Godly Model Creator Chapter 4

Gmc Chapter 4

Chapter 0004 To master by immersing oneself

Nice one!

Su Haos eyes shined. He easily blocked the attack and countered with the same technique.

This time around, Chen Yiran was really surprised. She was very sure that Su Haos origin ability only reached 3.8. Being able to master a beginner basic fighting technique to such degree was beyond her expectations.

Yet now, he had even somehow mastered an intermediate basic fighting technique. This really shocked her to her core. Man, trying to be mysterious ya? Then let me see how deep your mastery in this intermediate basic fighting technique is.


Chen Yiran attacked him continuously with her intermediate basic fighting technique flawlessly. Surprisingly to her, Su Hao was perfectly fine and countered all of her moves. Soon, he was even managed to let Chen Yiran have a taste or two of his skills.

Not bad, your mastery is pretty solid.

Of course Chen Yiran didnt want to admit her loss. Thus, she only pretended to be indifferent in the evaluation of Su Hao.

However, two minutes later, Su Hao once again managed to prevail in their exchange. Although the current her was able to easily defeat Su Hao in a head on fight, Su Hao surprisingly beat her based on basic fighting technique alone.

Chen Yiran started to get fired up. She quietly slipped in some advanced basic fighting technique moves. Lets see how youre going to withstand these now.

Pu! Pu!

Two fists were directed towards Su Haos body. Sadly for Yiran, they were immediately blocked by Su Haos right arm. At the same time, he used the same moves to counter attack.

Advanced basic fighting technique!

Chen Yiran opened both of her charming eyes wide as a sign of shock. Su Hao even managed to grasp her advanced basic fighting technique?

Su Hao had somehow immersed himself within this friendly battle. One punch, two punches. When he countered back with an advanced basic fighting technique, his mind was already trapped in the realm of practicing. Many skills of advanced basic fighting techniques were fused together and fluently, move by move, were cast out by him.

Chen Yiran no longer held back. Without bothering with the differences of advanced and intermediate basic fighting techniques, she displayed a complete fighting technique that flowed like a smooth river. She fought with the mixture of different ranked skills, with all kinds of techniques, one after another.

This was a true battle!

As for Su Hao, he did not hold back as well. At times, during his defense, he synthesized several sets of movement by combining low level, intermediate and advanced skills. These movements almost made Chen Yiran unable to retaliate back to Su Hao.

Chen Yiran was in such a miserable state. But since she noticed that Su Hao was in the state of practicing, which was the best time to comprehend, she could only accompany him and continued the fight.

Then, exactly one hour later, Su Hao stopped his attack. He was pleasantly surprised. Finally, he had succeeded!

Supposedly it was impossible for him to master a fighting technique that quickly. With their continuous sparring with Chen Yiran for more than an hour, he had finally obtained complete control over the new skill he obtained.

Combat method, 100 points!

His origin ability finally climbed up to 5.0!



Su Hao hit the air with his bare fist. It was completely different feeling than before.

Genius Su, come here and help me stand up. The sweet and silky voice coming from beside him finally made Su Hao notice Chen Yiran who was covered with sweat and was leaning against a tree.

Su Hao embarrassedly walked toward Chen Yiran and helped her up.

As for why Chen Yiran was so tired, he obviously knew the reason.

In order to cope with his practice, Chen Yiran suppressed her strength while Su Hao was using his full force. The reason she did so was to not hurt Su Hao which was even more difficult than her using full force.

Not to mention, Su Hao unexpectedly had a fighting technique mastery which was even above her own. This made her job even more difficult.

That, I am really sorry. Su Hao embarrassedly apologized.

You dont have to feel sorry. But do you really need to hide your ability then? Chen Yiran snappily looked at him. You have such ability, why would you seek my pointers?

At first, I was not that fluent. It was just that I was lucky during the sparring, I had accidentally comprehended them. Su Hao laughed while looking at the dripping sweat all over her body. I owe you a favor.

Chen Yiran faintly smiled at him. If this is considered a favor, then you really own me lots of favors.

A moment of rest later, Chen Yiran was able to recover at a quick rate. With just two minutes, she was already back to her original state.

Come. Lets go back to school. Chen Yiran got up.

Wait, wait.. Su Hao stopped her.

What? Chen Yiran had some doubts.

Su Hao pointed at her twin peaks. When Chen Yiran looked down, her cheeks instantly turned rosy red.

The sparring was a rather exerting activity and caused Chen Yiran to perspire heavily. Her clothes were completely soaked and sweat stuck to her body like a secondary skin. Her beautiful and perfectly round bosom could be clearly seen right now. It would be difficult for anyone to resist the temptation presented and not eat her up with their eyes.  Even worse, the two protruding points at the top of the mountain were also distinctly seen.

What are you looking at? Hurry up, take off your shirt. Chen Yiran acted aggressively and forced Su Hao to take off his school uniform. After she wore his school uniform, Chen Yiran now felt more comfortable. (T/N: Such aggression, I like that) (E/N: Haha a beautiful girl wants you to take off your clothes? Who says no?)

