Godly Model Creator Chapter 396

Gmc Chapter 396

Chapter 396    Abandoned

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Zheng Yang City.

Late at night.

Zheng Tai looked sad.

He knew he had some gap from Tian Zi but never did he expect it to be that huge! Even with the additional points, he still couldnt dominate Tian Zi.

Then later, seeing Tian Zi losing to Su Hao made him even harder to accept.


The so-called first and second rank battle between him and Tian Zi was just a joke.

Those four candidates from Jianghe City were like dark horses, turning the exam upside down. Was it because they were too weak or the people in that city too strong?

Zheng Tai was in a daze.

Di di~

His communication device gently rang.

Zheng Tai opened and had a look. It was Sister Hudie, the one who was always worried about him.

For the first time ever, Zheng Tai chose to refuse the call.

As what Tian Zi said before, because of his immaturity, he was too arrogant. Zheng Tai was aware of his failure, how could he show his face in front of Hudie? For him to fail for the first time, it was hard to be accepted.

His eyes stared at the virtual screen. Zheng Tai hesitantly opened an earlier message before finally chose to accept.


A moment later, a figure quietly appeared from the dark. Looking at the determined look of Zheng Tai, the man revealed some of his teeth with a husky laugh.

Zheng Tai, welcome to Piao Ling Organization.

Tiandu City.

Tian family.

Tian Zi was covered in a strange hot spring. Countless herbs and drugs were continuously poured into it, nourishing his body.

Beside him, two old men were watching this scene.

The side effect of the forbidden technique and drug, I thought these are just a final trick which wouldnt be used but never did I expect that the situation would escalate to this. Plus, after he failed and seriously injured, he actually went into a coma. A long time would be needed to recover. This college entrance exam, we have lost big.

An old man in white said.

Its alright.

The other old man waved his hand, No matter what, he did break through. Battle intent fusion, this is the threshold to become a professional esper. As long as he recovers, he might really step into that realm!

18 years old professional esper sigh, the era is no longer the same.

Jianghe City.

After Zhou Wang went back home, without any delay, he immersed himself in training again.




For the first time, he felt the disparity between him and the rest.

The gap was too huge!

Too huge that it made him despair.

Even with a powerful master to help him, he was only able to obtain 6th. Not even the top 5? Forget about Tian Zi and others, but Su Hao was able to dominate the battle. That really made him shocked.


Su Hao was actually this powerful?

He was unwilling!

If so, did he even have the qualification to be Su Haos friend? Before that, while he was attending school, wasnt his previous friends were all left out and gradually lost in contact due to his fast progress? Unexpectedly, it was about to happen to him.

To be left behind by Su Hao gradually?

Absolutely no!

Zhou Wang gritted his teeth as he trained.

Far away, the old man looked at the poor appearance of Zhou Wang and was at a loss. As for Zhou Wangs result, he was indeed shocked too.

After all, its not my own body...

The integration is too low!

Zhou Wangs body strength was too weak. Or else, with my true strength, how could I lose to these kids?

Such assistance does not seem to be effective.

The old man sighed.

At first, he had only thought of passing his own knowledge to the future generation. However, the idea seemed to be too naive. Perhaps he should continue living?


The old mans heart moved.

The moment such an idea appeared, it could no longer be restrained.

The sense of owning a human body, he longed to experience it again. Each time he borrowed Zhou Wangs body, that feeling of being alive was so wonderful!

With his strength, he might not be able to conceal it while in Zhanzheng College. Acting fast would be the ideal scenario. The college semester starts in September. There were about two more months to bring Zhou Wangs strength to the limit and then

Zhou Wang, we will have special training this week!

Yes, master!

At a garden villa.

At the edge of a pool, two mesmerizing girls in swimsuits swam back and forth. That busty front nearly tore the swimsuits apart. They looked like mermaids dancing in the water.


Ice crystals exploded.

At the same time, both of them got up from the pool with robes covering their body. Currently, the pool it was covered in frost.

Yiran, seems you have improved quite a bit.

Su Wan rubbed off the water on her body and laughed.


Chen Yiran nodded.

Su Wan sinisterly smirked and pointed at that two peaks of Chen Yiran, What I meant are these. It seems like you and Su Hao are pretty lovey-dovey.


Chen Yiran looked down, and her face blushed instantly, Master!

Su Wan laughed loudly as she ran away.

Chen Yiran then chased her immediately. Such a playful chase, since when did such scene look like mentoring?

Master, why must I hide my strength?

Chen Yiran asked puzzled.

After the college entrance exam ended, she only obtained 800th and easily enrolled in Zhanzheng College but the distance from first was too far!

But with her current strength, how could she have such a result?

If she were to show her full might, she would easily place within the top 100 or even had the right to attempt the top ten! But with reasons unknown, Su Wan didnt allow her to use her full strength. As long as she could enter the top 1,000, that would be sufficient.

Your true battle is not on the exam!

Su Wan smiled, You want to help Su Hao?


Chen Yiran nodded.

Then endure it first.

Su Wans eyes lit up, That promise previously, its about the time for that. Before you two enter Zhanzheng College, I will let you two advance another step!

Somewhere in Jianghe City.

A young man looked up the starry sky. 

For a long time.

The man indifferently smiled.

His figure vanished as if everything was an illusion.


In the end, you guys are here?

I have waited for you all for so long!

Jianghe City.

Too many strong espers had gathered.

Due to the huge number, the mayor had decided to limit the number so that the city would be in at peace. Or else, the city would be too crowded.

Many came to meet Su Hao as one who enjoyed the honor as the top student. If not because of the government's protective mechanism working fairly well, Su Haos home would be flocked with fanatics. This situation lasted for a full three days before it improved.

At this moment

The most wanted man, Su Hao was extremely carefree.

Since it was the relaxing time after the exam, Su Hao didnt practice hard for the first time. He spent all the free time with his family members because he knew well that after entering the college, it was probable that he wouldnt be back for the next four years! Thus, he had to spend as much time as he could with his family now.

Today, it was the same.

Bro, I will go shopping with mum.

Su Ling grabbed Su Haos arm, swinging here and there.

Alright, alright.

Su Hao smiled and patted his sisters head, Lets go after our meal.

However, unexpectedly, Su Ling and Li Xiaoru actually rejected.



Su Hao was confused.

We dont want brother to tag along.

Su Ling rubbed her nose, Yesterday going out with bro; we had been chased for several streets before finally able to flee...


Li Xiaoru nodded.

Su Hao: ...

Then you hold my arm for what?

Su Hao snappily rubbed his sisters hair.

I hate you, stop messing up my hair!

Su Ling quickly fixed her hair before continuing, Your credit card. To go shopping, of course, we need money.


Su Hao suddenly turned pale, Mum, I remember before I left home previously, I left ten million star dollars, right? Could it be that you have used it all?

Of course not.

Li Xiaoru rolled her eyes, I know you spend heavily. What to do if youre moneyless in the future? That 10 million is kept for your marriage. So, in the future, if you lack money, you can have it to marry a wife!


Su Hao was speechless.

Mum, these few millions are for you to spend. Its not to keep!

I know, I know. Stop being long-winded.

Su Ling grinned as she took the money and then followed her mom out.

Su Hao looked at the breakfast which was not finished and then reacted.


I have been abandoned!

Oh well.

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

Comforting himself, Su Hao was getting ready to train. At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang. Su Hao walked to the front door and had a look. His eyes suddenly turned cold.

Jin family

Finally, they were here!