Godly Model Creator Chapter 400

Gmc Chapter 400

Chapter 400    Headquarter

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Body forging technique.

It was one of the technique that Su Hao exchanged for during his days in the natural selection class.

According to the rumors, it was a compulsory technique for all students in Zhanzheng College. However, high school students who had learned this were extremely rare. In Jianghe city, there wouldnt be more than ten students who learned this. It can be said that body forging technique was one of the keys to scoring full marks in body fitness.


At the global level, the total number of students who learned this was a lot.

Su Hao remembered that the most important thing about the body forging technique was to activate the mysterious force in ones body to stimulate the potential of the body and increase the bodys capability.

He wasn't really concerned with that during that time.

However, if he thought about that now, wasnt that mysterious power the inner force?

In normal circumstances, a persons inner force would definitely be zero. Hence, how could the body forging technique increase the capability without making any side effect?

Su Hao suddenly had some new thought.

He started to practice the technique. He could obviously observe that the power inside his body had changed slowly and his inner force started to be consumed.

It took a long time for the body forging technique to be fully used.

After half an hour, when Su Hao finally finished a full set, he consumed a total of 0.05 units of inner force, which is very little.

Even if he overused...

That was only 0.05 unit.

Meanwhile, body forging technique could only be practiced at a maximum of once per day. If the training was more than that, it would cause an injury to the body. This seemed to be the side effect of overusing inner force.

Su Hao suddenly understood how it worked.

An overdraft of 0.05 unit of inner force per day could be recovered after resting a day. On the second day, the overused inner force would be fully recovered and one can practice the technique again. It became a perfect cycle where the 0.05 unit of consumption per day wouldnt create a side effect or permanent injury.

Hence, it made the technique a zero side effect training skill!

Although it was the same with other training skills which consumed inner force because it didnt cause an injury to the body it became the standardized training skill while the others became forbidden techniques.

The one who created this body forging technique must be a very powerful person!

Su Hao was sure about that.

The human race didnt even discover the existence of inner force yet, but he was able to create a body forging technique without side effects. It was really impossible and impressive!

The stimulation from this technique does not affect me anymore.

Su Hao thought and said, However since the seniors could create this, why cant I modify it into my own version?

Upon thinking about that, Su Hao couldnt control his excitement. The normal body forging technique only consumed 0.05 units of inner force, what if he used 0.5 unit of inner force for his training?

Body forging technique couldnt control the inner force.

It could only stimulate a little bit of the inner force passively through a series of aerobic action. A half hour of aerobic could only consume 0.05 units of inner force.

Since it was that case 

Su Hao controlled the inner force in his body to move.


0.5 units of inner force were moved and hit those pressure points listed in the technique. The ten times magnitude of stimulation caused Su Haos body to shiver.


Strong electric pulses ran around inside Su Haos body.

The energy in Su Hao body was stimulated as well; in just a moment, the consumption of his energy had reached 1%.

After that, only the energy in his body calmed down.

Su Hao held his fist.


He could feel an extremely powerful force in his body.

Su Hao smiled, Yeah, it worked!

His strength had improved!

Although it wasnt a big improvement, his strength did increase.

The body forging technique was designed for those with physical fitness around 300 to 400 points. However, Su Hao already had 500 points in his body evaluation; he didnt expect that he could improve his body strength again.

He had to admit that inner force was really powerful.

The improvement magnitude wasnt important, as long as there was a room for improvement, there would be hope!

Su Hao used up the remaining 0.5 units of inner force in his body again to hit the pressure points.



A wave of energy appeared in his body again.

His strength was increased again.

That is it!

Su Hao was excited.

He had a total of 1 unit inner force in his body; hence, he could train with two 0.5 unit of consumption consecutively on his strength. If he was asked to train again, he guessed he would not need to spend a few months. Perhaps, it would just need a few days.

His inner force was fully consumed.

However, here came another problem, recovering his inner force.

Throughout Su Haos research during these few days, he realized that the recovery of inner force had nothing to do with time. The inner force came from the humans body. Therefore, to recover inner force, one had to recover his own body!

Recovery and getting back to normal.

It was totally different.

In order to recover the body, one needs to have some herbal medicine and food to recover the loss of energy. As the energy recovered, the inner force would be recovered as well.

