get benefits from Jianghe City. At this moment, who would care about the state and the other developing cities?

Jianghe City became extremely famous.

A place which was full of geniuses.

Of course, political issues had totally no effect to the candidates. After the college entrance exam, all the students were relieved and had no idea what to do at the moment.

In the east section of the city.

Li family.

It was midnight in the garden, Li Xin his torso was bare, and he punched the air. Although he was sweating heavily, he didnt even frown.

His father was behind of him and calmly stared at him with joy.

Although there were some imperfections in Li Xins personality, due to that imperfection, at least he was happy. Everybody thought that Li Xin was just extremely lucky, but they wouldnt know how much effort Li Xin had made for his unstable critical strike.

The foolish teenager had his own pride too.



Li Xin was punching the air, while tree trunks located ten meters away was shaking.

Among the top ten, he was the weakest as a level one esper. Not only that, but he also had an ability talent that depended on luck and probability. Considering all those matches that he won due to good luck, people would think that it was an exam system glitch for Li Xin to not only get into the top ten but ranked 3rd as well.

Many of the candidates couldnt accept it!

How could such a guy be ranked at number 3 and became the role model of espers around the world?

Compared to other candidates that defeated their opponents step by step to get their ranking, Li Xins attack was more like combinations of countless luck.

Why didnt his opponents have a chance to challenge him during the late stage?

Why would Tian Zi become so unusual in his capability when Li Xin challenged him?

Why would Tian Zi accept the challenge even when he was in his cooldown period?


There were too many questions.

Finally, all of these could only be explained by luck.

Li Xin got 3rd place like an ordinary guy who won a jackpot of a few hundred million star dollar, all based on luck.

Hence, people were disdained when they talked about Li Xin.

Hey, he was just a lucky guy.

If I had his luck, I could even get first place!


I think the exam should eliminate the luck element and just rank the candidates according to their capability. Then, there will not be someone like him appearing.


Was that the fact?

Perhaps these people just wanted to hide their strong jealousy towards Li Xin.



Li Xin still continued to punch until the air kept vibrating. The whole garden seemed to be breezy.

Li Xin seemed to be very focused.


Li Xin had his eyes shined and scanned through a row of about ten trees. He jumped up and rushed towards them.

Three times critical hit!


The tree at the left side was split into half. Li Xin didnt stop and kicked towards the second tree.

Four times critical hit!


The second tree was destroyed.

Three times critical hit!


Four times critical hit!


Li Xin shouted as he moved around.

When he stopped, all the ten trees were all destroyed.

The sawdust fell from the sky.

Li Xin turned his body and stared at the ten trees that had been destroyed.


Li Wei was impressed; perhaps his son had been enlightened? If he could perform one-tenth of what he did today, he would not need to worry about getting a grandchild.

Wakaka, I had succeeded!

Li Xin happily shouted and danced, losing all his charisma a moment after the battle. I am definitely a genius, morons like Tian Zi are too weak!

Li Wei immediately facepalmed, seems that he was too optimistic 

How is it, dad?

Li Xin said with full excitement, I had almost mastered the whatever aura and technique, can I make my advancement now? I feel embarrassed to be only at level 1 while others were already at level 4 and 5.

Li Xin was worried about that.

Li Wei smiled and said, Dont worry, your origin characteristic is luck acquiring. After you completely master this aura fusion technique, only then can you consider making your advancement. You shouldnt worry too much about your level; your real capability is more important.


Li Xin mumbled, But it sounds bad to be in level 1.

Li Wei rolled his eyes and pretended he did not hear that.

Everybody wished to improve their capability while his son was concerned about his level. If he was given the title as level 9 esper, wouldnt he be too happy and run around excitingly?

This son 

Li Wei smiled and said, Keep up your hard work!

Alright, dad!

Li Xin waved his hand impatiently and started to punch towards the trees again. The trees were shaking due to the strikes again.

Li Wei just smiled and looked at the sky quietly.

Wasnt it a good decision to move into Jianghe City last time?

Li Tiantian with Grade S ability talent, mysterious lightning controller Zhou Wang, and the mysterious champion Su Hao. These people couldnt be simply explained as having great capability. Was it just coincidence for them to born in this city together?

What had been happening in this city before?

Li Wei was thinking hard about that.

Suddenly, he felt something horrifying deep from his heart.


Li Wei vomited out a mouthful of blood, and his vision went dark. He almost fainted on the spot; luckily he managed to hold the wall and balanced himself.

A moment later, he opened up his eyes with panic.

What happened to me?

Li Wei was astonished.

It was impossible for him with such body capability to be weakened until he almost fainted! That feeling just now seemed to be his luck being devoured!

Luck devour?

Li Wei thought of something.


Golden lights shined in his eyes.

Li Wei looked up to the cities again and had his face expression changed. Three days ago, he observed Jianghe City once and the luck level was normal. However, the luck level of the city had risen tens of thousands of times more within three days! It was almost the same with the luck level of a capital city now!

How how could it be possible?

Li Wei sighed.

A capital city led hundred of the cities in the eastern region. Jianghe City as a level 5 rural city had such a high level of luck?

Was it because of the global live stream?

Did it mean that Jianghe City had the qualification to be nominated as the capital city now?

If a normal city wished to reach this step, it needed at least a few decades of accumulation in reputation only it could make it. However, for Jianghe City 

It was totally out of this world.

Was it a fortune or disaster?

Before the college entrance exam, I used a luck transferring technique and borrowed 1% of the city luck and gave it to my son Li Xin. I thought it would just increase a little bit of his critical hit success rate, but The luck of Jianghe City now is already out of my control!

Li Weis eyes were full of astonishment.

No wonder there was devour just now!

No wonder Li Xin could be performing so well in the late stage!

1% of a rural citys luck might not be powerful. However, 1% luck of a capital city was enough to entirely destroy Jinhua City! Even if he improved a few hundred times from his own capability now, he would never be able to borrow the luck of a capital city!

He could only look at Jianghe City from a further distance now, not even daring to touch it!

Not saying about borrowing the luck, even if he tried to make any changes to the luck of Jianghe City, the luck devour would kill him immediately!

What luck!

Li Wei mumbled himself and looked at his son who was training hard in the garden with great excitement. Perhaps it was the luck of his son?

My luck talent really wasnt enough. During my time, humans merged with their origin ability at the age of 20, and there would be a limitation on their capability. However, it was different for Li Xin

The future belongs to the young generation!

Li Wei seemed calm.

Golden light shined in his eyes again.

His luck talent activated!

Li Wei looked up at the luck wave of Jianghe City in the sky.

Jianghe City it is going to change!