Godly Model Creator Chapter 397

Gmc Chapter 397

Chapter 397    You shouldnt have said that

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Jin family.

It was always a thorn in Su Haos heart.

Because of them, Su Hao didnt even dare to appear in public. He hid in a cave for a few months until the day right before the college entrance exam. Only then did he dare to appear in Jianghe City. He performed at his best during the exam to stop the Jin family from interrupting his life. However, he didnt expect that the effect of the global broadcast to be so impactful.

Su Hao was confident that with his publicized capability if he would announce to the public about the Jin familys secret, they would be in deep trouble.

Hence, he was waiting for Jin family to apologize to him at his doorstep.

No enemy lasted forever; everything was about the benefits.

There were plenty of people that acted like the Jin family in the world, how was it possible to eliminate all of them? Jin family and Hua family were so huge and powerful that they managed to control a developed city. If there were a few of them who managed to escape, it would be a big threat to his family. Hence, if the Jin family were willing to settle it under the table, it would be fine for him.

Meanwhile, the one who appeared at his doorstep was someone he familiar with, Jin Liang.

Long time no see.

Su Hao smiled and said.

Jin Liang tried hard to smile and said, Long time no see, Su Hao.

Before the exam, he was able to threaten Su Hao until he wouldnt dare appear in public. At that time, he managed to survive only because of the protection from the Origin Ability Association. However, he didnt expect that everything had changed within a few days. Su Haos own battle capability was powerful enough, not saying about his impactful publicity.

Such a figure, Jin family could only compromise and settle under the table with him.

It was a great shame as a member of the Jin family.

Take a seat.

Su Hao sat on the sofa and made himself a cup of tea, without planning of making a drink for them, Please make your words short, I am going out for a walk later.

A walk

Jin Liang could feel his blood pressure rising.


Taking a stroll was more important than talking to the Jin family?


After taking a deep breath, Jin Liang tried to calm down himself and said, About the things happened in the ruined relics, Jin family wishes to come to a compromise with


Su Hao frowned and said, So you guys are here for a settlement?


Jin Liang said.

En, just tell me what the deal is.

Su Hao smiled and said, Not only for the fact that I have to hide what happened in the ruined relic, but you should also include the fact that you all had assaulted me before.

Jin family would not attack you again; we would be at peace with each other from now on.

Jin Liang said.

Thats all?

Su Hao was surprised, You mean that you guys are just offsetting the debts that forced me to hide in a rural mountain area for a few months and assassinate me after my return with this? Dont you feel that there is no sincerity at all?

Jin Liang sneered.

Of course, the Jin family could represent a rank three city, how dare you compare us with you alone? It was already a blessing for you that the Jin family was willing to take the initiative to settle things peacefully.

He definitely wouldnt dare to speak out on that.

In fact, before he came here, the top management from the family had told him to agree with any additional compensation from Su Hao. It meant that if Su Hao had the sincerity to settle off on that, he could give some benefits to Su Hao under those circumstances.

Then what do you think?

Jin Liang asked.

An universal origin technique, an energy cultivation technique, and a Nitai artifact.

Su Hao said calmly.


Jin Liang was angry, Dont you think youre too greedy?

Then, ask permission from your superior.

Su Hao replied calmly, This is a negotiation, the benefits should be discussed.


Jin Liang sneered and turned his body away to leave.


Su Haos word had created greater anger in Jin Liang. As the successor of Jin family, since when he had being insulted in this way?

In a little city like Jianghe City?

Su Hao!

Jin Liang turned back at the doorstep and shouted, Dont you be so arrogant by just knowing a little secret about my Jin family. You couldnt imagine the might of our family. Even if you announce all these things to the public, we would just have a little loss.

You are not qualified to create trouble for us, Su Hao!

Jin Liang sneered and said.

After finishing his words, he stared at Su Hao and said, When I came in just now, I guess I saw a pair of pretty ladies. Are they your family?

Recently, Jianghe City is not as peaceful.

Jin Liang finished his words before leaving.


The door was closed.

The room returned to silence again.

Su Hao stood up calmly and looked at the direction where Jin Liang was leaving and sighed, Jin Liang, you shouldnt have said that.

