Godly Model Creator Chapter 403

Gmc Chapter 403

Chapter 403    Weakness

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Within the ruins of Jin familys household.

All the staffs from the association were forced to retreat. This place which had been destroyed by the berserk lion, Zhang Yang, has become the battlefield between Su Hao and Jin Kang.

Both of them stared at each other, full of murderous intent.


Only one of them would survive this battle.

Jin Kang is really that strong?

Zhang Lin asked unbelievably.

He did watch the replay of the exam too. Su Haos explosive attack was definitely ranked at the top among all specialized espers. He could even defeat Tian Zi who was a level 8 esper, why not Jin Kang? In his opinion, Su Hao could even compete with those who were at the peak of specialized esper.

With such capability, he couldnt even win this battle?

At least for Su Hao, Jin Kang is.

Zhang Yang said, The level of origin ability is only the benchmark for the energy capacity. However, the key to victory in a battle is more about the actual capability and the mastery of their respective origin ability. The students from Zhanzheng College would definitely outperform others on top of that.

If Su Hao wants to win this battle, he has to be really capable! If his actual capability is the same as when he performed during the exam, that will definitely not be enough!

Zhang Yangs words had shocked Zhang Lin. He moved his eyesight towards the ruined castle of Jin family.

Su Hao 

Could him really win this battle?

In the ruined castle, strong pressure was expanding towards the surrounding. The war of pressure between Su Hao and Jin Kang had created a strong wave that moved everyone away.

Nobody would ever dare to get near to the battlefield of two espers at the peak of the specialized level.

I said, I would kill you today for the Jin familys death!

Jin Kang sneered.

Both of his eyes were bloodshot at the moment; it indicated that he wasnt normal. As he saw his father being killed in front of him, he was extremely angered. He was going to release all his anger on Su Hao.

Golden axe, come out!


A golden light shined through the sky.

The earth was shaking mildly while a huge axe appeared with strong golden light shining. It was extremely bright even under the strong sunlight.

Energy weapon?

No! This is it is

Nitai artifact!

They were astonished. Jin Kang himself was already extremely powerful, with the help of Nitai artifact, how could this battle continue?!

However, they weren't really surprised that Jin Kang owned a Nitai artifact.

The main reason that Jin family to have such a tragedy was all about Nitai artifacts! As the top youngster in Jin family, Jin Kang himself would definitely own a strong Nitai artifact. They just didnt expect that his Nitai artifact was a weapon type!


Jin Kang struck down from the sky. A powerful golden slash almost cut off Su Hao from the waist level. The crowd was holding their breath due to the strong pressure.

Such a powerful Nitai artifact!

Su Hao, run!

Zhang Lin had his face changed, and he almost wanted to save Su Hao by himself.


Zhang Yang stopped Zhang Lin with one hand and said, Be calm, their battle had just started.


Su Haos illusion was killed instantly on the spot.

And it disappeared.

It was a fake?

Jin Kang sneered, Phantom sprint again?


Su Hao appeared at the top right side of Jin Kang. Using his strongest strike, the Xinghe sword and 

Mountain crash!


The sword struck Jin Kangs chest.

Without warming up, both of them used their strongest attacks in order to kill their opponent as soon as possible.


Jin Kang completely blocked Su Haos attack with his golden axe. Su Haos strongest strike couldnt even break his defense.

You thought I wouldnt be ready for your phantom sprint?

Jin Kang sneered.

His wrist turned to the other side!

The huge axe immediately turned 180 degrees and struck at Su Hao. The large area of coverage had fully covered Su Haos surroundings.

It was unavoidable!


Jin Kangs attacks were all layered.

And covered a great area.

It was impossible to avoid it.

Within two rounds, Su Hao was in the midst of hardship. Jin Kangs battling strategy was that difficult.


Golden axe struck again.

Su Haos body disappeared again. When he reappeared, he was ten meters away from Jin Kang. The crowd was shocked.



No, he was fast! While Jin Kang struck, Su Haos speed increased drastically and avoided the attack.

They were astonished.

Su Hao had such a strategy?

