Godly Model Creator Chapter 399

Gmc Chapter 399

Chapter 399    Analysis of inner force

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


If only realization could be accomplished, then a model could be turned into reality, from there model analysis could escape from serving as a supporting role. His analysis could be turned into real battle capability instead of just calculating and illustrating.

There was a long way to go before model analysis could achieve realization.

Initially, he thought he could get inspiration to advance his talent in realization through the pressure in the exam. However, even though he had improved a lot, he couldnt feel anything about realization.


How far would this path need to go?


Once all the research of the virtual model is completed, one would reach the barrier of realization. However, Su Hao totally couldnt feel it.

Perhaps his virtual model wasnt completed yet?

Permanent model...

2D mapping...


All sort of models..

Illusion reality.

Su Hao almost turned everything he could think of into an origin technique. He even created a five-star technique like Illusion reality. Supposedly his virtual model stage should have been completed.

What else was he missing?

Su Hao shook his head and smiled bitterly. He could feel that his following journey would be tough.

He already reached the peak of virtual modeling and he couldnt find a way to achieve realization. His research on model analysis seemed to be stuck.

Perhaps it was a bottleneck?

However, most people have their bottleneck in their cultivation. Meanwhile, rarely were there people like Su Hao who had a bottleneck in their ability talent.

There definitely is a solution.

Su Hao took a deep breath. Since his talent was at a bottleneck now, he decided to focus on another field. After the exam, he had harvested a big surprise from it.

The mysterious force!

Flying leaves that could deal damage.

Su Hao had learned the illustration from the quantum computer. Through the reverse process, he managed to learn all the results of the illustration. The official declaration was just nonsense for him. Unlike others, he had successfully felt that force, how dare they said that was just an origin technique?

What was the exam center trying to hide?

Su Hao analyzed the illustration, and he obtained two possible hypothesis.

First, the mysterious force research team had successfully discovered the method and tried to implement it during the exam. However, peoples overreaction made them decided to hide all this with an announcement. The possibility for this circumstance was only 20%. If that was the case, the exam center should have prepared for that and shouldnt be in such a mess.

As for the second possibility 

The mysterious force was also outside of the exam centers expectations.

In other words, it was discovered by the quantum computer itself. It was ironic that the topic that couldnt be solved by the research group was solved by the quantum computer and had been implemented into the exam.

However, according to Su Haos analysis, this possibility was as high as 50%.

Meanwhile, the remaining 30% was some ridiculous guess, such as it was done by a hacker. However, with the highly secured system nowadays, it had a really low possibility of occurring.

Moreover, 50% possibility was enough to support Su Haos statement.

Quantum computer, huh

Su Hao smiled while drawing out the mysterious force and said, Since you are not announced to the public yet, I will just call you inner force.


Su Hao clenched his right hand tight.

The mysterious force in his right fist was vibrating. The amount of additional power-up was no less than Xinghe sword. However, Su Hao could feel something in his body was consumed everytime he used inner force.

The human body involves different structures; perhaps I have overexhausted my body when I use the mysterious force?

Su Hao thought about that.

It wasnt like the martial art stories where learning inner force could naturally be completed. The mysterious power was in the body but never had been discovered, wasnt it weird? There were millions of different origin ability talents, but why wasnt there someone else who discovered inner force?

Su Hao focused his mind.

He was observing the mysterious force through his model analysis.

Suppose there were 10 units of mysterious force in his body, then he could use 1 unit of the force ten times. However, when Su Hao tried to do an experiment, he realized that he could use more than 10, 20, 30 or even more times of inner force.


Su Hao was shocked.

It was so unusual!

Ten divided by one, he could get 20?

Was he playing with the mathematics teacher?

Su Hao tried to do another experiment before he finally found what was wrong.

10 units.

One unit after time for ten consecutive times, nothing was left in his body.