However, Su Hao wasnt really clear about these details yet.

He just knew that some food with high nutrients and supplements would help the body and inner force recover.

In normal circumstances, three meals in a day would recover one unit of inner force within a day.

In other words.

He could practice the new body forging technique twice a day.

Too bad I couldnt get the training skill to increase the capacity of inner force. If I could have the calculating capability of the quantum computer, perhaps the limit of inner force wouldnt be just a unit. If there was an unlimited supply of inner force, couldnt I become much stronger?

Su Hao thought in that way.

The discovery of inner force was a key for Su Hao to reach another level. For him, there were plenty of ways to increase his battle capability now.

Model analysis, origin ability level, and inner force!

The model analysis is currently at a bottleneck. While I could consistently improve my body with inner force, for now, I can only look into the aspect of my origin ability level.

Su Hao pondered.

Before he planned for the next step, the communication device on his wrist vibrated and there was a new message. It was a notification from Zhang Lin.

The headquarter of Origin Ability Association had started their action!

Finally, they acted.

Su Hao sneered and said. Jin family would be completely eliminated.

Jianghe City.

It was really crowded.

Although there was a limitation on the citys entry after the exam, Jianghe City was still crowded. It was mainly due to the outstanding performance of Su Hao and his friends in the examination, where their popularity was still increasing.

However, something was happening in front of the association today.

People were surrounding the building. People looked at those who surrounded the building carefully, and they were stunned. All of them were the members of the association with battle suits equipped as they were moving out from the building.

The crowd was astonished.

This was 

A battle?

What did the association wish to do?

Da, da!

All the staffs went into the car, and the car moved out of the city immediately. Some people noticed that someone famous was among one of the staffs who went into the car.

Hey wasnt that Su Hao?

Others were shocked when they saw that.

Among all the staffs, there was an ordinary guy who stood among them with the same battle suits.

However, the crowd still managed to recognize him.

Su Hao?

Why would he be here?

Was he kidnapped by the Origin Ability Association?

Impossible, he seems to be involved in an upcoming battle. However, nothing had happened in Jianghe City. Where are they going?

The crowd was discussing with each other.

However, no one could answer their doubts.

After a few minutes, all the cars left. Some of the people who followed them realized that all these people left Jianghe City in an airplane.

It was 2 p.m.

Jin family.

The meeting of Jin family was still going on while their topic of discussion is about Su Hao. Jin Liang brought back about Su Haos request and added on some contents by himself, in which numerous of Jin family members were in anger.

How dare him to be so arrogant!

He thought he could eliminate Jin family using a secret?

Hehe, although he is famous now and we cant take action against him, we can still catch his mother and sister. Lets see how arrogant he is when he discovers that.

Shut up!

The head of Jin family, Jin Mang slammed the table causing the room to go silent.

Jin Mang sneered and looked at his son Jin Liang. Based on his understanding of Jin Liangs characteristics, there might be a lot of extra contents in his words which were untrue.

Jin Liang, did Su Hao really say that?

Jin Liang sweated and said, Yes! He said if only you went to apologize to him would he agree to compromise. However, perhaps it was because of me. I had a battle with him before, perhaps sending someone else to deal with him would be a better choice.

Jin Mang stared at Jin Liang for a few seconds and said, No need.

Jin Liang was relieved while his body was sweating.

Su Hao had to be killed.

He was only 18 years old and he was already so strong. What about after he entered Zhanzheng College? When he graduated, the Jin family would be totally under his control. After chasing him for such a long time, he definitely wouldnt agree to settle things peacefully.

The reason he agreed to compromise now was only because he couldnt fight against the Jin family at the moment.

Hence, Su Hao had to be killed.

They should start with his family members and threaten him. After his popularity decreases, they could take him down straight away. At that time, Su Hao wouldnt be a threat to them anymore.

Jin Mang thought for a moment while the others were in silent.

After a moment, Jin Mang said, Take the two women back!

Jin Liang and everyone else became excited. However, before they managed to get out of the meeting room, there was a loud noise coming from outside. Then, a strong pressure came from the sky and the Jin familys main hall collapsed. A loud and clear sound was heard.

Jin Mang, come out and get ready to die!