After that, he took a pen and made a cross on the paper.

The word of Jin family had been crossed out by Su Hao on the paper.

There wasnt a need for Jin family to exist anymore.

If it were in the previous circumstance, Su Hao would compromise or even asking someone else to protect his family while himself hid again to train himself. However, after the exam, Su Hao was in a different situation right now.


There was no need of that.

He believed that he could solve all these.

While lying down on the sofa, Su Hao extracted all the information about the Jin family and their relations to the Origin Ability Association. His eyes lit up.

Could one secret completely destroy the Jin family?

Not really.

Jin family had their power for so many years, even the association in Jianghe City had their people, not to mention Jinhua City.

Perhaps they were in the same gang.

Moreover, it was already so long since Jin family knew it about this. For sure they already came out with a way to minimize the loss.

If Su Hao couldnt manage to completely destroy the Jin family, then 

It would be the time Jin family to make trouble for him.

Hence, once he decided to act, he had to completely destroy the Jin family.

That was the first point.

Secondly, there were too many people in the Jin family!

Such a big family wasnt easy to be destroyed. Forget about those who worked for the Jin family; there were at least a certain number of core family members with great ability. Even if he let any one of them escape, their revenge would give him a lot of trouble.

With his publicized level now, it would be a powerful bomb to Jin family if he disclosed their secret. For sure the Origin Ability Association would make an investigation on that, however, how detail was the investigation and the consequence of their action, the number of staffs who would help Jin family from escaping.

All of these were uncertain.

Eliminating the Jin family?

It seemed to be easy. However, when it came to the execution, there were a lot of risks. Any of the risks could easily destroy Su Haos family.

Going against and eliminating were totally different things.

So I can only compromise?

Su Hao mumbled.

The last words of Jin Liang had shown his further plan.

Although the Jin family decided to compromise currently, it was because of the current high reputation of Su Hao. What if one day Su Hao wasn't famous anymore? What if he was injured or died outside due to some incident? Wouldnt the Jin family take action on his family?

Such a threat had to be eliminated!

He had been on the border of death and alive during the past year. Su Hao won't even dare to say he would be fine for the next few months. Hence, he had to settle the threat without leaving any possible loose ends behind.


Jin family had to be destroyed!

There was no compromise on this case!

Su Hao opened up his device and read a message.

Perhaps it was a chance.

That was a message from Origin Ability Association.

The message was asking him for help to reconstruct model analysis in the database. His performance on the ability index during the exam was fabulous.

He had outperformed numerous of grade * talent by using just a grade E talent.

Although the performance of a talent was related to the user, with such a huge difference between the pre-judgment and the result was definitely not right. Hence, they proposed to re-grade the model analysis talent.

Within a few days, numerous of people started to question on the grading system of talent by the association. Hence, they had to give a response to the public. They contacted Su Hao immediately and hoped to get help from Su Hao to re-grade the talent.

Su Hao rejected on the spot.

What a joke?

Why should I go upon your order?

If he were an ordinary person, he would obviously be following their order. However, he was under the concern of the people around the world right now. If anything were to happen to him, it would be big trouble for those who did it. Moreover, Su Hao was an upcoming student in Zhanzheng, who would dare to do that?

Moreover, Origin Ability Association was an open organization; they wouldnt resort to an underhand method.

Hence, they could only invite Su Hao again and again.

The people in the Jianghe City branch were extremely desperate for Su Hao to come. Especially the Fatty Lin who expelled Su Hao right before the exam for the sake of Jin family, he was in regret now.

Who would know Su Hao would get first in the exam?

If Su Hao were still the intern in the association, it wouldnt cause them so much trouble. Hence, Fatty Lin was assigned into the blacklist of top management in the association as a troublemaker.

Something even more interesting was due to this incident, Fatty Lin had been dismissed from his position, and the association had investigated his corruption.

Su Hao was glad when he heard this news. Fatty Lin deserved that.

He thought that would be enough. However, the threat of Jin family had reminded Su Hao about that. If he could make good use of that 

There was a possibility to completely settle the case regarding the Jin family.

After some thoughts, Su Hao made his decision.

It seemed like I have to go to the association for once.