Godly Model Creator Chapter 401

Gmc Chapter 401

Chapter 401    Berserk lion

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Jinhua City.

Zhang Lin led the Origin Ability Association staff members and Su Hao out of the airport to the meeting point with the headquarters of the association. Surprisingly, there was only one man there.


Zhang Lin frowned.

What happened?

Su Hao was puzzled.

There is only one man. This group of men, could it be that they have gone ahead, leaving only one person to meet with us? Zhang Lin said in an annoyed tone.

As if the man noticed movement from their direction, the man leisurely turned around.

Zhang Lin?

That man grinned.

Yes, Im Zhang Lin.

Zhang Lin nodded and continued in a doubtful tone, What about the men from headquarter?

Im the only one.

The man replied.


Complete silence.

Su Hao was able to notice that everyone stopped their actions and didnt dare to take a breath. 

Even Zhang Lin himself was shocked.

Su Hao became alert. What was happening right now?

Someone quietly explained to Su Hao. Under normal circumstances, the headquarters would usually send a small team to deal with problems. However, when there was only one, it was very likely that an expert or higher up of the headquarters was coincidentally doing a task nearby and came along for the trip.

Such an existence

This was an absolutely powerful esper!

Su Hao was stunned.

In other words, the association had only sent this man in front of them to eliminate the Jin family? Just one person to destroy the entire Jin family? Rumours said that the Jin family had no lack of professional espers.

How strong was this man?!

Zhang Lin excitedly asked, May I ask your name?

Call me Zhang Yang.

The man replied. He just casually replied, and the surrounding men were all amazed.

Zhang Yang?

Obviously, they had never heard of this name. Those strong men at the headquarters were usually famous characters. Could it be that this was a hidden master who only immersed himself in cultivation?

They could only think of this.

At this time, Zhang Yang had a strange glance at the team before abruptly stopping at Su Haos body. His look turned strange.

Su Hao?


Su Haos mind became alert. Although he didnt know him, since he dared to accept the task of destroying the Jin family, this was definitely an existence he had to be cautious around. What did this man want to do?

Sure enough its you!

Zhang Yangs expression went cold.

Zhang Lin and others suddenly tensed up. Could it be Zhang Yang and Su Hao had some bad blood before? If so, this mission of theirs would be troublesome!

You know me?

Su Hao was extremely nervous.

The atmosphere was so tense that everyone was ready to make a move.

Zhang Yangs figure flashed.


Suddenly he appeared in front of Su Hao!

The others were shocked.

Su Haos heart was beating heavily. Before he managed to open his mouth, Zhang Yang already took out an item and placed it in front of Su Hao, My idol, I want your autograph!


Su Hao: ...

Zhang Lin: ...

Everyone: ...

They were all stunned.

My autograph?

Su Hao was shocked.

F*ck you, just a signature and you make such a huge ruckus?

When he had a closer look, what Zhang Yang took out wasnt just a pen and any ordinary book. It was impressively the legendary Guide for the College Entrance Exam.


Su Hao sighed in relief.

Zhang Yang nodded as he smiled, My daughter is in her second year of high school. She is your fan. Because she knew I would be here, she insisted that I get an autograph from you.

Luckily, it was just his daughter



Su Hao signed his name on the book.

Zhang Yang then safely kept the book and said to the others, Since everyone is prepared, lets go! We will settle this quickly. Haha, I can exchange this book for a kiss from my beloved daughter, wakakakaka!


Unknowingly, Su Hao turned around and looked at Zhang Lin, Are you sure he can get rid of the Jin family?

Im not sure.

Zhang Lin bitterly smiled, There are many famous characters from headquarters, but I have never heard of him before. However, since the headquarters only sent one person here, this means that the association is somewhat confident in his abilities.

Somewhat confident

Su Hao was sad.

Afterward, everyone went on the bus and in a flash of light, they headed directly to the Jin family.

Zhang Yang happily looked at Su Hao, Brat, your fame is not small. Even among the headquarters, at least half of them know you!

