Godly Model Creator Chapter 402

Gmc Chapter 402

Chapter 402    Challenge!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



Jin family household collapsed!

With just a move, Zhang Yang was able to cause havoc for the Jin family. The entire land gradually formed cracks. Countless family members were killed during that move. That huge body turned out to be so powerful!

This This is

Its the legendary berserk lion!

Turned out to be him!

Zhang Lin murmured and looked at the giant figure in front of him. He would have never thought that the man in front of him was actually the legendary berserk lion!

Berserk lion?

Su Hao asked while looking at the giant figure.


Zhang Lin said in a passionate tone, A grade talent, lion madness, which could transform his body into a berserk lion and suppress all of his opponents. He is one of the strong espers in the association! Previously, I had seen the transformation of the berserk lion. At that time, he was only a level 8 professional esper according to rumours. His transformation only achieved 5 meters but now

Eight meters!

Su Hao was stunned.

Previously, he was able to achieve 5 meters as a level 8 professional esper. How much strength had he increased since then?

No wonder Jin Mang couldnt even withstand a single blow.

The fame of the berserk lion was well deserved.

Jin family had turned into ruins.

Under one move from the berserk lion, the current Jin family household had become ruins. All Jin family members had died. Surprisingly, those ordinary workers with no ability talent who fainted at the very beginning began to regain consciousness one by one and taken away by staffs of the association.


The lion figure vanished.

Once it vanished, Zhang Yang appeared again. At this time, he stood there only wearing pathetic looking shorts, Sigh, the headquarters is so stingy that only special shorts are made for me. Why is it so hard to create a set of clothes for me?

The atmosphere went silent.

Everyone did not dare to say anything. This was no joke. Who would dare say something in front of one who could kill thousands of people at once? When they met for the first time, they would have never expected this middle aged man to be the legendary berserk lion.


An angry scream came from afar.

A young man rushed over in tears. He wanted to find his fathers body, but what he could see was just a pool of blood. After hearing the news about his family, he hurriedly returned from Zhanzheng College. Never would he imagine that he would witness his own dad being turned into mud in front of him!

Yet he was powerless!


The young man knelt on the floor and burst into tears.

The staffs of the association looked at him indifferently. Love for a family was precious, but the Jin family had gone overboard while trying to meet their own personal interests.

Su Hao frowned as he looked at the young man in front. Thinking of Zhang Lins words before this, he finally understood the situation here. Could he be


Zhang Lin whispered, Its him.

Jin Kang, son of Jin Mang.

Older than Jin Liang by a couple of years, he is the beloved son of Jin Mang. Bearing high hope, Jin Kang with his absolute strength enrolled into Zhanzheng College and became the celebrity of Jinhua city overnight, increasing the Jin familys reputation.

According to the data from the association, Jin Kang, aged 20 is a third year student at the college and his current strength was a level 8 specialized esper!

The cry of the young man gradually disappeared. When he turned around, he stared at the people from the association with red eyes.

Berserk lion! Zhang Yang!

His eyes were filled with deep hatred. After that, he continued, And also you guys! Zhang Lin! Su Hao

Jin Kang stared at them and engraved their face into his mind.

I will remember you all.


Zhang Yang looked at him with interest, Just a mere level 8 specialized esper, you think you have the chance to surpass me?


Jin Kang laughed like a madman, You guys? You really think I am clueless? You guys were alive before the turmoil of origin ability and do not have much potential! Even if youre strong now, so what? You will soon reach a bottleneck and never be able to breakthrough!

But us? Were different. As the younger generation, even if were weak now, our potential is unlimited! One day, I will definitely surpass you. I will then slay you. Oh no, I will first make you witness the death of your family members before doing so!

Youre not afraid of me killing you right now?

Zhang Yangs eyes were full of coldness.

Kill me?

Jin Kang suddenly laughed, You dare? Im after all a student of Zhanzheng College. Are you trying to violate the agreement between the association and the college? When I came here, I have already activated my communication devices recording feature, and the video is being synced to cloud storage. As long as you dare to do so, you will definitely not able to get out of any trouble.

Upon seeing the destruction of own family, there was only endless hatred in Jin Kangs mind. Everyone knew that if he were to be let off today, their days wouldnt be peaceful.