Nitai artifact?

Jin Kang was surprised, I didnt expect that an ordinary high school student could own a Nitai artifact. I underestimated you.

Su Hao sneered.

Within two exchanges, Jin Kang didnt cast any of his origin technique. He seemed to be carefully hiding his capability, but it was useless against Su Hao.

Model Analysis!

Character modeling!


Jin Kangs character model appeared inside Su Haos body.

A mini model of Jin Kang was trying to move around. Various of skill card was circulating around him. Su Hao scanned through the cards and remembered all his skills. There was one of the cards which was the most shining among all.

Origin ability talent: Metal control!

Grade A, it was the strongest among all the metal-controlling talent. It was hard to improve in the early stage, but it is undefeatable in the late stage.

Metal control?

Su Hao seemed to be wary about that.

He had heard about such talent before. It wasnt on the same level as Sun Yaotians iron element control. Although they were both metals controlling talent, if it had to be graded among the talents, metal control would definitely be the king of the metal element series!

If Jin Kang continued to improve, he could easily defeat most grade A ability talents.

It was extremely powerful!

Sun Yaotians iron element control belonged to controlling a specific element, which is much stronger than metal control in the early stage. However, it couldnt compete against the metal control as it controlled the entire range of metals.

Origin model, establish!

Su Hao immediately established Jin Kangs origin model.


Jin Kang rushed against Su Hao with the golden axe in his hand.

Su Hao avoided a few times from Jin Kangs attack. After that, Jin Kang finally used his origin technique.

A layer of metal blocked the escaping way of Su Hao in a concave shape.

Your death has arrived!

Jin Kang roared.

The golden axe struck towards Su Hao.

It was still a layered attack!

The straight golden strike almost slashed Su Hao into the half. At this moment, Su Haos Xinghe sword shined and blocked in front of him.


A clear and crisp sound.

A silent ripple was pulsated from Su Hao and all the attack from Jin Kang did not affect Su Hao!

It seems familiar.

It is

Is it the technique that Jin Kang used just now?

The crowd was extremely shocked.

They had heard about Su Hao using various kind of ability talent. They had ever heard and seen that before. However, Su Hao could even use Jin Kangs ability talent now. This really shocked them.

What a horrible talent, model analysis.


Jin Kang licked his lips and said, Lets see how many time you could block it.


Jin Kang flew up into the sky and struck his axe towards Su Hao again from a distance away. Su Hao blocked the attack again with the invisible ripple.

However, Jin Kang just sneered.

Metal control, hurricane strike!


The golden axe started to rotate rapidly in a vertical manner, and it struck towards Su Hao as a horrible hurricane.





A consecutive sound of collision between metal was heard. The defensive origin technique of Su Hao was completely broken and he was knocked back by a few steps.


Jin Kangs had his eye shined.


The golden axe merged again.

It flew back to his hand and all kinds of metal covered both of his arms. His body had expanded and the muscles in his arms were obviously seen.

Jin Kang held his golden axe tight and struck towards Su Hao again.

Hurricane strike!

You thought only you knew how to use it?

Su Hao sneered and he used the exact same technique. A layer of metal armour covered up his whole body. He even used the inner force inside his body. A strong force accumulated in Su Haos hand and he sent it out through the Xinghe sword.

The sword met with the axe in the sky.


The ruined castle of Jin family had strong earthquake and stones and dust were all in the sky. When the explosion ended, the crowd found out that...

Su Hao had been knocked backward far away!

Not right!

Su Hao wiped the blood from his mouth and seemed gloomy.

Xinghe sword coupled with metal control talent and the powerful inner force, how could it be possible for him to be defeated in just one strike?! Although Nitai artifact might be powerful, however, it shouldnt be up to that stage!

As I expected

Jin Kang sneered and said.

Hehe, this was the weakness of model analysis? I had guessed it in the very first place, although you could model all kind of origin ability talent, could you model origin characteristics? No! As long as I used the attack based on your weakness, your model analysis is just a joke!

Without the ability to copy, what else would you be left off?

Today, I will let you rest in peace!