They know me?

Su Hao was shocked.

Of course.

Zhang Yang laughed, Because of your ability talent, the associations earnings have dropped by dozens of percent over the past two days. Those old shareholders were so anxious that they wanted to bury you alive, hahaha.

Su Hao started sweating.

It seems that he has to be extra careful when he goes out.

No worry, dont bother about it.

Zhang Yang patted on Su Haos shoulder, Those old men wont kill you. They will only study your ability talent.


Su Hao kept sweating. How could one comfort other in such a manner? Since when did being a white mouse become a good thing?

Haha, Im just joking.

Zhang Yang laughed a few times before continuing, Brat, you are not simple. To be able to get first in the exam and this idea of yours to take action on the Jin family you must be an interesting guy. Work hard and dont let your fame cover your eyes. Your route is still a long way ahead.

That final sentences finally had the tone of a senior.

Su Hao nodded silently.

The hovering bus was traveling at a fast speed. In just a moment, they had reached the Jin familys main gate.

Indeed this was worthy of the Jin family!

The whole Jin familys estate turned out to be a huge garden! How luxurious was the household?

Zhang Lin sneered, The degree of luxury of the Jin family is truly outstanding. When resources in this era are so valuable, this is how they waste it.


The security staffs at the gate noticed these men and felt something wasnt right, Who are you?


Zhang Lin sneered, Origin Ability Association!


The security staff frowned, Please wait. Ill report this to my superior.

No need.

Zhang Lin casually waved his hand and then looked up at the garden in front of them, Jin family, come and receive your death!


That terrifying roar quickly covered the entire household.

Those members who were in a meeting were angered and rushed out.

Origin Ability Association?

The Jin family was shocked.

If the association was coming, why they didnt receive any notice?

How could this be?

Jin Mang was at first nervous but looking at them, he suddenly burst into laughter, The logo of Jianghe City? That little city? Since when could people from that little place bother our Jin family?

Su Hao?

Jin Mang then noticed Su Hao, Interesting; you actually brought the association here? En, great. Since you want to be a fish that tries to break the net, Ill play with you then. However, it depends on whether you have the qualification or not!

Dont think that the Jin family does not dare bother you. To make you disappear, Jin family has a lot of means to achieve so. By then, those two women of your family hehe, young man, I will make you regret it.

Su Hao just listened calmly and looked at Zhang Yang who was beside him.



Zhang Yang smiled, Just leave this to me.

Who are you?

Jin Mang stared at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang casually said, You do not need to know. I will not have any desire to have a talk with a dead man. Since youre already here, those higher ups of the Jin family are all present. Then you all can go and die!

A madman!

Jin Mang continued, Since this old man has become a level 5 professional esper, nobody has dared to speak to me like this. Even the branch president of the association in Jinhua City is polite when meeting me. You are all just nobodies from Jianghe City. Yet you dare to be so arrogant


Jin Mangs aura suddenly erupted!

Absolute suppression!

Just this aura alone was enough to suppress Su Hao on the spot!

Su Hao was stunned.

I have already said, you guys can die.

Zhang Yang leisurely took a step forward and shielded everyone. Then slightly raised his right hand, faint energy flashed.


A huge roar.

When the roar was settled, everyone was stunned. What appeared in front of everyone was an eight-metre tall giant! The whole body was covered with fur like a lion. You could only faintly see the facial feature of Zhang Yang. 

I already said it is time to get this over.

Zhang Yangs voice was like a thunderbolt striking from the sky.


The berserk lion was mad.

With a palm from above, the energy was gathered and fiercely slapped toward Jin Mang.


Heaven and earth shook.

A terrifying earthquake destroyed the entire Jin family. Numerous Jin family members were killed. Even Jin Mang, a level 5 professional esper was just a joke in front of the palm.



A voice was exclaimed from a distance away!

A figure could be seen rushing over and shouting madly. However, he could only watch as Jin Mang was smashed into mud!