Having exercised, it was rather obvious that she would sweat. As for her strength, even if she was giving it her all and she used her ability to the fullest, she still wouldnt have any problems. Never did she expect that today, having sparred with Su Hao, such an embarrassing incident would happen.

Are you doing this on purpose? Chen Yiran asked in a fierce tone with raised eyebrows.

What are you saying? I had already told you that this brother here only sells skills, not his body. Su Hao jested. Having started to chat with each other again, the awkward moment passed by quickly

Then they walked towards the school together.

But for the first time, a fantastic feeling was reverberating between the two.

For Su Hao, the previous him would not dare to think or see the both of them in any special relationship, it was just an ordinary friendship between them.

Now, he had started to grow in strength. Together with his strength, his confidence grew too. For the very first time, Su Hao looked at the beautiful girl besides him and thought that she was indeed as pretty as what the school legends portrayed her as.

When they came to school together, of course such a scene would trigger gossip between the students.

F*ck, isnt what Chen Yirans wearing the school uniform of Su Hao?

Nah, how can that be. You with your stupid eyesight. You should know who Chen Yiran is, how couldfuck, it is really his shirt.

In the corner of the school pavilion, Sun Yaotians face was horrified and distorted. With an ashen face and both of his fists tightly gripped, his eyes showed a murderous intent.

Chen Yiran, you bitch. I have courted you for several years and yet you are still willing to see this poor bastard. Sun Yaotian ferociously said.

The two little brothers beside him were silent in fear. Nobody dared to open his mouth at all. Just having heard what he said, you would know how dirty his heart was. This type of darkness, those who followed him would also have such darkness within them too.

Chen Yiran who grasped for air and wore Su Haos uniform due to her wet clothes, walked together with Su Hao into the school compound. As he watched such a scene, Sun Yaotian of course considered them doing such things because he often brought someone out there too.

Liu Wei, get the hell over here to this daddy! Sun Yaotian cursed.

A man trembled in fear as he walked towards him. With a sturdy and tall figure, exactly 1.9 meters, the man stood beside Sun Yaotian and replied, Boss.

I heard that you and Su Hao are friends? Sun Yaotian surprisingly asked.

No, it is not like that. Lou Wei quickly waved his hand and explained, We were just close during junior high school. Now in high school, I did not speak much with him. His retard origin ability, of course I would not bother with him.

Im not interested in your story! Sun Yaotian continued with a disgusted face, You just need to tell me what is important to Su Hao. He dares to defile my woman, I of course would return the favor back!

This..this. Luo Wei hesitated to answer as sweat covered his face.

Say it! Sun Yaotian released the pressure from his origin ability of 8. This really made Luo Wei tremble even more vigorously.

His sister, the most important person to him is his sister. Plus, she is our schools student as well. Luo Wei hurriedly said.

Oh? Sister? Sun Yaotians eyes flashed with evil intent. What is her name?

Su Ling!

Su Ling? Sun Yaotian was stunned, That talented second year girl?

Yes, thats her.

That waste has such a talented sister. Sun Yaotian hesitated a bit. Su Ling was not an ordinary person. She was just in her second year and already reached an origin ability of 8. This meant that she would soon reach 9, a monstrous talent indeed.

She was indeed the focus of the school. If he dare to do anything to Su Ling, he was pretty sure that those several old farts in school would peel his skin off without a doubt. Thinking of those old farts, Sun Yaotian began to have cold sweat.

But to let Su Hao go just like that, he was not willing to.

Sun Yaotian was very uncertain and hesitated for a moment. Then, he pressed the machine like watch on his left wrist.


A virtual screen shot out. Compared to other students who used the old kind of mobile phones, Sun Yaotian was indeed part of a new generation of youths.

After he selected a number, Sun Yaotian dialed it. A few seconds later, the figure of someone flashed out onto the virtual screen. With an imposing figure, copper like skin, clear and cold eyes, he looked at Sun Yaotian, What?

Brother Yifeng, I noticed that Yiran and a poor student were going to school together. Sun Yaotian stopped for a moment before he unwillingly added, with their clothes not properly dressed up.

I already knew about it. The guy in the virtual screen nodded and closed the communication instantly.

That ignorant attitude really caused Sun Yaotian some anger but then it quickly dissipated. Su Hao, I might not be able to do anything to you. But naturally, someone else would kill you instead. Oh, I am afraid by now that you still dont know who you provoked.

Somewhere in the Jianghe city.

Chen Yifeng closed the communication with a trace of a sneer on his mouth. Sun Yaotian, this waste still dares to seek attention from my sister, he really is just seeking his death.

However, regarding the matter just now, I believe he dares to not lie to me. Seems that its necessary for me to go to school then.

Having thought like this, Chen Yifeng started the engine of his limited edition sports car. In the middle of the sky, a gorgeous ray of light flashed through, flying towards a certain direction.