Godly Model Creator Chapter 398

Gmc Chapter 398

Chapter 398    Goal: Realization

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Origin Ability Association.

Looking dejected after being lectured by the president, the man then returned to his office. Never did he expect that a single ability assessment to have such a huge impact!

Was it just a small matter?

Definitely not!

From the surface, it seemed like a shock of public opinion. However, Su Haos model analysis scored an E by the association while he shined during the exam. Could it be that the exam was more accurate?

This almost had a direct punch on the associations core!

The federation would definitely add oil to the fire. If they didnt settle this matter as fast as possible, it would only get worse. 

F*ck, if not because of that stupid fork Fatty Lin, Su Hao would be on our staff.

He cursed several times.

Previously, he had already promised that he would allow Su Hao to officially enter the association after the exam. Never did he expect that when he was away for a few days for a task, this Fatty Lin would take the opportunity to get rid of Su Hao. Although Fatty Lin was eventually fired, to persuade Su Hao back for assessment was definitely not easy.

Even after contacting Su Hao for several days, no response was given.


The president of the branch sighed, Seems like I can only visit his house.

Dong dong!

There was knocking on the door.

The president was impatient, Who? Didnt I say to not bother me?

Senior Zhang, it seems that your manner is getting huge. A familiar voice came over. Su Hao?

Long time no see, Senior Zhang.

Su Hao smiled. For a senior like him who did praise him during the interview, he still had a good impression.

How did you hear Oh no, sit down first.

Senior Zhang was still somehow shocked.

Why, Senior Zhang doesnt want to welcome me?

Su Hao smiled indifferently.

How would I dare to?

Senior Zhang bitterly coughed, Stop calling senior, senior. I cant afford to be called that. You are now literally the face of Zhanzheng College after ranking first in the exam, your fame is no joke.

Su Hao rolled his eyes. This brat was still bothered by the declination from two days ago.

This, since youre here, it must be for the ability evaluation...

Senior Zhang carefully asked.


Su Hao pondered for a moment, This is the second matter. Before that, there is a matter which must be solved first.

Feel free to say it. Senior Zhang replied.

Su Hao didnt say anything and looked around. Energy fluctuation could be felt and Senior Zhangs eyes lit up as if he felt something.

After making sure nobody was listening, Su Hao then opened his mouth and revealed everything related to the Jin family, especially the events in ancient ruins.

Hearing this, Senior Zhang was stunned.

At first, he thought that it was due to his talent or the Nitai artifact that he managed to survive with luck. He never thought the truth was so complicated.

Jin familys ambition

How could the association miss this?

But nothing had been reported for so long. Could it be that the branch of Jinhua City had all been bought off?

When he thought of this, Senior Zhang became wary.

When he thought of the days before the exam, he remembered the Jin family chasing Su Hao. No wonder Su Hao suddenly requested to join the association.

This matter must be reported immediately.

Senior Zhang, who was calmly sitting on his spot, looked at Su Hao. To come at this time plus the fact of assessment, could it be

Senior Zhang called, Your condition.

First, protect my family. Second, every member of the Jin family must be eradicated! Su Hao said.


Senior Zhang easily accepted the condition, Dont worry. If what you say is the truth, the Jin family will not only face a simple extinction!

Su Hao nodded.

Ill make arrangement for that. But, you might need to act yourself at the last moment.


Su Hao was shocked.

A dignified Origin Ability Association still needed his help?

What do you want!

Senior Zhang bitterly smiled, The reason you have to act yourself is because the Jin family has a member attending Zhanzheng College. Due to our agreement with the college, its inconvenient for us to act.


Su Haos eyes shined.

He was looking forward to a battle with students at Zhanzheng College!

This matter is probably related to the Jinhua branch. I will report this to headquarters. It might take a few days for the investigation so you can comfortably stay here. As for your family, we will send secret protection. Dont worry. Once the higher ups give the order, we will act immediately.


Su Hao nodded.

Of course, the association wouldnt act with just his words. 

These days, he was also able to train peacefully.

Three days easily passed by.

In a training room within the association, Su Hao was sitting cross-legged. 



A light ring came.

Then, the golden light from his body suddenly accelerated. It became more realistic before it finally collapsed, disappearing into countless golden sparks.


Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes. He flicked his wrist in mid air.


The air in the room went violent as a shock spread out to the surroundings. Su Haos mouth couldnt conceal his joy.

Level 5 specialized esper!


If one were to see this scene, they would be extremely shocked.

To rank first in the exam, when he was suppressing Tian Zi, he was only a level 4 esper. A level 4 esper was able to destroy level 8 esper. What about the current him then?

My strength has increased.

Su Hao was excited. College entrance exam was indeed the best medium to help sharpen candidates.

In just three days, it allowed him to directly break the bottleneck to reach level 5. Plus, there was still some room left for improvement. In fact, every candidate would have some sort of improvement. Even if Tian Zi didnt win first, at least he was now a step into the threshold of becoming professional esper which was an amazing harvest.

In this regard

The reformation of the college entrance exam was a success.

My energy intensity increased from level 4 to level 5.

My model return also improved from 50% to 60%.

These are my gains in strength but the truly valuable ones are the combat experience ones.

Su Hao pondered.

Model analysis played the greatest role during the exam but it was just a support ability.

Whether it was 2D mapping, 3D modeling, synchronous playback, or even his godly illusion reality, the role of model analysis

Was all about supporting!

Su Hao was a bit disappointed about this matter. Could it be that model analysis was all about support?

On the other hand, the biggest influence would be the way he fought.

From the beginning up until the end, Su Haos obvious weakness was the lack of offensive abilities!

It could be counted on just one hand.

If he were to exclude origin modelling, the current attacks he had were too limited.

First, mountain crash.

Next, water split.


Holding the Xinghe sword and slashing.

The mountain crash and water split abilities were just low level 2 star origin techniques. The power produced was too weak and it could only handle level 1 espers. If not for his Xinghe sword to amplify the effect, perhaps he wouldnt even be able to get past the opponents defense.

During the exam, he fought to a draw with Li Tiantian who was using an ordinary energy sword while he himself used the Xinghe sword.

This was sufficient enough to spot the problem.

Now as a specialized esper, he could still barely cope with it. But what about later at Zhanzheng College?

Could he still rely on those two low level moves?

As for origin model

It contributed the most to Su Haos victory.

It seemed strong but had no impact on real strength improvement.

The existence of the origin model was quite similar to certain grade A talents by copying the ability talent of others.

However, what if nobody was around?

Then you would be powerless.

Not every ability talent could be copied.

At the very least, Zhou Wangs ability talent was not something Su Hao could copy. With that mysterious soul around, Su Hao had no chance. Also, there was one more existence Li Tiantian, that mysterious Grade S was simply unreadable.

It seemed like Su Haos only hope to truly surpass others with his own strength would be the one and only