Godly Model Creator Chapter 40

Gmc Chapter 40

Chapter 0040 Why are you being a tsundere?

After the exam ended, the restrictions in the exam area instantly lifted.

Di, di~


The vast horizon is my love.

Grandpa, your grandchilds message is coming~ [ED: What? Who had that tone?]

The candidates phones rang at the same time. When they opened the message which the school sent them, there was only one picture in it. Obviously, it was none other than the rankings for the mock exam.

Everyone looked at it and was dumbfounded at the same time!

Zhou Wang appeared. To the candidates, his emergence was an absolute terror, especially those freaky 1186 points. Taking a further look, Zhou Wang was not even first. That was even more terrifying!

1200 points!

Su Hao!

Who is this person?

The self tutored students were generally at a loss. During the period when they werent at school, they had never heard of such an abnormal freak character.

Strange, he sounds familiar.

Yea, if I recall, isnt he the guy that let Sun Yaotian wear the green hat?

F*ck, hes indeed that guy.


Sun Yaotian, who had stayed in the room for a moment, the moment he left, he noticed that countless people were looking at him with a strange expression. That made him felt something bad.

What happened?

I dont care!

Finding Chen Yiran was more important!

Sun Yaotian eagerly ran over. Chen Yiran also had just come out from the room. A few girls that had quite a good relationship with her started to chat together.

Yiran, Yiran.

The girl smiled while covering her mouth, Big Miss Chen, your shadow is here again.

Chen Yiran was about to say something when she felt her wrist vibrate. Knowing that the results had arrived, she was surprised to the point that she covered her small mouth when looking at it.

What happened? The girls head tried to peek at the screen. When Chen Yiran let her see the content, the girl was dumbfounded at what she saw, This Su Hao..shouldnt be that Su Hao right..

Besides that fool, who else could it be. Chen Yiran snappily said while her mouth raised up. This time, she didnt cover her mouth, He worked really hard.

The girl looked at Chen Yirans expression and pointed at Sun Yaotian who was walking towards them, I say, little lady. Stop getting excited with your lovers result. The God in front of you, how are you planning to deal with him?

Chen Yiran smiled indifferently, Dont bother with him. I think in this short period of time, he wont bother with me.

The girl secretly nodded.

As Sun Yaotian was rushing over, he noticed a number of strange gazes. When he was in front of Chen Yiran, he felt a burst of strangeness. Chen Yiran was not being cold to him like usual. She seemed to be in good mood and even faintly smiled at him.

What does this mean.this is..being nice to me?

Sun Yaotian scratched his head while pondering. Luckily, the girl reminded him with good intentions, Your communication device must be muted right? Open and see the results.

Ar, right!

Sun Yaotian only thought of it now. The results had already come out. Was his rank so high that Chen Yiran finally decided to accept him?

Opening the communication device, the virtual screen appeared. Opening the message send by the school, Sun Yaotian was stunned right on the spot. How could this be?

How could this be?!

Two days ago, Su Hao had been wounded badly by him. To be able to participate in the exam was already considered a miracle and those 1200 points? That was simply an impossible thing!

In the duration of two days, from 6.8, he rushed all the way to 12.0 in origin ability?


Unless Su Hao had already hidden his strength since the beginning, but for what purpose would he hide his strength? Sun Yaotian was completely freaked out. While he was standing in the same spot, his mind was spinning as he began speculating various actions Su Hao might take.

The students which passed by him all displayed a sympathetic look, such a poor baby.

Outside the room, Su Hao felt a burst of joy as he saw the results.

Despite cheating to get the additional 100 points, the high score of 1200 points really made him very happy. The additional 10 points in fighting techniques and theoretical foundation were really an additional surprise.

That also meant that from now on, his origin ability officially entered 11 points!

11 points, this result, even in natural selection class, its the second best! Su Hao clenched both of his fists: that was result of all his hard work. He strongly believed that his future would be limitless!

However, if he was satisfied with this, that wouldnt do. He was clearer than any other person that every step he moved forward, it would become even harder to move another. Fighting techniques and physical fitness would be even more difficult as he moved on to enhance them. Even with tens of millions of advanced body strengthening drugs, he could only improve an additional 50 points. With such a description, its very easy to imagine how hard the future road was.

While ability index, 400, 500, 1000..it was limitless.