However, when Su Hao needed it again, there would be a batch of new mysterious force coming out from his body. Nonetheless, it made Su Hao feel his body was empty and suffering a little.

This is


Su Hao was shocked; he got it!

Overuse didnt happen at all time; it only happened when all the inner force was completely depleted.

In fact, many forbidden techniques are supported by inner force.

Su Hao finally understood when he thought of this.

It was true!

Why were forbidden techniques so powerful? It was due to overusing a bodys inner force in order to temporarily boost something such as energy or power. However, a side effect would appear after.

Tian Zi was an example.

Through a forbidden technique, he used up his inner force and the side effect caused him to be extremely weak after that period.

No wonder Li Xin could easily defeat him at that time.

Su Hao felt sorry for Tian Zi.

Su Hao then confirmed that the inner force was fundamental for all forbidden techniques.

All those forbidden techniques were some method discovered accidentally in order to use inner force. However, there would be a huge side effect and it couldnt be customized because the creators didnt know the theory of inner force.

For example, a skill which consumed 50 units of inner force could temporarily boost the power by five times.

As it was discovered accidentally, people couldnt customize it at all. Usually, a normal person would have 0 unit of inner force inside the body. When a forbidden technique is used, there would be 50 units of inner force overused. After a period of time, the side effect would appear.

That was a so-called forbidden technique.

However, it would be different for someone who managed to control inner force.

Su Hao could easily modify the method of forbidden technique. For example, he only had 10 units of inner force inside his body. He could just modify the forbidden technique to have a consumption of 10 units per use, boosting the power at a multiple of 1 or reduce the time period to one-fifth of its original in order to reach the optimum effect.

The benefits were 

There would be no side effect at all!

As long as the inner force wasnt being overused, it wouldnt cause any side effect. How strong was the side effect for Tian Zi? It could be obviously seen from the battle with Li Xin.

Hence, forbidden techniques should be used carefully.

Su Hao was excited.

The human body was so fascinating.

At the moment, he felt like he obtained the key to open up Pandoras Box. He might be able to discover something helpful, or maybe he wouldnt be able to withstand the lure and get into deep trouble.

Using the inner force appropriately would definitely help in increasing ones capability.

However, using inner force without limitation 

It was an act of committing suicide!

It was not only bad for the person but to others as well. Imagine that there was a guy who unleashed 1,000 units of inner force, how many times he could boost his capability?

What if this guy was killing others randomly in the city, what could you do?

Give him a punishment?

No, because he couldnt even live for a few minutes after using 1,000 units of inner force, there would be no use punishing him. However, he damaged the city.

Upon thinking of this, Su Hao was shocked.

The inner force that seemed to be normal 

It could be so horrifying!

If all his assumptions were true, the research team must be investigating it now. Even if their research was a success, for the sake of society, they would keep that as a secret before they could solve the possible damage caused by inner force.

However, it was a coincidence for Su Hao to learn inner force.

So, I might be the only one who successfully learned it?

Su Hao was surprised.

He had been injured countless time by the man in green in order to learn inner force; luckily he managed to succeed at last.

Since no one has defined it, I will define it myself.

Su Hao felt the mysterious force moving around his body and he said, So according to my assumption, this is 1 unit of inner force.

Su Hao made his conclusion.

After accumulating for a few days, he had a total of one unit of inner force now. Meanwhile, it was the maximum he could have for now.

Hence, in order not to hurt his own body, he could only use 1 unit of inner force.

1 unit

Su Hao mumbled to himself.

One unit of inner force was very little. However, it was a hope for him that if he could increase the capacity of inner force, then he could cast any forbidden technique without worrying about the possible side effects!

Could you imagine 

If Tian Zi could unlimitedly increase his momentum through the forbidden technique, how strong he could be?

It was completely terrifying.

Without a doubt.

If Su Hao could completely control the inner force, his power would increase drastically again. Meanwhile, he had a case that could be used for studying, body forging technique!