A student of Zhanzheng College, his potential was limitless.

You would never be able to predict what realm Jin Kang will reach in the future.

If he was strong in the future that he surpassed Zhang Yang

What about the others?

Listening to Jin Kangs words, they were wary. However, due to the agreement, the association simply couldnt touch him.

At this moment,

Their eyes finally landed on Su Hao.

Ranked first in the college entrance exam and the only one who was preparing for his enrolment in Zhanzheng College, only he had the qualifications to do so! Only he could kill Jin Kang with no worry!

Su Hao was stunned.

Zhang Yang looked at him for a second, The reason youre here originally is to confront Jin Kang. But, I wont pressure you. The current Jin Kang is way above you. If youre to act now, you might be killed. But the decision is in your hands.

Su Hao looked at the distant Jin Kang.

Jin Kangs hatred on him still rising at this very second! Because one could say that the destruction of Jin family was all caused by Su Hao single handedly. He wasnt worried about Jin Kang, but due to his family, he would never allow a mad dog roam around freely.


Jin Kang must die today!

However, Zhang Yangs words somehow made him felt strange. What if Jin Kangs strength is above his? He had shown his strength during the exam and he believed Zhang Yang had seen it.

Such strength was still less powerful than Jin Kang?

Jin Kang was only a level 8 esper!

Wasnt Tian Zi a level 8 esper too?

Even with the aid of forbidden technique, Tian Zi still lost to Su Hao!

As if Zhang Yang was able to know what was Su Hao thought of, he shook his head, Its a different scenario.


Su Hao was stunned, What is different?

Your standard of a level 8 esper, when compared with a level 8 esper in Zhanzheng College, is definitely different. Zhang Yang shook his head lightly, To be able to enroll in Zhanzheng College, which one of them do not have better talent and effort than ordinary people? After undergoing Zhanzheng Colleges system, his foundation is definitely solid and more than what one could imagine.

You think that three years in the college is a joke?

Su Haos hands went tight.

Was that gap really that huge?

For Zhang Yang to say this, could it be that Su Hao had no hope to win at all? During the college entrance exam, he was relying on the students around him to get through the challenge. If nobody were around, Su Hao would very likely lose to Tian Zi!

Such strength

How could he compete with Jin Kang?

Was it because he was too strong or Su Hao too weak?

Su Hao gritted his teeth.

At this moment, he was finally able to get rid of his ego for his achievement in the exam. Being ranked first in the exam, he had thought that he finally qualified to be a strong esper. But right now, that idea seemed like a joke.

With Zhang Yang in front of him, on what basis could Su Hao show off?


Su Hao finally awoke and cleared his mind!

The so called first rank in the exam was only a title. Those stronger than him were countless. He definitely must not be arrogant!

Strength could be sharpened in battle!

Battle effectiveness could be increased in a life and death situation!

So what if the opponent was stronger than him?

Su Haos eyes were as clear as ever. If the opponent were a professional esper, then he would have no word to say and turn around to leave the scene. However, the opponent was only a level 8 esper which was almost the same as his current level!

How could he give up just because of the words of Zhang Yang?

He had already said that Jin Kang must die today!

Su Hao smiled indifferently. Whether it was for his family or himself

This battle must be fought!

What Su Hao didnt realize was when he was thinking of all these, his aura began to change quietly. Zhang Yang was full of praise when he noticed the changes.

Jin Kang, dont you want to revenge?

Su Hao looked at Jin Kang who was about to leave, Im standing right here. You dare to fight me?


That sentence of Su Hao abruptly stopped Jin Kangs movement.

Staring back at Su Hao, he understood Su Haos intention, Haha, you want to kill me with this challenge? If I was fighting the berserk lion, I might hella scared. But you? Just a mere first ranked candidate in the exam, you think youre invincible in the world?

Since you want to fight, then I will slay you first!

Jin Kang madly laughed, I will kill you first and bury you for my family! I will open your eyes to the disparity between the so called first ranked candidate and real students of Zhanzheng College!


Jin Kang aura suddenly erupted.

The surrounding staffs quickly retreated. Su Hao raised his head up as his energy within his body began to flow.

This battle.

He must win.