To always walk in front of others, he must put in more effort!


Another message came. Having a look at it, it was a natural selection class notification stating that from next week onwards he would officially be the classs student.

Su Hao smiled. At the very least, the first goal had already been achieved right?

As he was leaving the exam area, Su Hao once again saw the the proud gray haired juvenile. Standing at the side of the fountain while looking at the communication device on his wrist, there was a melancholic look on his face.

Didnt do well?

Su Hao frowned and patted his shoulder when he walked over, Hey, man. You didnt do well in exam?

Zhou Wang soullessly raised his head. His mood was obviously not good. He had struggled for a whole two years and was always eager for the day when he would become an overnight celebrity! All of a sudden he was suppressed by someone!

Su Hao?

Who was that special one? Jianghe city, there was no such large family named Su, right?

Being patted on his shoulder, Zhou Wang really felt like evading with his body and leaving. When he looked up, it was surprisingly that it was the guy who always smiled and nodded at him before this.

What are you thinking? If you dont do well in exam, its alright. This is, after all, just a mock exam. As long as you perform well in the college entrance exam, it will be alright. Su Hao was trying to comfort him, Lets go. Im going to buy you a meal. Want to go for it?

Watching this completely unsolicited guy, Zhou Wang was about to refuse but he suddenly thought of something. Since he was a student of this school, he should know who Su Hao was.

Moreover, looking at his appearance, he appeared to be in good mood and trying to comfort others to add oil. Did he really need such people to comfort him? (TL: add oil: chinese phrase equivalent of add effort)

If he knew that his score was 1186 points, would he able to be happy?

Zhou Wang was thinking otherwise in his mind, but when reached his lips, just one word came out, Alright!

Yea, now thats the way. Su Hao was in cloud nine. That man didnt seem to be bad. At least, he was able to communicate with him. Especially that long hair style.which seemed like a doll.

The school was in an uproar. Everyone was discussing the results.

During that sensitive time, Su Hao led Zhuo Wang to a restaurant near the school to have a meal. Since he had good results, he naturally must not be reserved.

In the restaurant, there was already quite a number of people treating. Obviously, they were the ones with good results. There were also a few who managed to enter natural selection class, brimming with excitement.

Su Hao generously ordered several dishes and began chatting with Zhou Wang.

Looking at his depressed expression, Su Hao began to comfort again, I say here, dont worry too much. This is just a mock exam, the college entrance exam is the time to verify your true strength.

En. Zhou Wang nodded expressionlessly. Looking Su Haos excitement, he felt that the scene was quite funny and sighed, Although I was admitted to natural selection class, I didnt achieve my desired goal.

Oh? Su Haos eyes lit up. You also entered natural selection class? What was your score?

Zhou Wang faintly said, Only 1186 points.

You are that Zhou Wang? Su Hao excitedly asked.

Zhou Wang: .

That is too unscientific!

I am indeed Zhou Wang!

Although he had been suppressed by another, the outcome was still a terrifying 1186 points. What was the problem with the kid in front of him? Unexpectedly, he didnt seem bothered at all. That was different from his expectation.

He even prepared the plate before hand, afraid that the kid might choke and spray water to his side, but the conclusion..he was over-reacting.

Being unhappy, he just wanted to gain some self-esteem back from the kid, yet it was so difficult?

At normal times, Zhou Wang usually didnt bother much with friends. He was, after all, the typical tsundere type young master. Watching that the kid in front of him not responding, he started to feel bored and could only ask, You know Su Hao? That 1200 points, to be able to surpass me, he must be one of those legendary characters.

Su Hao pointed at himself, I am Su Hao.


Zhou Wang, who was drinking a gulp of water at the moment, instantly sprayed all over the table. Watching the innocent Su Hao, he suddenly felt madness. He was Su Hao? Damn, he had been acting like a fool the whole time, thats too embarrassing..

Thinking that he was pretending to act cool exposing his 1186 points, Zhou Wang dropped his head from shyness and continued drinking.

Hello, your dishes are here. A waiter walked over to their table.

Zhou Wang took that opportunity to get rid of the awkward situation and quickly turned his body to take a dish and put it on the table. The waiter then said: Thank you.

After that, Zhou Wang took a pair of chopstick and prepared to eat. The waiter suddenly stiffed on the spot, Well this studentthat dish is for the table next door..


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